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									Novel                                                        Name:


This semester you will submit your essays to an online database that checks student writing for
originality (i.e. – makes sure you didn’t plagiarize). To get started, you will need to go to the
website and click on “New Users” in the upper right corner.

Creating a User Profile

Step 1:        select “student”

Step 2:        enter the class ID -                                  and
               enrollment password -

Step 3:        enter your email address (this will be your user name)

Step 4:        create a password (case sensitive, 6-12 characters, at least one number & letter)

Step 5:        select a secret question and provide the answer (in case you forget your password)

Step 6:        enter your first name and last name

Step 7:        accept the agreement to create your profile

Step 8:        if you are submitting a paper right now, click on “end wizard and log in”—then
               proceed to Step 2 below

Submitting an Essay

Step 1:        go to and log in using your email address and password

Step 2:        have an electronic copy of your paper handy, in one of the following formats:
               MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, or plain text.

Step 3:        on your home page, click on “Novel”

Step 4:        click on the icon across from “submit”

Step 5:        type in the paper title (e.g. – Cuckoo’s Nest) and click on “Choose File” (or
               “Browse”?) to select your e-copy

Step 6:        when the submit box pops back up, make sure your document title appears next to
               the “Choose File” button and then click “submit” in the upper right corner

Step 7:        verify that you have submitted the correct and complete version of your paper; if
               so, click on “yes, submit”

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