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					                              Redesigning Carpal Tunnel Services Masterclass
                         The Walkers Stadium, Leicester City Football Club, Filbert Way, Leicester. LE2 7FL
                                                   19th August 2009 0930-1600
09:30 Registration and refreshments                                                     12:30 Lunch - An opportunity to discuss the service with patients

10:00 Introduction and national orthopaedic 18 Week update                              13:30 How to deliver a patient centred carpal tunnel surgery
Ian Bayley, Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Lead, Musculoskeletal Team                  A look at the unique aspects of the service, which help to create a
Department of Health                                                                    patient centred service
                                                                                        • An opportunity to explore the patient journey
10:20 Redesigning carpal tunnel services                                                • Understanding how patients enter the service
A brief overview of the development of services at University Hospitals of              • A look at the enhanced recovery aspects of the service
Leicester and the creation of Blue Sky Orthopaedics (BSO)
•The benefits to redesigning the carpal tunnel pathway                                  14:00 PM Workshops 1-3 repeated
•An outline of the service changes made to the pathway
•Understanding the training requirements needed                                         15:00 Action learning and networking – consolidation of learning
                                                                                        and discussion with BSO team
11:00 Networking coffee break                                                           ALL - Speakers and delegates, Coffee will also be served, (working
                                                                                        coffee break)
11:20 Morning Workshops 1-3
                                                                                        16:00 Close

             Workshop 1 (am/pm)                                  Workshop 2 (am/pm)                                     Workshop 3 (am / pm)
 The clinical process                             Contracting and commissioning challenges                Diagnostics tests and an overview of the audit
  A detailed look at the carpal tunnel pathway                                                           information
 and the patient journey                          •A look at the facilities used to deliver the current   •Exploring the different diagnostic equipment
 How the BSO model works and how it is           services and the estates.                               available
 different to other models of care                •The different type of surgical equipment used by       •How to incorporate diagnostics in to a one-stop
 The Pre-operative preparation of the patient    the team                                                clinic setting
 How to enhance the patient’s recovery and       •How to overcome barriers to commissioning
 ensure a rapid return to work                    service redesign                                        •Looking at the associated audit results from the
                                                  •An overview of the financial model of the services     service
How to get there...
  The Walkers
  Stadium, Leicester
  City Football Club,
  Filbert Way,
  Leicester. LE2 7FL

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