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					Cowboy Campfire – Lesson 7

Overview: In this lesson, the students will sell their “cattle” at fair market value
determined during the cattle drive simulation (Lesson 4), receive payment for their roles on
the cattle drive, spend their earnings in the classroom general store, participate in a cowboy
campfire, and present their original tall tales (Lesson 6).

Student Expectations: The students will be able to work cooperatively to determine the
amount of money their ranch has earned for the cattle drive based on the fair market value
for their cattle determined in (Lesson 4) and the number of cattle they have. The students
will use their listening skills and oral presentation skills during the sharing of tall tales.

Prerequisite skills: Working in cooperative groups, completion of lessons 4 and 6

TEKS: Social Studies: 4.4(B), 4.13(A), 4.23(C)(D); Language Arts: 4.1(A)(B), 4.5(A)(C)(D);
Math: 4.4, 4.14

Materials needed: die-cut cattle, cowboy cash, general store merchandise, original tall
tales, copies of cowboy songs, (optional) materials for “campfire” (paper towel rolls, brown
construction paper, orange and red tissue paper, white Christmas tree lights – optional),
beans and sourdough biscuits

     The trail boss for each ranch will sell the ranch’s cattle to the buyer (teacher) for
         the fair market value determined in Lesson 4. The trail boss will pay each cowboy
         for his/her role on the cattle drive (determined in Lesson 2). Students will be able
         to spend their money in the general store.
     The students will build the campfire. Wrap paper towel rolls in brown construction
         paper. Stack rolls in a campfire shape. Use red and orange tissue paper to simulate
         flames between the “logs.” If desired, place white Christmas tree lights under the
         campfire to make it more realistic.
     The students will participate in cowboy sing-a-longs.
     The students will take turns sharing their original tall tales (Lesson 6).

URLs: (unit website) or (cowboy songs online) (Oriental Trading Company (for general store merchandise)

Oral presentation, correct determination of money earned for ranch

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