Translating Hollywood's Command of Audience to the Networked by 4Kgvgtn


									      Translating Hollywood's
    Command of Audience to the
   Networked Distribution Reality

        What Hollywood Can Learn from
               Digital Identity

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                 Patrick Gregston


            Content Distribution Networks

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                 Patrick Gregston


            Frictionless exchange between
                 author and audience.
                Make piracy kill itself

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               Joe reminded me-
                 Hollywood has
            Command of the Audience

 •   Original Information industry
 •   Dominates popular culture
 •   You will watch a movie
 •   Only concerned with which movie
 •   Absorbs and co-opts disruptive technology

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            My friend Doc told me-
                • Markets are conversations.
                • Markets consist of human beings, not
                  demographic sectors.
                • Conversations among human beings sound
                  human. They are conducted in a human voice.
                • Whether delivering information, opinions,
                  perspectives, dissenting arguments or
                  humorous asides, the human voice is typically
                  open, natural, uncontrived.
                • People recognize each other as such from the
                  sound of this voice.
                • The Internet is enabling conversations among
                  human beings that were simply not possible in
                  the era of mass media.

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            Doc has a friend -Andre
  The three tiers of Identity-

               1- Personal (assumed)
                  Who we are as we define it

               2- Assigned (corporate)
                 Who we are as they define it

              3- Abstracted (marketing)
                    Who they guess we are

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    Garages are Tier 1 territories

       • Filled with what you put there
       • Not subject to other authorities
       • Open to whatever you decide
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    Wallets are Tier 2 territories

            •Issuing entity defined
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  Mailboxes are Tier 3 territories

        Because Marketing is about guessing
        what you want and who you are
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            The power is outside in

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            Peter Guber told me

     The Hollywood marketing model
 • Awareness

 •             Intent

 •                      Action
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            Doc’s friends Eric & Sayo


                 Markets are:
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   What happens when T1 gets equal
         to T2 in the market?

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            The network makes new
             market conditions
 • Two way communication
 • No limit to who and what people and
   companies can relate to
 • Customers instead of consumers
 • People want ( and can get) what they
   want anytime, anyway, anyplace

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                  What’s in it for Hollywood?

 •   Reach 100% of the market
 •   Eliminate rating brackets
 •   Collect at (almost) every price point
 •   Apply Amazon/Netflix recommendations
 •   Cost effective availability of catalogue
 •   Leverage customer capacity*

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             What is required?

 •   A ‘customer’ orientation
 •   Customization of product
 •   Market relationships
 •   Be ‘married’ instead of ‘moving content’
 •   Embrace the networked customer
 •   Make better locks
 •   Have friendly protections like watermarks
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              Why we need
            customer capacity
 • Central distribution to equal current box
   office and/or rental market expensive
 • Distributed capacity more efficient
 • Distributed capacity harder to steal from
 • Can support any DRM/format

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            Trust is the issue

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             Thank you!        805.565.4143
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