Year Three, Personal Tutorial Meeting (Beginning of Semester One) by 5u28CS0


									Year Three, Personal Tutorial Meeting (Beginning of Semester One)

As you prepare for your first Personal Tutor meeting this year, please remember that
your Personal Tutor is there to support you in your academic and personal development.
At this meeting your tutor would like to talk to you about your module choices, academic
progress to date including marks and feedback you have had, your academic planning
including the development of graduate skills and attributes, and remind you of the range
of support and development opportunities at the University.

This form is designed to help you think about your progress. The ‘Yes/No’ questions will
refer you to appropriate sources of information at the University of Leeds. These
answers will NOT be seen by your Personal Tutor.

There are also text boxes for you to complete which WILL be seen by your Personal
Tutor. Use this space to let your tutor know how you are doing so that we can help you
get the most out of your time at University.

Below are the agreed actions from your last Personal Tutorial meeting.

Use the space below to provide an update on these actions.
(Text box)

Review of Residence Abroad or Work Placement
If you have returned from a residence abroad or work placement, use the space below to
reflect on the experience and skills you have gained during your time away from the
University. Be sure to record anything you are particularly pleased with that may be
useful to you in developing your CV or to your tutor in writing references.
This text will appear in your Leeds for Life Personal Statement.

Please answer the following checklist questions. Please read the advice offered
and discuss with your personal tutor as necessary.

1. Have you enrolled on all your modules for this session?
   Yes:     Make sure that the ones you have chosen are a good combination for the
            programme you are studying and the plans you have for next year.
            Discuss this with your personal tutor.
   No:        Contact your programme manager or departmental administrator for
              details of how to select your modules. Module enrolment is an online
              process, conducted through the Student Portal

2. Are you confident with your academic writing and study skills?
   Yes:     Did you know that Skills@Library can help you with different forms of
            academic writing skills, from essays through to dissertations? See

   No:        The Skills@Library website ( includes
              information, resources and online tutorials covering a range of topics.
              Using these resources will help you develop some of the core skills
              required for successful study at university. They include advice on how to
              ‘prepare for exams’, 'find and evaluate academic information', 'read more
              effectively', 'improve your writing skills' and understand how to reference
              your work correctly to avoid plagiarism.

3. Have you read and understood the Partnership Agreement?
   Yes:     n/a

   No:        The Partnership Agreement sets out our expectations about the academic
              responsibilities of the University, staff and students. You need to read
              and understand it and perhaps discuss it with your personal tutor. You
              can access the Partnership agreement online at

4. Are you aware of the Taught Student Handbook?
   Yes:     If you need to refer to the Taught Student during the year you can access
            it online at

   No:        The Taught Student Handbook brings together all the information you
              need to know about the University Rules and Regulations, Examinations
              and Assessment, as well as sources of academic and pastoral support
              across campus. A copy is available online

5. Have you read, and understood the rules on Plagiarism, Cheating and
   Yes:      If you need any specific advice about plagiarism during the year you can
             access this on-line at

   No:        It is very important that you are aware of these rules and you can access
              them online at You can see specific
              advice about Plagiarism at:

Use the space below to reflect on your academic progress so far. How can you
improve your performance?
6. Are you happy with your accommodation?
   Yes:     n/a

   No:        If you are having problems with your university accommodation, you
              should contact the accommodation office at:
     or by calling 0870 1200 189. For
              advice about non-university accommodation, see

Use the space below to note any non-academic / wellbeing issues that you wish to
discuss with your personal tutor.

7. Did you undertake any activities over the summer vacation which may
   strengthen your CV?
   Yes:     You should make a note in the box below of the skills that you are
            acquiring through these activities as you may need to refer back to these
            in the future.

   No:        For information and advice about enhancing and developing your skills,
              see the Leeds for Life website ( and the
              Careers website (

8. Are you a member of any University societies or take part in any other co-
   curricular activities (e.g. volunteering)?
   Yes:       You should make a note in the box below of the skills that you are
              acquiring through these activities as you may need to refer back to these
              in the future.

   No:       Leeds for Life can help you find opportunities to get involved in a wide
             range of interesting activities to develop your skills and make you stand
             out from the competition. It can even fund your own projects. Have a
             look at the Leeds for Life website.(
9. Are you in, or considering, paid employment this session?
   Yes:      If you are in paid employment during term-time, you should discuss this
             with your personal tutor to ensure there are no study/work conflicts.
   No:        If you would like help finding paid employment contact Joblink

10. Have you started applying for jobs to follow graduation ?
    Yes:     The Careers Centre can help you prepare your CV and job applications.

   No:        It’s important to review and plan your career options and aspirations
              regularly to ensure you are preparing yourself in the best way for what
              you want to do. Use the Living CV area in the Leeds for Life website to
              help you prepare your CV. For advice on job vacancies, careers fairs,
              visit the experts in the Careers Centre

11. Have you arranged who will act as a referee for future job applications?
    Yes:     Discuss your selection and reasons for it with your personal tutor.

   No:        You need to do this now. Speak to your personal tutor about how best to
              select referees.

Use the space below to reflect on the skills you have gained through your
academic, co-curricular and work experience activities. What experience / skills
do you think you need for your future ie career / further study:

Button: ‘Provide this information to my personal tutor’

After the meeting, please record below any actions agreed with your Personal

Button: ‘Provide this information to my personal tutor’

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