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									                                       The Presbytery of West Jersey
                             1701 Sycamore Street, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
                 Voice: 856-547-5100 Fax: 856-547-3260 Web site:

         Ministries Supported by the Generous Giving of the Churches of the Presbytery of West Jersey

                                        2012 Mission Funding
                            MISSION FUNDING PRIORITIES
    We are focusing on hunger and homeless programs in 2012. Other priorities include
development of new congregations, and care of existing congregations; community-directed
outreach and programs that meet human need, especially those supported by congregations.

HUNGER AND HOMELESS PROGRAMS                                                                   Meanwhile,
                                                                                               why not
► Friends of Jean Webster                                                                      your
                                       ($25,000)                                               congregation
The homeless/unemployment crisis in Atlantic City                                              to participate
continues to create urgent needs. This ministry serves                                         in the 2cents a
meals to 400+ people, five days a week. Volunteer                                              meal
opportunities are always available to help serve meals.                                        program?
                                                                                               in WJP have
► Family Promise                                                                               raised
                                      ($17,680)                                                thousands for
Family Promise keeps family units together as they        hunger projects. We have sent grants to local food
work though the struggles of finding and                  banks and internationally to Sudan, Haiti, Chile,
maintaining permanent housing. In Gloucester              Guatemala, Cuba, South Korea and Pakistan.
County we are assisting in the purchase of new cots
that are transported weekly to the hosting church. In     ► Your Food Shelf
Cumberland County we are aiding in start-up costs                                                 ($16,000)*
for the program.                                          This is an outreach program in Camden. We provide
                                                          food, clothing, staples and some furniture to the
                                                          financially disadvantaged in Camden. (*An additional
► Hunger Action Enabler                                   $2,000 will be forthcoming from 2 Cents a Meal.)
The mission committee is looking at filling this          DEVELOPMENT of NEW CONGREGATIONS
vacant position in 2012 with a person that will be
available to all churches in the Presbytery to assist     ► New Church Development Fund
in educating congregations on the many programs                                                   ($20,000)
available to raise funds to fight hunger and to raise     This fund supports the work of NCD committee as it
justice issues.                                           explores potential new growth projects.

                                                          ► Friendship Community Church, Sicklerville
                                                                           ($ 9,000 building mortgage)

                                                          Under the leadership of Rev. Michele Allen, this vibrant
                                                          church is building outreach events and open worship
                                                          opportunities for the community. These funds are part of
                                                          mortgage payments for the building for which the
                                                          Presbytery has made a commitment.

► Congregational Life Staff and Resources                  ► Cuba Task Force
                                 ($60,500)                                                         ($5,300)
Our two consultants work with congregations, providing     This partnership with our sister church in the Presbytery
pastor and support.                                        of Matanzas, Cuba, began in 2000. The Task Force
                                                           makes study visits - open to all members of the
► Support for Individual Congregations                     Presbytery - to the Cuban congregations in the Matanzas
In consultation with the Committee on Ministry and
Consultants for Congregational Life, the Presbytery        ► Camp Johnsonburg
supports churches that are in the process of redirecting                                           ($10,000)
their mission and ministry.                                Located in the northwest corner of NJ, this Presbyterian
                                                           camp and conference center provides summer camp,
                                                           retreat and renewal experiences for thousands every

                                                           ►Grants for Congregation Outreach
                                                           These grants are allocated for local mission projects
                                                           by WJ presbytery congregations. They are one time
                                                           matching grants of $1,000 each. Applications are
                                                           online at

                                                           ► Woodland Avenue Presbyterian Church,
► Caring Hearts Ministry                                   Camden, & Jethro Presbyterian Church,
                                       ($6,000)            Atlantic City
Caring Hearts provides quality-of-life services to
families with children with HIV/AIDS in southern NJ.       These two churches have received a special grant of
                                                           $65,000 dispersed over a 3 year period for evangelism of
                                                           neighborhoods and church growth. The source of these
                                                           funds does not come from the Mission budget, but from
                                                           the sale of Westminster church in Camden.

►Camden Free Clinic
In partnership with First Presbyterian church in
Haddonfield, volunteer medical personnel work to bring
much needed medical services to the poor and
uninsured. The funds are used to purchase basic
supplies and storage.

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