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MS Publisher 2010 Week 2 Lesson Plan by n6HD5gwJ


									                                  Publisher Lesson Plan 2010
                                            Week 2

Objective: This class is a brief introduction to Publisher 2010. This is the second of 2 one and one-half hour
sessions. You will learn about templates and other basic tasks and functions. You will learn how to
manipulate its appearance and use basic formatting tools, text boxes and graphics.

Prerequisites: This is not a class about how to use the mouse or the keyboard. Prerequisites for this class
include the ability to use the mouse to include knowledge of scrolling and the left and right mouse buttons.
You must be familiar with the cursor how to move it and how to select objects. You must also know the
keyboard and all the major keys. If you do not have an understanding of these basic tasks you will be unable
to keep up with the instructor.

Other Resources: It is not possible to cover more than the basic rudimentary features in the time allotted.
The only way you will be able to gain a working knowledge of Publisher is to practice.

Resources are limited that will help you to continue your mastery of Publisher. You can find online classes at The Plano Library System has some useful books on this subject,
but it is very important that you practice.

Plan of Action: Week 2 -- The student will be shown brochures, flyers, banners and templates, open
Publisher. Show all the different templates that can be chosen from. Click on banners.
          Tasks                     Steps and knowledge necessary to complete task.
1.    Let’s start a new project     New – Open a banner. Suggestion is a blank banner as the others
                                    are pretty well finished. I opened 72” by 11” as it would be easy to
                                    print. Center the cursor and then put in a text box around the center.
2.    Type in the text              Type in ‘Welcome Back Class’ and the next line ‘Let’s get to Work!’
3.    Add the Clip Art of a work    I chose these because they matched colors.
      place and now add

4.    Now let’s get creative        Right click on the text box and go to “Format text box.” Click on “Fill
                                    Effects” and go to “Gradient” and pick two colors to back fill the text
                                    box. Then you can highlight the text and choose a color for the font.

5.    Add a shape                   Go to the Insert ribbon and pick “Shapes.”

6.    Put the shape into the text   Now right click and format “AutoShape.” Pick “Fill Effects” and pick
      box                           “Background” color and Foreground color. Darken the line and you
                                    are finished with the Banner.
7.    Show different                Now let’s make a brochure. Pick “Bounce.” Show the differing color
      opportunities                 schemes, fonts, page sizes, etc on the right of the screen. Choose
8.    With templates                the 3 panel. The rest is up to you.

9.    Add text and pictures         Add a picture of your library with a text box above it giving your
                                    library’s information on the front cover.
10.   Add logo                      Add a logo next to the information about the library. Then group
                                    them to move them about. Grouping is on the home ribbon.

11.   Different pages               Show how to move to the different areas of the brochure. You don’t
                                    need to continue with the brochure.
12.   Greeting Card                 Show some of the pre-made ones. Then go down to the ¼ Letter
                                    Side Fold 4.25 X 5.5
13.   Insert Clip Art               Find a nice fireworks clip art and paste on sheet.
14.   Copy and Paste                Highlight the clip art and copy and paste. Then rotate the copy of
                                    clip art 180 degrees and put it below the first to make a complete
                                    front of fireworks.
15.   Inside of Card                On the left go to the inside. Put the sentiment in a text box. Then
                                    add the lightning shape.
16.   Format Auto Shape             Right click your mouse on the lightning bolt. Go to Format auto
                                    shape. Pick a color then click on Fill Effects. Choose a second
                                    color. Click okay.
17.   Back of card                  Choose a clip art of friends. Make it fairly small on the back of the
                                    card then rotate it a bit.
18.   Text Box     Make a text box that covers the complete area. Fill in with a texture.
                   The clip art is now covered by the texture. Go to the Home ribbon
                   and click on ‘Send backward.’ Now you can see the clip art.

19.   Text Box     Put another text box at the bottom but make it too small. Then type
                   “Made especially for you by your friends at Publisher Class.” Show
                   how to make the text box bigger by pulling the corner out.
20.   Questions?   The end of the second week.

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