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									                                   Highrise Happenings
                                                      A Publication of the Denver Downtown Chapter

May 2003

                                   President’s Message
Denver Downtown Chapter

Board of Directors
                                   It was wonderful for me to see so many turn out for our first Administrative
Jan Schoenfeld CPS
  President    720.267.3228        Professionals Day Appreciation Breakfast. Thank you to all the members who
Jan_schoenfeld@cable.comcast.com   contributed items for the breakfast and to those who attended.
Colleen Toppett*
  Vice President 303.820.1947      This month will be a closed meeting. The Nomination Committee will present
Cory Scarbrough CAP,
  Secretary      303.256.1654      the proposed slate of officers at the meeting. I encourage all of you to take an
Michele Edmonds                    active role in the chapter.
  Treasurer      303.860.2689
Donna Short CPS                    Do not forget about the upcoming C-W-M Division meeting on June 6 and 7.
  Membership     303.293.2223
x2020                              For those of you who have never attended, this is a wonderful opportunity to
Debbie Brown CPS/RP                get to know your fellow members and get a broader view of how the division is
  Bylaws         303.831.5083
                                   run and what is going on in our association.
CWM Division Officers
                                   As many of you know, this month will be a turning point for me. I will be
Glenda Brown CPS                   turning over the leadership of the chapter after two years and leaving my
 President        307.587.4911     current job as my transition period is coming to a close. I am very excited
Nicole Gieger
 President-elect 406.248.7444      about the future and the direction my life will be taking. I have started
Robbie Smarr CPS*                  working on the first steps towards the virtual assistant certification.
 Vice President 719.597.9157
Nancy Scott CPS/CAP                On a personal note, I would like to thank all the members for their support
 Secretary        303.690.1228
Claudette Ferris CPS               over the last couple of years. You all mean a lot to me.
 Treasurer        303.692.3380
Debbie Brown CAP/RP,               Warmly,
 Parliamentarian 303.831.5083
*Chapter Contact                   Jan Schoenfeld CPS

                                   Next Meeting
Sister Chapters

Mile High
Boulder                                            Next Denver Downtown Chapter Meeting:
Northwest District Director            Wednesday, May 14, 2003 (Closed Meeting – No Speaker or Guests)
                                          1700 Lincoln Street (Hershner Conf Room) Located in Lobby
Judy McCoy CPS/CAP
                                    Please RSVP to Colleen Toppett at 303-820-1947 if you plan on attending.
IAAP Headquarters

PO Box 20404

                                   Top On-the-Job Time-Wasters:
Kansas City, MO 64195-0404
            Fax: 816.891.9118

                                   Meetings and Interruptions
Web Site:     www.iaap-hq.org

                                         Face time isn't always time well spent, a new nationwide survey
                                             suggests. More than a quarter (27 percent) of workers polled said
                                                 meetings are the biggest culprit when it comes to hours wasted
                                                  on the job. Unnecessary interruptions ranked a close second,
                                                  with 26 percent of the response.
                                                   The survey was developed by OfficeTeam and conducted by an
                                                  independent research firm and includes responses from 613
men and women, all 18 years of age or older and employed.
Lean staffing levels within many of today's companies have placed increased
pressure on employees to manage their time effectively. Unproductive
meetings and needless interruptions can cause workers to get behind or log
more hours unnecessarily. One way to prevent this is to be selective with the
meetings you attend. If you aren't directly involved with the project at hand or
don't have significant contributions to make, consider skipping the gathering.
Some of these sessions waste time simply because they're mismanaged. The
following factors can indicate potential for a meeting to go awry:
   No meeting leader. If no one is in charge of keeping the meeting on track,
    it could easily go into overtime.
   Lack of objective. The meeting should have a distinct purpose, whether it's
    to get everyone up to speed on a project or identify a solution to a
   Lengthy invite list. Are you being invited to the meeting because your
    input is needed or as a courtesy? When the list of attendees is extensive,
    it's often because the person holding the meeting doesn't want to exclude
    anyone, not because each employee's participation is necessary.
   It's part of the routine. Regularly scheduled meetings can lose their value
    over time. Determine if any agenda items pertain to you before agreeing
    to attend.
OfficeTeam is the world's leading staffing service specializing in the temporary
placement of highly skilled administrative and office support professionals,
ranging from administrative and executive assistants to receptionists and
customer service representatives. OfficeTeam has more than 300 locations in
North America, Europe and Australia and offers online job search services at
www.officeteam.com. For more information, call the Denver office at
(303) 296-4900.

Division Meeting
June 6–7, 2003

Hotel: Red Lion Hotels & Inns, Denver CO
Tel: 303.321.6666
Coordinator: Kay Bothwell
Tel 303.318.8763
Coordinator: Claudette Ferris CPS
Tel 303.692.3380
Life After Work
By Katherine Caldwell

Did you start saving for retirement when you accepted your first full-time job?
                                 If not, you should have, say the experts. Early
                                 in their careers, most people are concerned
                                 with other financial matters, like buying a
                                 home or paying for the kids' college, but it's
                                 never too early or too late to start saving for
                                 your golden years.
                                                See this entire article and much more in the
                                                May issue of OfficePro Magazine.
                                                Eight times a year, OfficePRO offers:
                                                Answers to tough questions on business ethics,
                                                workplace relationships, work-life balance, and
                                                other topics.
                                                Proven strategies for successfully meeting the
                                                myriad demands of today's downsized and
reengineered office.
Introductions to the latest office software and hardware, supplies and services,
and reference materials.
Expert advice for managing new responsibilities; from supervising others to
giving presentations.
Tips to keep your skills sharpened and up to date in business writing, desktop
publishing, computer applications, public speaking, and more.
Note: Don't subscribe separately to OfficePRO if you are joining as a IAAP member (you receive eight information-
packed issues per year as a benefit of membership). Additional subscriptions make great gifts, however -- contact our
subscription department at 816-891-6600, extension 2236

The 21st Century Administrative
The largest segment of the office workforce...
Over 3.9 million secretaries/administrative assistants are employed in the
United States, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor.
Approximately 300,000 secretaries/administrative professionals are employed
in Canada; millions more work in businesses all over the world.
An increasingly vital and skilled role in today's (and tomorrow's)
The administrative professional’s job today requires skills in management
functions and technology, including:
                       Project management
                       Integrated computer software applications
                       Organization and scheduling
                       Internet, Intranet communications and research
                       Document preparation, storage, and retrieval, with emphasis on electronic
                       Customer service and public relations

                    A typical day for today’s administrative assistant can include:

                       Developing a production report using spreadsheet software
                       Preparing charts, slides, and handouts for a management presentation
                       Corresponding via phone, fax, or e-mail with clients all over the world
                       Researching a topic on the Internet
                       Coordinating a videoconference
                       Scheduling an airline flight and purchasing tickets over the Internet
                       Supervising and training a coworker
                       Effectively representing management at a meeting

                    Job titles evolving...
                    Titles are changing to reflect the administrative professional’s growing duties.
                    According to a study of IAAP members, the most popular job title in the field is
                    Administrative Assistant (23.0%). Over 21% carry a broad range of job-
                    specific titles including such words as "coordinator" and "specialist". Reflecting
                    the evolution of secretarial job titles, members of Professional Secretaries
                    International voted in 1998 to change their association's name to the
                    International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

                    Top job factors...
                    The top ten job factors influencing IAAP members according to a recent IAAP
                    benchmarking study were: 1) Good working relationship. 2) Self-satisfaction.
                    3) Variety of duties/challenges. 4) Good salary, fringe benefits. 5) Opportunity
                    to grow/learn. 6) Opportunity for advancement. 7) Geographic location. 8)
                    Status/recognition. 9) Business hours. 10) Corporate culture, atmosphere.

                    Win Free Registration and
                    IAAP is holding a drawing on June 16 to award one lucky winner from each
                    district free airfare and registration to the 2003 IAAP Convention and Education
                    Forum in Albuquerque July 20-23.
                    To enter the drawing, you need to purchase a ticket for $5 from Michele
                    Edmonds by the end of May. Checks should be made payable to IAAP Building
                    Fund. You can contact Michele at 303-860-2689 if you have any questions.

                   CWM Division Chapter Presidents for the Year 2002-2003
President           Chapter                             Work Phone          Meeting Day
Cheryl Shaffer      Big Horn Basin Chapter              307.587.8991        2nd Monday
Ardene Foley CPS    Book Cliff Chapter                  970.929.5804        3rd Thursday
  Dawn Lesser CPS          Boulder Chapter                      303.682.4859          3rd Thursday
  Kandace Weaver CPS       Denver Chapter                       303.691.5711          2nd Monday
  Jan Schoenfeld CPS       Denver Downtown Chapter              720.267.3228          2nd Wednesday*
  Bonny Fitch              Energy Capital Chapter               307.687.6341          1st Tuesday
  Pat Warrick              Mile High Chapter                    303.556.4472          1st Tuesday
  Katie Hayes              Mountain View Chapter                970.206.5811          2nd Monday
  Debbie Jourgeson CPS     Old West Chapter                     307.444.7674          4th Thursday
  Eileen Verosko CPS       Pikes Peak Chapter                   719.574.1113          2nd Tuesday
  Joyce Bergemann          Pueblo Kachina Chapter               719.543.0002          2nd Thursday**
  Tam Rodier               Rim Rock Chapter                     406.657.8230          3rd Wednesday
  Julie Mayson             Silver Bow Chapter                   406.497.3220          1st Thursday
  Elaine Furister CAP      Union Colony Chapter                 970.352.1551          2nd Wednesday
  JoAnn Dayton CPS         Western Horizons Chapter             307.872.7166          4th Tuesday
*Morning Meeting         **Lunch Meeting

                                      2002-2003 International Board
  Ollie Jo Bozeman CAP                       President
  Sheila Brownfield CAP                      President-elect
  Jo Peay                                    Vice President
  Kay Enlow CPS/CAP                          Secretary
  Sandra Chandler CPS                        Treasurer
  Susan Shemali CPS                          Great Lakes District Director
  Claudette Renock CPS                       Northeast District Director
  Judy McCoy CPS/CAP                         Northwest District Director
  Barbara Carter CPS/CAP                     Southeast District Director
  Melynda Porges CPS/CAP                     Southwest District Director
  Marcia O’Hearn CAP                         Canada Director
  Nilda Campell, FNZSES                      Affiliate Representative

                       2002-2003 International Retirement Trust Foundation Trustees
  Nancy Upchurch CAP                         Chair
  Myrna Jessell CAP                          Vice Chairman
  Naressa Ross Lee                           Secretary
  Sally Nelson CPS/CAP                       RTFC Liaison
  Ollie Jo Bozeman CAP                       International President
  Sandra Chandler CPS                        International Treasurer
Upcoming Meetings/Events
May 2003                                       December 2003
14    Denver Downtown Meeting                  10    Denver Downtown Meeting

June 2003                                      2004
1-4    CPS Seminar – New Orleans, LA           Aug. 1-4     International Convention &
6–7    CWM Division Meeting                                 Education Seminar –Marriott
       Hosted by: Denver Chapter                            Wardman Park Hotel –
       Red Lion Hotels & Inn                                Washington, DC
       Denver Downtown Meeting

July 2003                                      2005
9      No Denver Downtown Meeting this month   July 17-20   International Convention & Education
20-23 International Convention &                            Forum – Adams Mark Hotel –
       Education Seminar                                    Denver, CO
       Convention Center, Albuquerque, NM

August 2003                                    2006
13     Denver Downtown Meeting                 July 23-26   International Convention &
                                                            Education Seminar – Hilton
                                                            Riverside – New Orleans, LA
September 2003                                 2007
10     Denver Downtown Meeting                 July 29-     International Convention &
       NWDC – Hosted by the M-ND               Aug 1        Education Seminar
       Division                                             Tampa, FL
October 2003
8      Denver Downtown Meeting
November 2003
12     Denver Downtown Meeting

Denver Downtown Chapter
1560 Broadway Street, 5th Floor
Denver, CO 80202-2123

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