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									       Columbia Gorge Community College

       Course Development Contract
       Distance Education
       This is an agreement by and between XXXX and Columbia Gorge Community College for the
       development of a distance learning course as outlined below. This agreement complies with the
       faculty collective bargaining agreement as well as distance education policies at CGCC. Payment
       for the design and development of this course is dependent upon satisfactory completion of
       course development as outlined in the attached online course development calendar, syllabus
       review sheet, and online course development guide checklist, as well as approval by the
       appropriate instructional director.

       Course Number and Title:
       Number of Credit Hours Applicable:     Payment Per Credit Hour:
       Total Payment Due:
       Contract Period: Begins: Ends:

       I hereby grant to Columbia Gorge Community College the right of ownership for this course and
       its contents:

       Signature of Faculty Member                         Date

       Signature of Distance Education Coordinator         Date

       Signature of the Instructional Director             Date

       Signature of the Dean of Instruction                Date

Course completion approval:                        Forward to Business Office with Payroll Authorization

Signature of Distance Education Coordinator Date

____________________________________________ ____________________________ ___________
Signature of Instructional Director    Date  Account #                    Amount

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