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Applicant Name:                                                   Today’s Date:

Department:                                                       Have you received funds from the Faculty
                                                                  Development Committee in the last three years?
                                                                   Yes Date:                        No
Total Request: $
                                                                  If yes, please provide estimated total:
Payment Arrangements. SWOCC has a new Online Requisition system that requires payment arrangements for travel
to be predetermined, including how you will pay for accommodations, meals and registration. If your application is approved,
you will have to make your own purchases and travel arrangements; however, the Committee will input your Online Travel
Requisitions to access funds from Faculty Development account. Please indicate below the estimated amount and whether
payment will be made by 1) SWOCC Credit Card; 2) Check Request for prepayment; 3) Travel Advance; or 4)
Reimbursement to you after your return.
      Event Date:
      Registration/Event Fees:
Request Description:

Impacted Institutional Goal(s) (check all that will be affected. See page 2 for details):
        Active and collaborative learning
        Student-faculty interaction
        Support for learners
Please describe anticipated impact(s):

Anticipated Professional Development Outcomes (such as obtain new information, skills, or knowledge to
enhance or maintain your effectiveness as an instructor. Details on page 2):

Describe your plans to share with other campus community members (such as presenting at a Brown Bag
Lunch or distributing a summary paper):

Proposed Funding Sources:

Note: Faculty are encouraged to explore shared funding when significant staff development funds are requested.
Application Requirements/Attachments
          Dean/Supervisor signature approving your travel and absence dates associated with this request:

         __________________________________________________________                             _____________
         Supervisor signature                                                                    Date

             Brochures and/or web links detailing request
                         Web Link(s): _________________________________
         Additional Comments/Considerations:

         Committee Action:  Approved  Denied
            Chair Signature:                                                                Date:                Amount Approved: $
          Submit completed application with supervisor’s signature electronically to as an attachment to email.
          If you application is approved, the Committee Secretary, Anna Chavez, will create an Online Travel Requisition for approval by appropriate
           administration. Estimates for travel costs will be taken from the totals included on the top of this form to create the Online Travel Requisition.
           All reservations for traveling, including accommodations and rental vehicles, must be completed by the faculty member.
          Direct questions to the Committee Chair Fred Brick.

                                                             Faculty Development Funding
The purpose of faculty development is to support and encourage the teaching staff and activities that improve instruction and promote professional
growth. Faculty development includes obtaining new information, skill training, and general knowledge that are necessary to maintain currency and
effectiveness. It also includes activities which promote more general professional interest, provided these activities are clearly related to the area of the
teaching assignment.
Faculty development funds should not be used to support operational travel, which is travel required by curriculum or program. Examples of operational
travel are field trips and travel needed for maintenance of curriculum of the department.
Faculty development funds should not be used to support personal or professional development that is unrelated to the instructor’s present and
anticipated responsibilities at SWOCC.

                                                        Guidelines for Approval of Requests
    Requests must meet the definition of faculty development as stated in the description of committee operations.
    Requests that seem operational will be referred back to the Associate Dean/Supervisor.
    All part-time and full-time faculty members are eligible for faculty development funds.
    The merit of the request will be based on the criteria of institutional goals, program goals and professional goals focused on the three benchmarks
     goals from the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE):
                o     Active and collaborative learning – Students learn more when they are actively involved in their education and have opportunities
                      to think about and apply what they are learning in different settings. Through collaboration with others to solve problems or master
                      challenging content, students develop valuable skills that prepare them to deal with the kinds of situations and problems they will
                      encounter in the workplace, community, and their personal lives.
                o     Student Faculty Interaction - The more contact students have with their teachers, the more likely they are to learn effectively and
                      to persist towards the achievement of their educational goals. Personal interaction with faculty members strengthens students’
                      connections to the college and helps them focus on their academic progress. Working with an instructor on a project or serving with
                      faculty members on a college committee lets students see firsthand how experts identify and solve practical problems. Through
                      such interactions, faculty members become role models, mentors, and guides for continuous, lifelong learning.
                o     Support for Learners - Students perform better and are more satisfied at colleges that are committed to their success and cultivate
                      positive working and social relationships among different groups on campus. Community college students also benefit from
                      services targeted to assist them with academic and career planning, academic skill development, and other issues that may affect
                      both learning and retention.
     The criteria of at least one of these benchmarks must be addressed. Priority will be given to requests that support two or more of the criteria.
    Frequency of awards will be considered and amounts requested will be examined to see that they are reasonable. As a guideline, the Faculty
     Development Committee will award requests at a capped maximum of $750. Those requesting funds who have been awarded faculty development
     dollars in the last three years will be considered on a sliding scale with a capped maximum as follows:
              o    $650 for applicant who was funded 3 years ago
              o    $550 for applicant who was funded 2 years ago
              o    $450 for applicant who was funded 1 year ago
     Larger awards may be made if there is a clear and compelling reason to do so and the funds are available.
    Books, software, tools, etc. that are to be used only or mostly by the faculty member will not be funded.
    Fees for tuition and for work from which credit will be obtained will not be funded.
    Membership fees will not be funded, unless these fees are an inseparable part of registration fees for meetings or workshops.
                                                                APPLICATION PROCEDURE
All requests should follow the regular application procedure:
     1.    Complete the Application for Faculty Development Funds form. Make certain to collect a signature from your Dean/Supervisor. Submit it
           electronically to as an attachment.
     2.    If Faculty Development Committee funding has been approved, the Committee Secretary, Anna Chavez, will create your Online Travel
           Requisition based on the cost estimates provided on the top of this form.
     3.    Remember: Your Online Travel Requisition must go through the entire application procedure for complete approval to access Faculty
           Development funding.
     4.    Submit a Faculty Leave Request to your Associate Dean/Supervisor prior to departure.
     5.    You will be responsible for making all travel arrangements and routing payments for your registration, hotel and transportation. Your travel
           arrangements cannot be made until the Online Travel Requisitions have been approved by appropriate administration.
     6.    Upon your return, complete and sign the Travel Expense Report Form, attach appropriate receipts, and forward to Anna Chavez in the Office
           of Instruction.

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