Print Name of Orienting Employee: _____ Location by n6HD5gwJ


									        Print Name of Orienting Employee: _____________________ Location: _________________
AMBULANCE:                                      WHEELCHAIR:                                       DISPATCHERS:

______ Paperwork Process: Billing, CMN,         ______ Paperwork Process:                         ______Telephone System
       Questionnaire, Corrections. Tablet PCR         Billing, 216, Questionaire, Paperwork                _____Answering Telephones
                                                      Corrections, Transport Payments($)                   _____ Headsets
______ Documentation: Tasks and Website                                                                    _____ Rolling Telephones
                                                ______ Location of Facilities                              _____ Emergency Telephone
______ Location of Facilities                                                                     ______Call Taking Procedures-(AMB-ALS/BLS)
                                                ______Communications with Dispatch                                            (WC/ Geri Chair)
______Communications with Dispatch                                                                ______Daily Shift Report
                                                ______Lift Operations and Safety
______ Stretcher Operations and Safety                                                            ______ CAD System – at least one full day of orientation
                                                ______ Online Driver Training - Website
______ Safe Lifting Practical                                                                     ______Run Numbers
                                                ______ Safety Mandatories - Website
______Geri Chair Transports – we don’t do                                                         ______Location of Facilities/Proximity to Hospitals
                                                ______ Safe Lifting Practical
______ Ambulance Equipment                                                                        ______Location of Hospitals
       Check-off                                ______Truck Equipment Check-off
______ Ambulance Maintenance                                                                      ______Paging System-(calls and times)
       Check-off                                ______Truck Maintenance Check-off
______ Supply Replacement/Request                                                                 ______Radio Etiquette/Frequencies
                                                ______Supply Replacement/Request
______ Standing Orders                                                                            ______10 Codes & Signals
                                                ______Driver Training and Safety
______ Driver Training and Safety                                                                 ______How to Read Crew Schedules to Assign Trucks
                                                ______Unit Cleaning/Decontamination
______ Online Driver Training – Website                                                           ______Contracted Facilities
______ Safety Mandatories: Website                                                                ______911 Calls – Dispatching Unit/Turfing
                                                ______Daily Duties
______Unit Cleaning/Decontamination                                                               ______Long Distance Transport Request
                                                ______Special Event Staffing
______Pagers/Keys                                                                                 ______Residence Calls
                                                ______Work Schedule
______Encoding                                                                                    ______New/ Dialysis Pts (Approval Process/Insurance)
                                                ______Training Requirements
______IV Pump – including EMT-Basic                                                               ______Special Transport Requests (Cath Lab, etc.)
                                                ______Geri Chair Transports – we don’t do
______Glucometers                                                                                 ______Special Contracts (MRI, Sporting Events, etc.)
                                                ______ All Wheelchairs need to be secured with
______On-board Ventilator                              5 straps when a patient is in them: 4 at   ______Hospice Patients
                                                       each corner of the chair secured to the
______Daily Duties                                     floor, and one lap belt for the patient    ______Billing Department

______Special Event Staffing                    ______ HIPAA Training - WebSite                   ______Special Billing/Credit Cards/Payment Methods

______Work Schedule                                                                               ______Contract Prices (when to quote)

______Inservice Training Requirements                                                             ______ Safety Mandatories - Website
                                                Print Name of Field Training
______How to get in the Station                 Officer Here:                                     ______Planning Ahead – are early crews needed?

______ Handling DNR Patients                                                                      ______Confirming Appointments

______ Wear clean exam gloves when changing                                                       ______ Required Documents for Transports
       oxygen regulators                                                                                   _____Billing Sheet
______ Issue DHEC Inservice guidelines
                                                                                                  ______ Information Books:
______ HIPAA Training - Website                                                                             _____ Communications Log
                                                          Form Revised                                      _____ Cancelled Call Log
 Paramedics:                                                                                                _____ Dispatch Memos
_____Monitor/Defib/Pacer                                   8/27/2006.                                       _____ Flip Chart
_____Narcotics                                                                                              _____ Master Schedule
_____ Other Advanced Equipment                                                                              _____ Phone numbers-(411)
                                                                                                            _____ W/C Schedule Book
                                                                                                  ______Cleaning Duties

By signing this form employee acknowledges material listed above was covered                      ______Work Schedule
during orientation in a manner that was clear and understandable:
                                                                                                  ______ HIPAA Training - WebSite

__________________________________ Date:_______________
Signature of Orienting Employee

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