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									                      Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten offers a wonderful opportunity for children to go beyond the
learning environment of their own home. Children have the opportunity to
interact in a hands-on situation and they also learn to socialize with their
peers. Learning about who we are in kindergarten helps us to build
relationships and understandings that will be internalized throughout a
lifetime. Kindergarten offers a child-centered approach to learning.
Integrated throughout our program are concepts in math, language, social,
science and technology. It is our goal to develop your child, spiritually,
physically, socially, emotionally and academically.

The half-day French program runs from 8:45-11:30. The full day programs
run from 8:45-3:15. Please see the attached mini-calendar for the full day
programs’ days of operation. Full day program parents are asked to help
assist and supervise students during the lunchtime (12:30-1:00). Full day
program students will be participating in morning and noon recesses with the
rest of the student body. Various teachers are on duty supervising at these
times. Our school monitors late arrivals very closely – we begin our
classroom opening activities promptly after the arrival bell.  If your child
arrives late, please have him/her report to the office before proceeding to
his/her classroom. Thank you for your respect in this matter.

Morning and full-day Kindergarten students should arrive at school by 8:43
a.m. Children who arrive earlier are expected to go to the playground
with the rest of the St. Mary students. As supervisors are on the
playground, not at the students’ entry doors, it is important that children be
on the playground in the morning instead of lined up by their entry door.
When the morning bell rings at 8:43 a.m., the students will be allowed to
enter the school. In cases of inclement weather, children will be allowed to
wait inside. Mme Sandra’s and Mrs. Schroeder’s classes will use the side
door facing the church site. Mrs. Britt’s and Mrs. Munro’s classes will use
the entrance door facing the playground. Teachers will meet their students
in their boot rooms. Saying “good-bye” at the exit door is a great way for
your child to become more independent. He/she will also learn to be
responsible for getting organized on his/her own. If you are helping or need
to speak with your child’s teacher on that day, our school’s policy is for all
visitors to enter our school through the front doors and sign in at the
office. This is part of our SAFE AND CARING SCHOOL program. If your
child is getting picked up after school, it is important that you are there at
dismissal time, as our staff have many other responsibilities at this time. It
is crucial to notify your child’s teacher if individuals different than those
specified on the “STUDENT INFORMATION CARD” (attached to this
package) are planning on picking up your child.

Each child will be responsible for bringing in his/her own individual snack for
each day of Kindergarten. Naturally, the full day program students need to
bring a packed lunch as well as their snack. We are encouraging students to
bring nutritious snacks! Please send in “ready to eat” items as our students
are given a specified time to eat within and do not have access to a
microwave. You may send a drink with your child’s snack and/or lunch;
however, water will be available to your child if she/he does not have a drink
of his/her own. All students will be able to purchase milk cards from the
office throughout the school year. A five punch milk card is $4.00 and a ten
punch milk card is $8.00. (This price is subject to change.) Parents are able
to purchase milk cards at the office, or students may do so at recess times.
This means no peanut products should be sent in with your child’s snack or
lunch. This year we have some students who are SEVERELY ALLERGIC to
nuts, therefore we appreciate your attentiveness in ensuring the well-being
of these children. Thank you!
Parent volunteers are an important part of our Kindergarten program. We
understand that many of you may be excited about coming into your child’s
classroom. However, for the first month of school, we concentrate on
establishing relationships with the children and introducing routines and
discipline in our classrooms. Therefore, our classroom volunteer program will
not commence until October. From then on, you will get the opportunity to
volunteer in your child’s classroom on your scheduled helper day. For now,
please complete the note referring to the parent-helper calendar. We
appreciate your patience and respect in this matter and we look forward to
our classroom volunteers. We do, however, require a parent representative,
for each classroom, to be responsible for many “little” things such as phoning
other parents to assist with special school activities and making the monthly
volunteer calendar. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are
interested. Help is greatly appreciated!

As kindergarten teachers we trust that every adult helper will respect
confidentiality in the classrooms. Discussing the progress and behaviour of
a child with another individual is NOT acceptable.

All of our program activities are designed for our kindergarten students.
When you are volunteering in your child’s classroom we ask that no additional
children attend.

Once a month we have a school mass at the church. Any parents wishing to
attend are invited to join us. Any kindergarten students not attending
school during these times are also invited to attend with their parent.
In an effort to help our environment, our monthly school and kindergarten
newsletters will be available online at www.stmarywhitecourt.ca. Please
check the website regularly for changes in activities and events. Please use
these as your guide to help prepare your child! You will also receive a parent
helper calendar for each month.

Each student in kindergarten will be given a special zip folder that will be
used to send or return information and/or money between school and home.
Any money sent in with your child should be in a Ziploc with your child’s name
on it. Please be sure to check your child’s folder and return it to school
with him/her each day.

As mentioned on the kindergarten supply list, your child is required to bring
in a $25 craft fee. With a small part of this fee we will be purchasing a
“treasure” box to keep many of your child’s special projects in. Please send
this money in as soon as possible. Thank you!

A form to confirm registration information is being sent home. It is very
important to review this sheet, make any necessary updates and/or
corrections. Please sign and date this page and return it to your child’s
teacher as soon as possible. Thank you!
                        Classroom Management

We expect to have a classroom environment that is safe, supportive and
conducive to learning. To achieve this atmosphere for learning, one must
have patience, kindness, understanding, and compassion. All of our
kindergarten classrooms follow two simple rules:

   1.    Show respect
   2.    Always try your best

Basically, follow the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be

                      Rewards and Consequences

In order to deal with any problems or behaviours that may emerge within the
classroom, we will keep to the following format:
   1. Reference to appropriate behaviour will be given.
   2. Warning for inappropriate behaviour will be given.
   3. Withdrawal from activity will take place.
   4. Informing parent to discuss behaviour.

Students who demonstrate good behaviour and strong work habits will be
appropriately rewarded in a variety of ways:
   1. praise                           2. positive notes home
   3. stickers/certificates            4. joy of learning
   5. free time

Thank you for reminding your child to do his/her best at all times and for
helping your child make this a successful year. We look forward to getting
to know you and your child this year!

Mme Sandra, Mrs. Schroeder, Mrs. Britt & Mrs. Munro

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As previously mentioned, volunteers are a vital component of a successful
Kindergarten program. The children truly delight in seeing a member of
their family showing some “school spirit” by helping out in their classroom.
Please take the time to fill out this volunteer form. I look forward to
getting to know you as the year progresses. Thank you for your support!

                     Please check the appropriate space(s)

I can help out:     ____ once a month
                    ____ once every second month
                    ____ once every third month

I prefer to come on:      ____ Mondays
                          ____ Wednesdays
                          ____ Fridays

Sorry, I am unable to volunteer in the classroom    ___________

I am willing to do work at home (cutting, tracing etc.) ________

Parent’s name: ____________________             Child’s name: ____________

Phone number: ____________________

Please return this form as soon as possible so arrangements for the October
calendar can be made. Thank you for your help and support!

Mrs. Lorie Schroeder 

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