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									Following are instruction for viewing the “Online Materials Ordering” webinar. The
webinar is available to be viewed with Live Meeting or Windows Media Player
Step 1: Click on this link: https://www323.livemeeting.com/cc/aarp_pro/view?id=TMCF8Q-2

Step 2: “Your Name” field : Type your first and last name

Step 3:   NOTE: “Recording ID” field is already filled in.
          No information needed in the "Recording Key (If required):" field

Step 4: Click on the "View Recording" button

Step 5: Click on the "View" button displayed in the image below. The top button is for viewing with the Live
        Meeting software. The bottom button is for viewing with Windows Media Player.

Step 6: Please wait for the download to finish

Step 7: You may want to click on the "Maximize" button                        in order to see all slide content.

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