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									  La Isla del Condado was
designed for a small number of
residents who want something
different. The terraced houses
with large terraces open to the
most spectacular scenery of
Condado de Alhama.
   With input from the great
central boulevard, next to the
large Town Center "El Oasis" in
an enclosure from the rest, which
is accessed through a bridge with
access control, we have designed
the smallest and exclusive resort
on a island of tranquility
The architecture, as in the rest of
Condado de Alhama is
Mediterranean, rough, rounded
corners, garden ... but with an
earthy undertone, taking the color
of the land on which it stands, the
shade chosen for the most
representative buildings of the
The homes have a dining room,
full kitchen thoroughly studied,
bathroom, two or three bedrooms
and large terraces over 18 m2.
The ground floor apartments
feature a large open garden on the
lake at least 25 m2. The homes of
the upper floors are staggered
laterally and feature large terraces
of up to 67 m2.
All apartments are around and in
front of the great central lake. In
The Island has designed a
central garden with parking,
walking areas and rest, and
playgrounds. There are three
magnificent and unusual pools in
front of the lake and at the same
level as tais, where only a fine
line separates them. In addition,
a winding road runs through the
 A landscape with wide views of
 nearly 2 miles deep to admire
 the water, the green, the sun
 on the horizon, the mountains.

The complex has a Social Club
with gym, local community,
swimming pool and terraces for
And, in October 2012 begins
the construction of first theme
park Paramount of Europe,
Spain's largest and second
largest in Europe, just 5
minutes from La Isla del
                              Mazarrón 2002, s.l.

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