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					                             Australian Psychological Society

                          Annual Conference in Perth in 2012

The Centre for Applied Psychology was well represented at the recent Australian Psychological Society
conference held in Perth. Several students and staff presented their work as symposia (2), orals (7) and
posters (2). Many of us have been invited to submit our work for publication in a new international
Psychology journal. This prospect is every exciting, particularly for students involved. Student work is


    1. Rickwood, D., Reorienting youth mental health services – the essential elements according to

    2. Rickwood, D., Who’s coming to headspace and how do they fare?

    3. Rickwood, D., Expanding help-seeking options for young people by delivering mental health
       services online – the eheadspace experience.

    4. Henry, S. & Knott, V. Bullying among apprentices in Australia.

    5. Knott, V., Mak, A., Neill, J, Developing global citizens through psychology curricula: Increasing
       cultural awareness of self and others through an on-line discussion forum.

    6. Neill, J. T., Mackay, G., Holgate, B., & Rugendyke, A. , The effects of green exercise on stress,
       anxiety and mood: The role of perceived greenness, exercise cognitions and connection to

    7. Lewis, V., Intervention for body image and appearance concerns. What works.


    1.   Knott, V., Psychology as a resource in inter-disciplinary research: Dementia as an exemplar.

Student papers featured within this symposium:

McKenzie, E., (supervisor: Brown, P.) Factors influencing nursing students intentions to work in
dementia care: The role of ageism, causal beliefs, and attributions.
Mott, A. (supervisor: Knott, V). Hope and Dementia
Hale, L., Knott, V (supervisor: Knott, V). Health professionals’ experience of dementia: Implications for
residential care.

    2.   Lewis, V., Body image and appearances concerns in Australian and New Zealand youth. The
         positive and negative experiences.


   1. Bradford, S*., Rickwood, D. Factors influencing young people’s choice of professional help for
      mental health concerns.*2011 APS Hons Award Recipient
   2. Curcio, A., Mak, A., Knott, V. Shared risk factors of adolescent delinquency and problem drinking:
      A focus group study.
   3. Mak, A., Neill, J., Knott, V. & Brown, P., Internationalising the psychology curriculum: An inter-
      disciplinary approach to developing academics’ and students’ intercultural capabilities.

A photo of some of the CAP team is shown below. For further information and commentary, please visit
Dr Neill’s blog spot:



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