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     Newsletter of the Department of Computer and Telecommunications Services (CATS)

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 9                                                                           November 2001

 Progress on our new email                                               Voicemail Tricks
          system                                              Getting the word out

                                                              We are all familiar with using a mailing list to notify
 We are moving forward on a long series of tasks that         a group of people about an important event. It is
 will implement the campus’ new email system. We              also possible to do the same thing with voicemail.
 have all of the new physical equipment installed that        If there is a group of people that you need to
 will support email, and our next step is to begin            contact on a regular basis, you can create a
 installing the software and integrating it with the rest     voicemail distribution list.
 of the campus network. We will then be testing the
 new system extensively and developing procedures             How to set it up
 for moving users over.
                                                              You can have 9 lists with up to 99 people in each
 To learn more about this new email system, why the           list.
 College is implementing it and what advantages it will
 bring to campus users, read                                  Log on to your mailbox (like you would to retrieve This page will be            your messages) and then press 85.
 updated regularly as we proceed with the project.            Enter a number from 1 to 9 to identify the list,
                                                              followed by #.
 Thirty years of email                                        Press 5 to compose the list.
                                                              Enter each mailbox number (the extension
 In the fall of 1971, a computer engineer named Ray           number for each person on your list) followed by a
 Tomlinson sent the first e-mail message. The
 computer he sent it to was actually on the same
                                                              Enter another # after the last mailbox number on
 desk a few feet away, and he does not recall what
                                                              the list.
 the actual message was. "The test messages were
 entirely forgettable. . . . Most likely the first
                                                              Press 83 to log off.
 message was QWERTYIOP or something similar."
 Read                                         Once you have created the list, you can use it to
 /mar98/features/story2.htm for more information.             send a message to everyone on the list.

                                                              While logged in, press 75 to compose a message.
 If you have a question for Computer                          Enter the number (from 1 to 9) you used to identify
 and Telecommunication Services                               the list and press the # key twice.
 about:                                                       Press 5 to record your message. Press the # key
                                                              to end the recording. To review the message you
 Computer Problems or Related Issues……..4567                  recorded, press 2.
   - Press 1 to hear a list of known problems
                                                              To send the message, press 79.
 Telephone Service or Problems……..………2499
                                                              Make sure you announce who the message is
 Directory Assistance………………………….3500                          from and what phone number people can use if
                                                              they need more information.
     Windows XP Available                                              Test Scoring from
                                                                       Computer Services
As part of our Microsoft Campus Agreement, we now have
the new operating system Windows XP available for faculty       Administrative Computer Services offers a
and staff users. Windows XP is the next-generation              computerized test scoring system. Faculty can give
operating system, fixing bugs in previous versions of           tests to students and have them answer multiple-
Windows and providing many new features. Contrary to            choice components on a scannable form.
the commercial hype from Microsoft it will not allow you to     Computer Services will then scan the forms and
fly, but it is a very good operating system. We are currently   provide the faculty member with a report that not
testing XP at Computer Services, and we will be ready to        only provides scores for student tests but will also
release it to eligible users on November 19th, 2001. Take       provide statistics about question reliability,
a look at                    discrimination and a frequency histogram for
documentation/agreement/ to find out more about what            questions.
software applications and operating systems are available.
                                                                Interested faculty members can learn more about
                                                                the Test Scoring System by reading
             Translating text                         
                                                                For more information call Sue Simon at 2724 or
                                                                email her at
There is a free online service that will let users
translate up to 150 words at a time from English to
eight different languages, from those languages back
to English and between those languages. Visit to try it out!                            Inside the computer
线服务。参观 / 尝试它!
Pasting the Chinese text above back into the
translator shows that conversion to English can be a
little tricky, but the sense of the text is discernable.
For example:
“The translation text will have lets the user translation
150 words for a while from English to eight different
languages, will return to English and between these
languages freedom on-line service from these
languages. Visits / attempts         The computer that astronauts used to navigate
it!”                                                            to and from the moon in the 1960s and 70s
Conversion to French, English, Spanish, Portuguese,             weighed 65 pounds and cost over $150,000. It
Japanese , Korean, German and Italian are available.            had 74 kilobytes of storage (one-twentieth of a
最初5 人の読者はテレコミュニケーションのオフィス                                       lowly floppy disk!) and 4 kilobytes of memory
にこの時事通信を持って来る賞を受け取る。                                            (modern machines have three hundred
                                                                thousand times as much memory). If the price
                                                                and size of today’s computers increased in step
Back issues of CATPrints are available online! Go to            with their capabilities, a desktop machine would to see an index of             weigh as much as a battleship and would cost
topics going back to March 2000. These issues are               45 billion dollars!
available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, or you can
browse a directory of newsletters in Word format.

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