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    Q&A with Managing Partners

    Axiom Voted Best Place to Work                                                             Secrets for Success
    by Washingtonian Magazine
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    Marlon Evans                                                                                                                          Didactics Division
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    Emma Sanchez                         Axiom is Fun                                          Robinson Scholarship Winner
    Employee Focus

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     company focus
    View from the Top: Q&a with the Managing Partners

    The Axiom Standard sat down with Axiom Managing Partners Doug                      Axiom Standard: There’s a lot of discussion about BRAC (Base
    Peardon and Kevin Riley recently, to get their views on all things Axiom.          Realignment and Closure), including questions on which of our employees in
    Here’s that interview:                                                             the Skyline complex are likely to move to the new location—and when. Do
                                                                                       you have any guidance in this area?
    Axiom Standard: It seems like the most challenging time for Axiom
    ever. There are so many changes underway, and it seems like more are               Kevin Riley: There’s a humorous old saying they used to use on Capitol
    coming next year. What’s your zeitgeist, or “sense of the times” right now?        Hill when they discussed the two purchasing phases of a new weapons
                                                                                       system. The first phase is “It’s too early to tell,” and the second phase is, “It’s
    Kevin Riley: I’ve seen some incredible changes in federal government               too late to stop.” I think this applies to the BRAC move. On one hand, they’ve
    contracting over the last 30 years, and I would agree, this is one of the most
                                                                                       identified the location and set a timeline, but there are millions of moving
    tumultuous periods I’ve seen. One day it’s overall budget reductions, then
                                                                                       parts and I wouldn’t be surprised if the timeline slips a little.
    in-sourcing, then efficiencies. It’s enough to make your head spin. The good
    news is that the government truly values the contributions of companies like
    Axiom, and they understand how important we are to their overall mission.
                                                                                       Doug Peardon: My mantra on this is straightforward: We go where
                                                                                       the clients go. If they need some of us to accompany them to the new BRAC
                                                                                       location, and others to stay and provide support from Skyline, that’s our job.
    Doug Peardon: That’s exactly right. During a career in government
    contracting, the Axiom consultant will see times when budgets look
    pretty good, and times when the government must launch reduction
                                                                                       Axiom Standard: What is Axiom doing to build its business base for
    efforts because spending and revenues do not match up. The government              the future?
    leadership is faced with hard decisions. It is in everyone's best interest to
    understand the crystalline essence of these issues so that we can position         Doug Peardon: I’m very excited about the work we’re doing to build
    ourselves in a way that is in both the government's and Axiom's best               our presence in federal agencies via large, multi-year IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery /
    interest. If we are always doing what is in the best interest of our clients, we   Indefinite Quantity) vehicles. A good example is the OMNIBUS III vehicle (we
    will be okay.                                                                      won as a prime contractor in both the Large Business and Small Business
                                                                                       categories) supporting the Naval Health Research Center. AXIOM has won a
    Axiom Standard: Does Axiom have a “Plan B” if an employee’s                        number of awards under OMNIBUS II, so our prospects for OMNIBUS III are
    position is lost due to the “efficiencies” drill?                                  very bright.

    Kevin Riley: Absolutely. We and our headquarters staff have scrubbed               Kevin Riley:        Another thing we’re doing to build our base for the future
    every position on every Axiom contract. Through our deliberate planning            is forming promising new relationships with partner companies that can
    process, we have tried to forecast landing points where Axiom professionals        help us win new work. For example, through partnering, we have added
    might go if current positions are lost. It’s a great effort, but I have to admit   excellent capabilities to our ability to support TMA’s TEAMS requirements.
    it’s an imperfect science. In some cases, instead of contracts being trimmed,      This teaming strategy was also critical to our recent "AHLTA Critical Fixes"
    they are combined with other contracts—this complicates our planning               win in support of TMA.
    process. Also, it's important to be honest—there may be cases where a
    position is lost and we cannot place the person immediately.                       Axiom Standard: Any parting thoughts?
    Doug Peardon: The bottom line, I think, is that we are always going                Doug Peardon: Kevin and I just want to congratulate everyone in the
    to do our best to take care of the Axiom family, just as we always have.           Axiom family on Axiom being named a “Great Place to Work in Washington”
    Also, as I noted regarding job security, the most secure Axiom job will always     for 2011 by Washingtonian magazine! Every member of the Axiom team
    be held by someone whose support is of such high quality, and high value           helped us earn this recognition, and Kevin and I send our grateful thanks, and
    to the client, that the Axiom consultant is considered indispensable. In my
                                                                                       our heartfelt congratulations, out to all of you.
    experience, those consultants who are the most effective, most efficient, and
    easiest to work with always seem to land on their feet—whether that means
                                                                                       Axiom Standard: Thank you, managing partners!
    staying on their current contract or joining a new contract support team.
    Fortunately, Axiom has many such employees.

    axiom Selected “One of the Best
    Places to Work in Washington 2011”
    by Washingtonian Magazine By Frank Cumberland
    As this issue of the Axiom Standard went to press, we were notified that
    Axiom has been selected as one of the Washington area’s best employers by
    Washingtonian magazine!

    This is fantastic news for Axiom. The recognition reflects the strong
    commitment Axiom has made to its employees during a very challenging
    time in the government contracting industry. It particularly reflects our firm’s
    commitment to maintaining or enhancing benefits, involving Axiom staff
    members at every level of the company in decision-making, and providing the
    most professional, flexible workplace possible for all our consultants.

    More than any other factors, though, this prestigious award recognizes the
    work that Axiom staff members do every day—in support of the work our

    clients do for America, in our philanthropic efforts in the community, and in
    the collegial way Axiom people work with one another. This recognition was
    truly earned by every member of the Axiom family.

    Axiom is a Great Place to Work—spread the word!
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  employee focus
Marlon Evans By Charlie Ulrich                                                           Emma Sanchez By Maria O'Leary
                                                            Axiom prospers                 Political junky,
                                                            because our project            Alexandria native,
                                                            teams combine                  and mother of two….

                                                            a keen grasp of                these are just a few
                                                                                           fun facts about Emma
                                                            technical and
                                                            creative skills with a
                                                            deep commitment                Emma joined the
                                                            to helping our                 Axiom family in 2004.
                                                            clients succeed. We            A security and safety

                                                            survive because                specialist, Emma is
                                                                                           the Project Manager
                                                            the firm’s contract
                                                                                           for the EQIP and
                                                            specialists know the
                                                                                           RAPIDS contracts.
                                                            Federal Acquisition
                                                            Regulation inside              Emma was born
                                                            out and understand             in Lima, Peru and

                                                   how to prepare “business                moved to the United
                                                                                           States when she was
                                         proposals” that can ensure the company
                                                                                           two years old. She grew
                               remains solvent. Unless you know everything
                                                                                           up in Alexandria, VA,
                      there is to know about “cost plus fixed fee” contracts,
                                                                                           attending T.C. Williams
         “firm fixed price contracts,” and various other types of federal                  High School and graduating
contracts, a company can win every contract it seeks and still go broke.                   from Potomac High School. Emma was an excellent student. In high school
                                                                                           she was on the honor roll and she graduated summa cum laude from
Making sure we stay in business is the work of Axiom’s hard-working
                                                                                           American InterContinental University. Emma describes herself as a life-long
contracts team, led for years by Russ Hill who, in May 2009, selected Marlon
                                                                                           learner, always taking classes in something. She has two daughters, both in
Evans to help him and others crunch the numbers and manage our invoices                    their mid-twenties. In 2002, Emma married her husband Milton who is also
to federal clients.                                                                        from Peru. Her mother introduced them!

Born in Virginia to an Air Force family, Marlon spent his early years at an                So how did Emma become a security and safety specialist? A varied and
American airbase in England, followed by two years in central California                   winding career path has led her to where she is today. After high school
before returning to Yorktown, Virginia. He attended Grafton High School,                   Emma joined the Army to become a nurse. She was initially a Military Police
where he played alto saxophone in the “Clippers” symphonic and concert                     Officer and later became a Medical Specialist. After three years with the
                                                                                           Army, Emma decided a medical career was not for her and went into the
orchestras as well as the school’s jazz ensemble. He still plays, but not as
                                                                                           field of accounting and later, computers. Emma’s first involvement in security
much as he would like.
                                                                                           was as a Level Two Certified Antiterrorism Officer, for which she took many
Grafton High School has forged a reputation for academic excellence,                       classes in terrorism and emergency preparedness.

and has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek                         However, she credits one of her former clients for helping her to focus and
magazines as among the nation’s best high schools. Through a special                       develop professionally. “I was lucky. Mr. Brian S. Jones, who was the TMA,
partnership with the Virginia Institute for Marine Science (VIMS), the school              Office of Administration, Chief of Safety, saw my potential. He looked at my
offered highly motivated students the opportunity to take advance placement                resume and saw all of the skills I had but that I needed a focus, a specialty.
science classes and to enroll in VIMS sponsored programs supporting the                    He became my mentor and helped take my career to another level.” Emma
restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. Marlon spent his junior and senior years,               said. “This is the reason that I truly believe in mentoring.” Emma loves her

and summers, helping replenish the bay’s stocks of oysters.                                career and enjoys being a manager. She describes herself as flexible but firm.
                                                                                           She is an empathetic leader who truly cares about her staff.
Enrolling in the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, he chose to major
                                                                                           Outside of work, Emma has plenty to keep her busy. She and her husband
in psychology and minor in economics. The combination, focusing on the
                                                                                           love to travel. They have traveled from Canada all the way down to Panama,
dynamics of human behavior and the functioning of the marketplace, led
                                                                                           passing through all of the states on the East coast. Every 4th of July they make
Marlon, upon graduating in 2008, to explore the world of business. He                      a trek to Orlando, to visit family. Emma and her husband also enjoy camping
accepted a short term position with a local IT consulting company, but didn’t              but nothing hard core. With a huge smile on her face, Emma said, “we stay
see much future with that employer. He learned that Axiom had a junior                     at gated camp grounds because I’m scared of bears.” She then broke into an
position opening in our contracting shop. Marlon applied; Russ hired. Within               infectious laugh. She also enjoys spending time with her beloved dog Smokey.
a few short months the young man realized that one day, he would like to
                                                                                           Her most recent passion is politics. She said she became a real junky when Bill
run his own version of Axiom. A sharp student with a team of enthusiastic
                                                                                           Clinton was running for President. She loves to read about politics and follow
mentors, it’s a good bet that he will, sooner or later.                                    current events through newspapers, radio, and television. Had Emma realized
                                                                                           how much she loved politics she would have majored in political science.
That future, perhaps after a return to graduate school to collect an MBA, will
have to wait for a while, as he is currently kept as busy as possible helping              So what’s next for Emma? She and her husband have started to think about
Axiom stay well ahead of the competition.                                                  their future—retirement someday, probably heading south to get away from

                                                                                           the cold. My money is on politics. You may expect to see a sign, “Emma
                                                                                           Sanchez for City Council” on the side on the road someday!

                                                                       Experience | Trust | Performance
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                                  Axiom Welcomes the Many
                               New Additions to our Family and
                           Congratulates the Following Proud Parents!
                                Jeff Keen, Supports C&CS
                                Landon Thomas Keen, Born May 5, 2010
                                “Landon loves being outside and loves the water. He is an ocean baby
                                and he has no fear! He will walk straight into the water until a waves         Maura Brady,
                                knocks him down and he will roll over laughing. He'll wake up from a           Supports DoD/VA
                                nap, go to the basket by the front door and bring me his shoes so he           Liam Thomas Conway,
                                                                                                               Born Mar 28, 2011
                                can go play outside. He can say ‘ma-ma’ and ‘da-da’ and scrunches his
                                                                                                               “His favorite activities right now are
                                 nose up and squints his eyes when he doesn't like something—or just
         en & fam                                                                                              rolling over, pulling Mommy's hair
Landon Ke                        wants attention!”
                                                                                                               (ouch!), and taking in the sights and
                                                                                                               sounds of the great outdoors.”
                                                                                                                                                            Liam Co
       Carrie Mellin, Supports
       HIPAA Electronic Standards
       Jacob William Mellin, Jr. ("Will"),
       Born May 18, 2010
                                                                                                                                    Shane Oleson,
       “In his free time, Will likes to walk around the                                                                             Keymind Division
       house whilst carrying empty kleenex boxes                                                                                     Dax Oslo Ruh Oleson,
                                                                                                                                     Born Apr 12, 2011
       and making clicking noises in the hopes that
                                                                                                                                      “Dax is enjoying being bombarded
       the cats will come play with him. Sadly, the
                                                                                                                                      with love by his other siblings,
       cats do not.”                                            Will
                                                                     Mellin                                                            Charlotte, Tate and Petra.”
                                                                                                           Dax Ole

                                        Jennifer Haines, HR                                              Russ Hill, HQ Contracts
                                                                                                         Andrew R yan Hill, Born May 2, 2011
                                      Katharine Maria Haines (“Katie”),
                                      Born Sep 28, 2010                                                  “Russ is planning to develop a Federal
                                    “In between recruitment and employee benefit                         Acquisition Regulation coloring book for
     Katie                                                                                               Andrew, to prepare him for the fascinating
           Hain                    administration, Katie likes to help her mommy with
               es                 planning the Axiom family picnic, the Axiom golf                       world of government contracting.”
                                 tournament, and the Axiom holiday party.”                                                                                          Andrew Hill

                                                                                                                                        M.J. Bates,
                                                                                                                                        Catalyst Division
       Adam Frick, Supports OA                                                                                                         Baby Girl Bates,
       Anastasia Frick, Born Nov 20, 2010                                                                                              Born September 19, 2011
       “Anastasia loves to play in the water (pool or                                                                                 “Baby Girl Bates was born on
       bath, ironically she dislikes showers and rain), she                                                                          September 19, 2011 at 1:03 am. She
                                                                                                         Girl B
       also enjoys trying to eat.....everything.”                                                                                   weighed 6 lbs, 5.16 oz Mom and
                                                                         Anastasia                                                  baby are doing fine. The birth itself
                                                                                                                                   only lasted 18 minutes! Daddy is very
                                                                                                                                  happy and proud.”

                                              Sanjeev Malhotra, Supports OCIO

                                               Sarika Rose Malhotra,
                                               born Jan 14, 2011
                                               “She loves getting kisses from her big
                                               (2.5 yr old) brother.”

                Sarika Malhotr
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life in the “Horseshoe”                                                     s Tea
                                                                                 m                                        Comm
Your axiom Headquarters                                                                                                       unicat
                                                                                                                                    ions T
By Maria O'Leary                                                                                          CESSI                                                 Facilities

It seems odd that offices can be so close and yet so far. I think that can often          back at it, getting W2s ready for the tax season. And just when you think
be the case with Axiom’s headquarters (HQ). Many, if not most, of Axiom’s                 they might be getting a break, the auditors show up for the annual audit in
employees are providing outstanding client support here in the Skyline com-               the spring. Thank you Accounting!!
plex. Yet, it isn’t too often that our HQ and client-support staff members
                                                                                          Last but not least is our Communications Team, who help put together fine
cross paths. I know here at HQ, we are always excited to see and visit with
                                                                                          publications like the Axiom Standard and who work tirelessly on proposal
our extended Axiom family, but that usually only happens a few times a year
                                                                                          writing efforts. This team is led by Frank Cumberland, Senior Vice President
at our annual company picnic and holiday events.
                                                                                          for Communications, Marketing, and Business Development. Frank’s team
So what goes on at HQ anyway? Lots! For starters, Axiom’s Managing                        includes Maria O’Leary and Charlie Ulrich. The Comm Team’s primary respon-
Partners, Doug Peardon and Kevin Riley call Sky 2, Suite 300 “home”. This is              sibility is proposal writing, which can really heat up during the summer
just one of many things that make Axiom unique. Our corporate leadership is               months as the fiscal year comes to an end. This can mean long hours, short
accessible and available to our customers and employees. If I client has a need           deadlines, and lots of take out. When the team isn’t crashing on proposals,
or concern that needs to be addressed from the top, Doug and Kevin are                    they are working on corporate communication and marketing initiatives.
ready to respond.                                                                         And who ties it all together? Phyllis Gaglia, Axiom’s lead infrastructure spe-
                                                                                          cialist. Phyllis takes care of our office leases, works all the logistics when an
Axiom HQ is home to our streamlined and efficient Human Resource (HR),
                                                                                          Axiom team moves from one office (or building) to another, and ensures
Contracting, Accounting, Communications and Facilities teams. These teams
                                                                                          Axiom people have properly functioning phones and office equipment. Phyllis
keep our corporate operations running. Although the pace at HQ offices
                                                                                          serves as our Security Officer, obtaining Common Access Cards for staff
seems a bit different from the hustle and bustle of our clients’ offices, there is        members Axiom-wide, and making sure Axiom meets all the Government’s
definitely a lot going on.                                                                requirements for handling classified or sensitive information. She leads the
Our HR team is led by Jennifer Haines, Director of HR, who oversees many                  effort to improve or “build out” our office suites, conference rooms, and
operational and strategic planning activities for Axiom. Kristen Anih and David           kitchens. She also works closely with our headquarters accounting staff to
Phillips manage the day-in-day-out HR tasks that go into supporting our 300+              keep our facilities budget in order. Phyllis does it all!
employees. From posting recruiting actions to conducting interviews to enroll-            Keeping Axiom running is serious business, but that doesn’t mean our HQ
ing employees in benefit programs, Kristen and David get it done. The HR                  staff doesn’t know how to have fun. Here are just a few fun facts about your
team plays a vital role in staff recruiting, orientation and training, and manag-         HQ team.
ing the outstanding benefits offered by Axiom.
                                                                                          Did you know that we have our own food critics on staff? Insoo and
Another very important team is Contracts—if we don’t have a contract, we                  Jae could give Tom Seitsema from the Washington Post a run for his
can’t work. Russ Hill and Marlon Evans support all contract management                    money. Talk about two guys who know the local restaurant scene! It’s a
activities. When Axiom responds to Requests for Proposals, Russ and Marlon                good day at HQ when Insoo and Jae offer to pick up lunch! See some of
develop the cost estimates and interface with Government Contracting                      their favorites below.
Representatives. They manage our existing contracts and execute any neces-
                                                                                          You’ve heard of the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest, right? Well did you
sary modifications. Russ and Marlon are the “kings” of Excel spreadsheets
                                                                                          know that Wei Li is the champion of HQ’s 1st Annual Taco Challenge!
and contract negotiations—and they never shy away from pulling an all-night-
er during proposal season.                                                                We have HQ staff members from Albania, Canada, China, Ethiopia, and
                                                                                          South Korea. How cool is that?
The biggest and often-busiest department in HQ is Accounting. Tekle
Afeworki, VP for Finance, has been leading this team for more than 12 years.              Did you know that HQ also doubles as comedy club? If you ever need a little
There are always invoices to be paid, payroll checks to be issued, audits to be           good humor, stop by and see Frank Cumberland. He is always happy to share
conducted, or books to be closed out! Miranda Haxhi, Insoo Jang, Jae You,                 one of his corny—I mean very funny—jokes.
Jean Zhao, and Wei Li work tirelessly to support these activities. While most             Stop by and see us some time. HQ is here to serve and we love visitors!
of us are enjoying the holiday season, the Axiom Accounting team is burning
the midnight oil to close out the books for the year! In January they are right

                                                                                             axiom’s 1st annual
                                                                                             Horseshoe Taco 12 Challenge
                                                                                             The Date: May 26, 2011 at high noon

                                                          Accou                              The Set Up: Taco Bell has a new promotion for 12 crunchy (or
                                                               nting                         soft) original taco box for $10.
   HR T                                                                                      The Challenge: Who can eat 12 tacos in the least amount of time?

                          Staff Food Critics                                                 The Rules: You must purchase the 12 taco meal deal and finish
                                                                                             them in the time allotted (Noon to 1).

                                                                                             The Results: In a very close match, Wei defeated her competition,
                                                                                             devouring 10 tacos. The boys gave Wei a 2 taco handicap, which
                                                                                             proved to be their downfall!
                    Top Five Restaurant Picks
                                                                                             •	 Winner: Wei	Li
                    •	Ba	Le	(Banh	Mi	Vietnamese	Sandwiches)—	
                    	 Graham	Road,	Falls	Church                                              •	 2nd Place: David	Phillips	(10	tacos,	but	he	counted	11	wrap-
                                                                                                pers).	The	taco	commission	is	looking	into	this	controversy!	
                    •	Flavors	Soul	Food—	
                    	 Carlyn	Hill	Drive,	Falls	Church                                        •	 Honorable Mention:
                                                                                                o	 Russ	Hill	(9	tacos)
                    •	Bon	Chon	(Korean	Chicken	Wings)                                           o	 Marlon	Evans	(9	tacos)
                                                                                                o	 Charlie	“the	Bird”	Ulrich	(5	tacos)	

                    •	Pho	Golden	Cow
                                                                                                o	 Duy	Mao	(9	tacos)
                    •	Edy’s	Chicken	and	Steak                                                   o	 Insoo	Jang	(6	tacos)

                                                                                                                                                                Wei Li

                                                                       Experience | Trust | Performance
                                                                                                                                  October 1, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                        Fa l l 2 0 1 1

Axiom Proclaims 2012 “Year of Management”
By Fleck Chininger
Some call it a warning sign. Some say it’s                                                                                                          bygone era could be called the “glory
a full-blown crisis. Others call it a creep-                                                                                                        days” of American management.
ing, malingering funk. But Axiom leaders
have decided to call it what it is, and then                                                                                                        Clear and Present Danger
to call for action.                                                                                                                                 Something is wrong. Instead of mak-
                                                                                                                                                    ing ever-more-confusing slides as we did
The crisis? After decades of boom-years                                                                                                             during the glory days, we’re just making
in management-speak, we seem to have                                                                                                                more slides. Instead of migraine-inducing
arrived at a linguistic plateau—a stall.                                                                                                            re-organization charts, we’re just making
Some experts think that American manag-                                                                                                             more charts. Instead of designing finan-
ers have drained the well of gimmicks in                                                                                                            cial management systems to waste money,
recent years, and that the wellspring of                                                                                                            we’ve built systems where we can’t find
everlasting management fads has gone dry.                                                                                                           the money to begin with! And if we can’t
But Axiom says no. Our answer to the cri-                                                                                                           find the money, how on earth are we going
sis? Axiom’s 2012 “Year of Management.”                                                                                                             to waste it? This is the clear and pres-
                                                                                                                                                    ent danger, and the 2012 Axiom Year of
Before the Fall                                                                                                                                     Management (AYOM 2012) is the solution.
American managers going back to
the Revolution used slogans and                                                                                                                     Announcing AYOM 2012:
tricks of alliteration to win the War of                                                                                                            7R Leadership 2020
Independence. Founder Thomas Paine,                                                                                                                  “AYOM 2012: 7R Leadership 2020” is
author of “Common Sense” often exhort-                                                                                                              simple. It blends the rapid prototyping of
ed crowds with his “E3I” formula for                                                                                                                slogans and catch-phrases. It “incents”
                                                                                                                                                    managers to combine video, sound,
success against the British (“Exhortation,
                                                                                                                                                    PowerPoint, and 70s clip-art to reach
Exhalation, Efficiency Improvement”).
                                                                                                                                                    new heights of fogginess and indiscern-
Jefferson, using pre-printed primitive
                                                                                                                                                    ibility in presentations. It uses technology
PowerPoint prototypes, created a widely-
                                                                                                                                                    to quickly paste-in new Fadwords from
distributed drawing of a cloud with 13
                                                                                                                                                    upper echelon managers, and cut-out
inverted pyramids shooting out of it, to
                                                                                                                                                    Fadwords from all previous upper ech-
illustrate the colonies’ hopeful future for
                                                                                                                                                    elon managers. It requires leaders to
generations of graphic artists. In our time,                                                                                                        wrap their messages in themes so grand,
of course, we have seen the realms of                                                                                                               so patently-false, and so detached from
management-exaggeration (speech) and                            AYOM 2012: 7R Leadership 2020                                                       reality that audiences will actually weep
management-vision (PowerPoint) merge                                                                                                                when they receive these “tight, focused,
into a splendid reality of vivid words and                           Prototyping Model                                                              branded” messages. This is AYOM 2012:
images, with mercifully little action. That                                                                                                         7R Leadership 2020!

    Axiom Leads Nation in New Employee Benefits
    It’s the little things that make employees happy—the best things in life are free!
    By Flip Cooke
    While the last few years                                                                                                                              these superstars to be given
    have been brutal ones for                                                                                                                             towels and be able to use
    the American economy, one                                                                                                                             the exercise equipment at no
    company has defied the bleak                                                                                                                          additional cost to the employee.
    and broken economic landscape                                                                                                                         Axiom Empowerment: All
    and announced dozens of new                                                                                                                           employee decisions, on and
    benefits for its employees.                                                                                                                           off duty, will receive the full-
    One company has watched its                                                                                                                           throated support of Axiom
    competitors cut pay and benefits                                                                                                                      leadership, with the exception
    and decided to do the opposite—                                                                                                                       of those decisions that result in
    expand benefits. Who is this                                                                                                                          action of any kind.
    company? --Axiom Resource
                                                                                                                                                          Axiom Security: Axiom
    Management, Inc., of Falls                                                                                                                            continues to fight for the physical
    Church, Virginia. And they’ve                                                                                                                         security of our employees, and
    done it through the Axiom                                                                                                                             will continue our fight to have
    New Benefits Initiative 2012, or                                                                                                                      the papier mache security gates
    “ANBI/2012.”                                                                                                                                          in Skyline garages replaced with
                                                                                                                                                          a more resilient element, such as
    Axiom is a quality of life                                                                                                                            cotton candy or aluminum foil.
    company. They have built
    ANBI/2012 around two                                                                                                                                  Axiom Retirement: Axiom
    fundamental principle beliefs:                                                                                                                        will replace any monies lost by
                                                                                                                                                          employees through the 401-K
    •	   It’s the little things that make                                   New Axiom Benefits                                                            program, as a result of declines in
         employees happy, and               Air to Breathe in the Workplace, FREE OF CHARGE, and Other Perks, Part of New Benefits Package.               any area of the US stock market.
                                                 "HR is still working out a few details, but once we have it, we know it's gonna be great!"               This benefit will be limited to
    •	   The best things in life are

                                                                                                                                                          employees born before 1858.
         free                                                               said Axiom Employee Larse Kluever.
                                                                                                                                                    Axiom and the Arts: Axiom
    Axiom executives, reflecting                                                                                                                    encourages its people to engage
    these two core beliefs, decided to focus their human resources professionals on          in the “life of the mind,” and of the arts. To this end, the firm will consider posting
    finding very, very little things to improve employee happiness. Here are just a few of   employee tributes to Messrs. Peardon and Riley, in the forms of poetry and prose, on
    the innovative new “benefits” the company has implemented:                               the company website, at no charge to the employee.
    Axiom Advocacy: When Axiom employees join the nearby health club (at their own           The best things in life really are free. And nothing’s too good for the people
    expense) to improve their fitness and productivity, Axiom will advocate for              of Axiom!
  Off-Season Championships Mark Washington Sports!
  By Frederick Cloppelspot

  Can you say “dynasty”?                                                                                                                       have won the Super Bowl, by my
                                                                                                                                               count, every July from 2000 to
  A review of television, Web,
                                                                                                                                               2011. And the early betting is (if
  radio, and print media over
                                                                                                                                               Haynesworth and Deion Sanders
  the last 10 years proves—
                                                                                                                                               come back to the team) they’ll
  conclusively—that Washington
                                                                                                                                               win it again last July!
  professional sports teams are
  truly in the midst of dynasty-like                                                                                                           I will never forget my first NBA
  dominance over their competitors                                                                                                             off-season championship, the
  (when this review is taken during                                                                                                            day the Washington Wizards
  the off season).                                                                                                                             drafted Kwame Brown—first
                                                                                                                                               pick, first round. That’s the pick
  Think of cities that have enjoyed
                                                                                                                                               usually reserved for players
  years when all their teams were
                                                                                                                                               like Lebron, Kobe, and Kevin
  at the top. Boston, for example,
                                                                                                                                               Garnett. And true to all the
  has had a number of years when
                                                                                                                                               July-and-August predictions,
  their New England Patriots,
                                                                                                                                               Kwame Brown led the
  Boston Red Sox, and Boston
                                                                                                                                               Wizards to several off-season
  Celtics all won championships.
                                                                                                                                               championships, before moving
  But here you see the distinction—       "YEAH! That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout!!!" said some guy named                                         to an even-stronger professional
  towns like Boston or Philadelphia
  or Chicago might have occasional
                                               Ronnie, regular attendee of off season victories.                                               basketball franchise in Tillings,
  years when all their teams “win
  it all” during the season, but in                                                                                                            The Capitals are a bit of a break
  Washington, we claim the off-season championship year in and year out, in every            from the traditions of our Wizards, Redskins, and Nationals, in that the Caps
  sport, and have done so for nearly a decade. That, my friend, is a dynasty.                do win the Stanley Cup every August, but they also win some games during the
                                                                                             regular season. In this way they threaten the Washington Sports Dynasty, because
  It doesn’t matter if they win, it matters when they win.
                                                                                             we demand consistent futility—not just in the post-season, but in the regular
  Our beloved Washington Redskins, according to reliable press releases from the             season as well.
  team, and reliable former Redskins now covering the team on team-owned radio,
                                                                                             If we’re going to be the Dynasty of Columbia, let’s at least be consistent.

BRAC Savings Eliminate US Deficit
By Franz Clementine

In a sudden and very pleasant shock                                                                                                      “Right from the beginning I could
to American taxpayers, Government                                                                                                       see BRAC would pull America out of
accountants revealed today that                                                                                                         debt,” said Walsham Thirk, contract
the defense department’s Base                                                                                                           management analyst. “The savings
Realignment and Closure (BRAC)                                                                                                          generated by putting yellow stickies
process had completely eliminated                                                                                                       on everyone’s stuff and moving it to
the nation’s $14 trillion deficit.                                                                                                      another building are immeasurable.
                                                                                                                                        If America ever gets in the red again,
 “It’s like a miracle,” wept Sidney
                                                                                                                                        I promise to move offices back-
Ox, Secretary of the Economy. “It’s
                                                                                                                                        and-forth every year to protect our
like we’ve discovered a new eco-
                                                                                                                                        children’s future.”
nomic law: the more we move things
around, the more money we save.”                                                                                                        Congressional and defense officials
Think of it as a perpetual motion                                                                                                       met in executive session over the
machine, except this one produces                                                                                                       holiday weekend, to devise ways to
perpetual savings.                                                                                                                      accelerate BRAC moves and bring
                                                                                                                                        the US treasury to surplus. They
A whirlwind of astonishment, joy,
                                                                                                                                        directed Air Force officials to move
and utter credulity swept through
                                                                                                                                        all activities from Dover AFB (Del.)
the Nation’s Capital as the news
                                                                                                                                        to Andrews AFB (Md.), and vice
spread. Formerly-dire economists,
                                                                                                                                        versa. All US Naval Base Norfolk
weary from months of making                        Taxpayer piggy banks across America begin to heal as a result of BRAC.               assets will be moved to San Diego
too-grim predictions on panicky                   "It's truly a miracle," said Piggy Willie, "rumor has it that some of us have         (Cal.), and vice versa. Army and
news networks, breathed a sigh of                         developed the ability to fly as a result of this phenomenon! "                Marine installations, in perhaps the
relief and chuckled a little about
                                                                                                                                        most ambitious revenue-generating
their Chicken Little forecasts.
                                             designed for emplacement on all cars           communities. This is one of those           BRAC move to date, will simply
Pointy-headed “Deficit hawks”
                                             driven in the United States.                   economic phenomena where the                switch places worldwide. Trusted
from debt-focused think tanks were
                                                                                            people at the top of the food chain         forecasters estimate that at the end of
demoralized and made to wear suits           Ironically, while the BRAC Savings
                                                                                            couldn’t see the new economic law’s         these accelerated moves, the US will
made of $100 bills, to mock their            Miracle seemed to surprise economic
                                                                                            revelation, but people at the grass         be a full $30 trillion in surplus.
tinny short-sightedness. A “BRAC             “experts,” it came as no surprise to
                                                                                            roots could. Yellow Fever worked the
ribbon,” featuring a dollar sign             the rank-and-file members of the                                                           Rest easy, America: BRAC has saved
                                                                                            same way.
and a moving truck, was hurriedly            military, civil service, and contract                                                      the day!
                                                                                                                                                         Fa l l 2 0 1 1

     Axiom culture
    Human resource update                               By Jennifer Haines             Axiom Prescribes a
    H e AT H c A r e r e f o r m :                                                     Healthy Dose of fun                         By Charlie Ulrich
    W H AT D o e s i T m e A n f o r y o u ?

    Axiom offers an outstanding and robust group health plan to all eligible           Management consulting firms focus the efforts of their staff on achieving
    employees. Beginning January 2011, as a result of Axiom’s cooperation with         critical project milestones on schedule, staying within budget targets, and deliv-
    the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that was signed             ering superior services to clients who always find another company to support
                                                                                       their programs.
    into law, we reviewed the compliance requirements to ensure our plan
    incorporated the requirements of the Act. The most significant changes to          But all work and no play dulls even the sharpest professionals. Axiom under-
    the plan were:                                                                     stands the benefits of taking just a little time and effort to boost morale, build
                                                                                       a community among our team members, and usually, that involves directing
    •	 $0	copay	for	all	preventative	care                                              our team efforts into helping the communities that we call home.

    •	 No	dollar	limit	on	routine	physical	exams                                       Fun can be a real good business. Each year, Axiom holds a charity golf tourna-
                                                                                       ment. Nobody wearing Axiom blue has so far been a credible threat to join the
    •	 Dependent	children	covered	to	age	26	                                           professional tour, but it’s a chance for duffers to play alongside better golfers
                                                                                       and for everyone to spend a day together somewhere other than the office.
    •	 No	lifetime	maximum	dollar	limits                                               Local businesses help sponsor the event. Players cover green fees, other expens-
                                                                                       es and make generous donations to the cause the tournament supports. That
    •	 No	pre-existing	conditions	for	children	under	age	19                            cause, the Fisher House Foundation, supports the families of wounded warriors
                                                                                       who are recovering from serious injuries or undergoing physical therapy. Often
    •	 Mental	health	parity                                                            players include young service personnel learning to play golf despite missing a
                                                                                       leg or an arm. Often these are the better players on the course. Over the last
    •	 No	dollar	limits	on	several	plan	elements	including	routine	adult	well	care,	   seven	years,	Axiom’s	golf	tournament	has	raised	more	than	$177,000	for	Fisher	
       well child care, hospice care, and durable medical equipment                    House Foundation.

    Axiom continues to provide a comprehensive review of all the group ben-
    efits we offer each year. For more information on benefit details, please visit
                                                                                              Axiom Supports Fisher House Foundation or contact your Human Resource Representatives.
                                                                                              The Fisher House Foundation supports the families of wounded
                                                                                              warriors who are recovering from serious injuries or undergoing
       Human Resource Representatives                                                         physical therapy. Visit to learn more.

       Jennifer Haines                         703-998-0327 x220                                                Money Raised by Axiom's
       Kristen Anih                            703-998-0327 x248                                           Annual Fisher House Golf Tournament
       David Phillips                          703-998-0327 x252
                                                                                                                       Total       $177,800
                                                                                                                       2010        $ 30,000
    T u i T i o n A s s i s TA n c e & T r A i n i n g P r o g r A m                                                   2009        $ 29,312
                                                                                                                       2008        $ 28,859
    Axiom is committed to the growth and development of our employees.                                                 2007        $ 26,146
    Career development, education, and training not only benefit our employ-
                                                                                                                       2006        $ 27,108
    ees but it benefits our valued clients as well. Since Axiom’s inception, the
                                                                                                                       2005        $ 20,106
    organization has supported continuing education and training through
                                                                                                                       2004        $ 16,269
    the Axiom Tuition Assistance Program. Our program can be used not only
    for degree programs, but it may also be used for seminars, certifications,
    and other training programs. It is also a program used to ensure that our
    employees can attend training programs specifically requested by our               Axiom staffers participate in the Kelly Cares 5K fun run, supporting therapeutic
                                                                                       recreation programs in Alexandria, and the Bright Beginnings 5K that sup-
    clients. Our Human Resources department can provide employees with
                                                                                       ports child development centers for homeless children. And not every activity
    resources to seek out programs that may benefit their growth and develop-          is particularly athletic: Axiom sponsors a softball team. No good causes being
    ment within the organization.                                                      supported here, and we’re often cannon fodder for other teams that are much
                                                                                       more concerned about beating the competition than having fun. These games
                                                                                       may be the only time Axiom folks don’t let winning get in the way of having a
                                                                                       good time together.

                                                                                       As every summer comes to a close, Axiom hosts a company picnic. The past
                                                                                       few years these burgers and hotdog festivals have been held at Nationals Park
                                                                                       and have included a panoramic view of that evening’s game between our
                                                                                       hometown heroes and visiting villains. This year we convened in the Pavilions
                                            D AT e s T o r e m e m b e r               of Turkey Run, where the ever growing army of junior Axiomites can run a little
                                                                                       more freely than they could at the ballpark.
                                            2011 Axiom Golf Tournament
                                            to Benefit the Fisher House                Every winter opens with a corporate Holiday party that for some is the most
                                            Foundation                                 festive affair we’ll attend all year. And the party is followed, a week or two
                                            Wednesday, October 26th 2011               later, by a wonderful open house for all employees at Axiom’s headquarters.
                                            Westfields Golf Club, Clifton, VA          This is a great occasion to get in the holiday spirit, to have a laugh with col-
                                                                                       leagues, and to meet new members of the Axiom family.
                                            2011 Axiom Holiday Party
                                                                                       These occasions ensure that Axiom isn’t simply a collection of offices in a steel
                                            Saturday, December 10th 2011
                                                                                       and glass sky rise building. These are moments for rest, renewal, and some-
                                            Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner
                                                                                       times exhaustion, as when we fielded a team of champions who completed

                                                                                       the 60 mile, three day walk to defeat breast cancer. But these help to create a
                                                                                       shared culture, build trust, and establish a common bond that lets Axiom work
                                                                                       together as a team. It makes being a part of that team fun, but it also helps us
                                                                                       continue to deliver our best work on behalf of our clients. Fun can also be a
                                                                                       secret to success.
Fa l l 2 0 1 1                                                                                                                                               Fa l l 2 0 1 1

 Axiom culture
                                                                                       This is certainly true across the          for a mature, self-secure leader—
                                                                                       Axiom family. Our colleagues face          think of your favorite president in
                                                                                       so many uncertainties these days,          U.S. history, and I bet you’re thinking
                                                                                       from BRAC to “efficiencies” to             of a 10/10.
                                                                                       re-organizations. It is vital that they
                                                                                       have regular contact with their            Where would you rate yourself?
                                                                                       Axiom supervisor, and that the             More importantly, how would your
                                                                                       supervisor take a personal interest        people rate you? Are you mainly
                                                                                       in their professional development.         focused on your team and the client’s
                                                                                                                                  mission, or do you focus more on
                                                                                       Set the Example. The shortest              your own needs, wants, whims, and
                                                                                       “secret” of the five. If you say a thing   moods? Shoot for something in the
                                                                                       is important to you, reflect your belief   8/8 to 9/9 scale. If you score yourself
                                                                                       in your actions at work. Don’t confuse     and come up with low scores, focus
Secrets for Success for                                                                the team by focusing on minutiae           on projecting a more mature, secure
                                                                                       instead. Remember, if you say one          leadership profile as you progress in
axiom’s Rising leaders                             By Frank Cumberland                 thing and do another, people will          your career.
Writing about leadership is the            your attention. There are no secrets        take note, and will act accordingly.
strangest thing. The same for giving       in leadership, but there are some                                                      Show Fairness and Equal
speeches on leadership. When you           universal truths that might help you        Exhibit constancy. “Constancy”             Treatment. This may be the
write the leadership column, or            succeed as an Axiom supervisor, a           is defined by Merriam Webster as           cornerstone for leadership success,
deliver the speech, you ask yourself:      technical manager, or a corporate           “steadfastness of mind under duress:       not only at Axiom, but in the larger
                                           officer. (They’ll also make you a           fortitude,” while           American workplace. People want
“Is there any chance that what I’m         better Little League coach, spouse,         defines it as “The quality of being        clear, consistent, fair communications
saying about leadership will be            friend, and parent!)                        faithful and dependable.” In the eyes      from their leaders. It is so important
valuable to anyone in the audience                                                     of your clients and team members,          that people feel like they’re getting
at this exact moment in their              Rising leaders—in all organizations—        the value of your constancy cannot         a fair shake, that they don’t have to
leadership experience?”                    need to make a regular, candid              be overstated. Do you remain calm          contend with cliques or favorites or
                                           self-assessment of how they’re              in a storm? Do you ever “blow up”          pets, and that diversity is truly valued
I hope this column will be valuable        developing the leadership                   at subordinates? Do people believe         on their team.
to my most important audience—             department. As a sage may                   that you are a leader whose words
members of the Axiom team who              have said, “Self awareness is the                                                      Personally, I give our rising Axiom
are in leadership roles, or who                                                        and actions are congruous? These
                                           beginning of wisdom.”                                                                  leaders an “A” grade for the five
would like to be Axiom leaders in                                                      are vital questions, in good or bad
                                                                                       economic times, regardless of the          “secrets” of leadership I’ve described
the future. And I hope it will be          Here are five “secrets” for leadership
                                                                                       organization or setting. People want       in this column. As members of the
valuable to you today.                     success at Axiom:
                                                                                       leaders they can rely on.                  Axiom family, we have enjoyed
                                            1 Be visible/know your people
It’s a cliché to say we’re living in                                                                                              more than 15 years of success in a
                                            2 Set the Example
challenging times. It’s hackneyed to        3 Exhibit Constancy                        Score yourself, honestly, on               very competitive business. And I’m
spout aphorisms such as, “Tough             4 Know Your Maturity/Security              a Maturity/Security Scale. Put             betting that Axiom’s next 15 years of
times don’t last, but tough leaders           Score                                    “Maturity” on the “X” axis of a            success will depend more on these
do.” I want to share a few things           5 Show Fairness and Equal Treatment        graph, and “Security” on the “Y”           leadership behaviors than on any
that are concrete, that relate to our                                                  axis. Make “zero” the base of each         other factors.
current business environment, and          Be visible and know your                    scale and “10” the high point of
that have a quality of timelessness.       people. I once heard a general              each. A “0/0” rating would be, say,        To paraphrase Shakespeare, our
To tell truth, I only called them          say, “Take care of your people, and         for a newborn baby—all immature            fate “lies not in the stars, but
“Secrets” in the headline to get           they’ll take care of the mission.”          and insecure. A “10/10” would be           in ourselves.”

axiom Employee Co-authors Book on Improving Medical Practice                                                                                     By Charlie Ulrich

                    In April 2011,         connection makes this job especially        standards for managing financial           “knowledge coupling,” which
                    Lincoln Weed,          interesting for me.                         information, so medicine needs             means matching patient data with
                    along with                                                         standards of care for managing             medical knowledge. For example,
                    his father,            Q: Have your father and you                 medical knowledge and patient data.        suppose you have chest pain. You
                    Dr. Lawrence L.        published other books or articles?
                                                                                                                                  and your medical practitioner would
                    Weed, published        … and what is your father’s                 Q: How can providers improve use of
                                                                                                                                  use knowledge coupling software
the book Medicine in Denial. The           background?                                 medical records?
                                                                                                                                  to identify initial data useful for
Axiom Standard sat down with Lincoln                                                                                              diagnosis. Once you collect and
                                           A: He and I have co-authored two            A: Medical records need a simple
in early-September 2011 to learn more                                                                                             enter the data, the software instantly
                                           articles. He has also published             organizing principle that’s obvious to
about him, and about the book.                                                                                                    generates an organized listing of
                                           three other books and innumerable           everyone. The principle is to follow
Q: Getting your book published must        articles, in the course of his career       the basic steps of orderly problem         possible causes suggested by your
feel like quite an accomplishment.         as a doctor and researcher in               solving in any field: gathering            data, plus positive and negative
How would you describe the process         biochemistry. Some interesting              information, defining problems,            findings for each cause, plus
of writing and publishing a book?          background on his work appears              formulating plans for each problem         commentary and citations from the
                                           in a December 2005 article in               in light of the others, executing          medical literature, plus suggestions
A: It was difficult but very satisfying.   The Economist, available at www.            the plans, and making corrections          for what to do next. This output is
We published this book through an He              as needed. This principle requires         essential to the feedback system I
Amazon subsidiary (see createspace.        reconceived how medicine can be             a problem list, and linking plans,         mentioned earlier.
com). They were flexible to work           practiced as a scientific discipline,       orders, test results and progress
with, which simplified the process.        taking into account the new                 notes to specific problems on the          Q: Are there parts of American
                                           possibilities created by health IT.         list. These recordkeeping practices        health care that are doing a better
Q: What is your job at Axiom, and is it                                                become part of critical feedback           job of applying the main lessons of
relevant to the book’s subject matter?     Q: The back cover states, “This book        loops. Unfortunately, current              your book?
                                           offers a clear blueprint for building a     records, both paper and electronic,
A: I’m a Senior Health Privacy Analyst     better system of care.” What are the        fail to close the loops because            A: The DoD and VA health systems
on the team supporting the TMA             main elements of your blueprint?            they only follow fragments of this         have long been ahead of the curve
Privacy and Civil Liberties Office. The
                                                                                       feedback system.                           in building organized systems of
book was mostly drafted before I           A: The foundation is standards
started with Axiom in March 2009,          of care for managing clinical                                                          care. But there’s a long way to go.
                                                                                       Q: Explain “decision support” tools
                                                                                                                                  Doctors are still expected to do the

and it’s not about health privacy, so      information, and information tools          and how they help providers and
the book doesn’t directly relate to my     (electronic medical records and                                                        impossible—to recall vast medical
job. But health privacy is connected       decision support tools) designed to                                                    knowledge and match it with
to broader health IT and health policy     implement those standards. Just             A: Our book describes a form               detailed patient data. In that respect,
issues that the book addresses. That       as organizations need accounting            of decision support that we call           health care is way behind the times.

                                                                       Experience | Trust | Performance
                                                                                                                                                               Fa l l 2 0 1 1

      Axiom in the community
     another Great Year Working with the                                                         axiom Presents College Scholarship
     Mount Vernon Community School                                                               By Maria O'Leary

     By Maria O'Leary

                                        It has been another fun and rewarding                                                           Ms. Vanessa Ekouevi is this year’s
                                        year working with the Mount Vernon                                                               recipient of Axiom’s Annual
                                        Community School (MVCS) in Alexandria,                                                            Scholarship in support of the
                                        VA. Axiom helped kick off the 2011-2012                                                            Minority Students of Robinson
                                        school	year	by	conducting	our	7th annual                                                           (MSR) program at Robinson
                                        school supply drive—delivering oodles of                                                             Secondary School in Fairfax,
                                                                                                                                              Virginia. Frank Cumberland,
                                       supplies to the school. Even with all of the
                                                                                                                                               Axiom’s Senior Vice President
                                       supplies provided to the school, they were still
                                                                                                                                                for Communications,
                                   coming up short. Ms. Magda Leon, MVCS’s
                                                                                                                                                 Marketing and Business
                                  social worker, contacted Axiom to thank us for
                                                                                                                                                  Development presented
                                  the supplies and ask if there was any way we                                                                     the scholarship check to
                                could provide additional spiral notebooks, erasers,                                                          Vanessa at an awards ceremo-
                               and markers. Axiom came to the rescue! Through                                                    ny at Robinson on June 16, 2011. Mr. Dan
                        a generous anonymous donation and a gift from Axiom’s                                        Meier, Robinson Principal, announced that the amount
               corporate	office,	an	additional	$500	worth	of	school	supplies	were	                      of the scholarship is $1,000, and this is the 6th year Axiom has pro-
     shipped directly to the school.                                                             vided this scholarship to a graduating MSR student.

                                                                                                 Ms. Ekouevi is a truly impressive young woman. Vanessa was President
     Last December, Axiom held our 6th annual holiday gift drive for MVCS.
                                                                                                 of MSR, during her sophomore year. As mistress of ceremonies for the
     Each year Axiom has “adopted” more and more children, providing gifts
                                                                                                 annual Black History Knowledge Bowl, Vanessa wrote the script for the
     and clothing to children whose families cannot. We began this tradition in
                                                                                                 event, helped the contestants study historical facts and helped line up tal-
     2005 by providing gifts and clothes to a family with five children. By 2010,                ent to perform between rounds. As a member of the Student Government
     Axiom was providing support to 36 children. All told, over the years we                     Association (SGA) Executive Council, Vanessa showed that she recognizes
     have	provided	gifts	for	a	total	of	173	children.	                                           the effects helping others can have on her own morale. These experiences
                                                                                                 will serve her well while she is at Virginia Commonwealth University.

                                                                                                 Ms. Lynne Hicks is the sponsor of the MSR organization. As a teacher,
                                                                                                 mentor, and retired Navy officer, she has been impressed with Vanessa.
                                                                                                 “Vanessa is amazingly concerned and involved with the Robinson commu-
                                                                                                 nity. She gives scads of energy to the broad reaching organizations, such
                                                                                                 as SGA and MSR, here and maintained that 4.0 GPA on top. Her popular-
                                                                                                 ity is an inevitable result!”
                                                                    Over the years Axiom has
                                                                    provided gifts for a total
                                                                    of 173 children.

                                                                                                 “I would like to thank
                                                                                                     everyone at Axiom
                                                                                                    for this scholarship,
     The partnership between Axiom and MVCS continues to flourish and
                                                                                                       and I promise the
     we look forward to supporting future events and needs of the school.                             money will be put
     Thank you for your continued support—it is amazing!                                              to good use when
                                                                                                     I get to VCU!” said
                                                                                                        Vanessa Ekouevi,
                                                                                                    Axiom’s 2011 MSR
                                                     Maria O’Leary and Magda Leon with
                                                         gifts collected for the MVCS 6th           Scholarship winner.
                                                                 annual holiday gift drive.

                                                                                                 “It is always energizing to visit Robinson,” said Cumberland after the
                                                                                                 ceremony. “The school has a spirit and sense of achievement few
                                                                                                 schools could match. Vanessa exemplifies this spirit. The men and
                                                                                                 women of Axiom wish her all the best as she starts her college career.”

                                                                                                 Vanessa was very appreciative of the Axiom award. “I would like to
                                                                                                 thank everyone at Axiom for this scholarship,” she said, “and I promise

                                                                                                 the money will be put to good use when I get to VCU!”
Fa l l 2 0 1 1

axiom Salutes its 2010 all Stars
As we enter FY 2011, we want to take time to recognize our All Stars for calendar year 2010. These employees
exemplify the Axiom virtues of commitment to client success, support for fellow Axiomites, and philanthropic work
in the larger community.

                                                                Experience | Trust | Performance
                                                                                                                                                           Fa l l 2 0 1 1

     contract wins
     FY 2011          By Frank Cumberland

     Despite the countervailing winds blowing in the contracting industry,           good news for Axiom, as we already work on a number of contracts on the
     Axiom had a great year in FY11.                                                 OMNIBUS II vehicle—the predecessor to OMNIBUS III. We also teamed with
                                                                                     another firm and were selected for the Department of Veterans Affairs “T4”
     As the prime awardee, Axiom won the TMA/C&CS Program Support and
                                                                                     IDIQ vehicle, which will be used to provide IT support for the VA.
     Tobacco Counter Marketing contract, the TMA/HPA&E Workflow con-
     tract, and the Military Homefront follow-on contract. As a subcontract          Keymind turned in a strong FY, winning work with ICE Health Service
     teaming partner with other firms, we won the Federal Motor Carrier              Corps, Energy Metrics, Inertech, and Signature Performance to name
     Safety Administration (National Registry Support) contract, the AHLTA           just a few. Didactics also had a solid year, winning a contract to pro-
     Critical Fixes contract, and the DHIMS program management and infor-            vide Social Work Leadership Training, and another contract to provide
     mation assurance contract, among many others.                                   Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation New
                                                                                     Dawn care management, both in support of the VA.
     We were selected, as either a prime or a sub-contractor, on several
     Government IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity) vehicles, includ-   Congratulations to everyone at Axiom for a terrific FY 2011, and good
     ing the Navy’s OMNIBUS III competition—where we were selected as a              luck in the new fiscal year!
     prime in both the Large Business and Small Business categories. This is

     Didactics Division By Pat Brown
     Quick Overview                                                                  with the
     Who do you go to when you want to enhance performance, increase                 National Science
     productivity, teach a new skill, motivate your team, integrate your             Foundation
     solution, reorganize your department or manage your program?                    (NSF) to develop
     Your best bet is Didactics, Axiom’s human capital development and               the full range
     performance improvement division. As the name implies, you may think            of instructional
     it’s about training—and you're right, but Didactics is a lot more.              design and
                                           Didactics is a seasoned team of
                                       performance technology professionals
                                  who develop instructionally effective and             The NSF Team: Alan
                             performance-based solutions for clients requiring        Appel, Lynee Bennett,
                                                                                       Tony Gryzmala, Amy
                       advanced educational, training, and human capital                   DeVan, Jim Little
                  development services. We’d like to think that we are at the
             forefront of instructional and performance technology. Based on         technology services to approximately 2000 staff, visiting scientists and
       models solidly grounded in learning and organizational development            contractors. Next time you’re shopping at Ballston, you may see some of
     theory, Didactics’ focus is on performance whether it is at the individual,     our team there over lunch, as NSF is right across from the mall.
     process, or organizational level.

                                                                                     So, Do Our Clients Like Us?
     Didactics’ Personnel/Technical Expertise                                        Here is an example of the kind of praise Didactics’ garners from key clients:
     Our folks come from multifaceted backgrounds. Some are instructional
     designers and organizational developers, others are programmers                 “Not only have they delivered marvelous products in face to face
     or artists. Some have their doctorates in their discipline or are state         curriculum development, story boards and web courses for my clients,
     university adjunct professors. Some even speak French. But all bring a          they are the most incredibly customer service oriented group you could
     contagious enthusiasm to the work they do and to the products they              hope to find.
     develop. Success comes from professionalism, adherence to standards
     and keeping the client’s best interests in mind.
                                                                                     They do an excellent job of taking care of the product development and
                                                                                     planning committee relations. They deliver excellent services and take
     Our Projects                                                                    the best care of their PMs you could imagine. They have a huge array of
     Didactics cut its teeth in helping the Federal Motor Carrier Safety             other services available that I have yet to tap.
     Administration design and develop the National Registry for Certified
     Medical Examiners starting in 2004. This project’s objective is to make         The Axiom Team members are highly professional and have amazing
     our nation’s highways safer by ensuring truck and bus drivers are               technical knowledge as well as people skills.”
     medically fit when driving a 10 ton truck for example. Also a staple in
     our inventory is the development of training curriculum and web-based           – Erin Snowden, National Project Manager, Veterans Affairs
     courseware which we have accomplished for the states of New York,                 Birmingham Employee Education System
     Oklahoma, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona (it was tough flying to Hawaii
     and getting any work done!). But more importantly we have been                  For more information on Didactics send me a message at
     developing interactive courseware for the Department of Veterans Affairs, or call me at 703-998-0800, ext. 19.
     and their program managers, social workers and nurses in support of             I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
     our Veterans, especially those that are severely ill and/or injured back
     from Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently, we competed and won a contract

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