The check from Guilford HS for a 2008 day camp has been received by 47e665z


									                              KEMPA BOARD MEETING

                                  June 19, 2009
                                 UW – Whitewater
                             Roseman Hall – Room 2005

The meeting was called to order by President John Culbertson at 9:32 am.

   Present: Barrington, Becker, Cook, Culbertson, Doyle, Juan, Kemp,
      Koshollek, Kohls
   Absent: Burke, Crucis, Degenhart, Jacoby, Meier, Zoller

Secretary's Report for the March 28, 2009 meeting. Motion by Barrington,
seconded by Becker. Motion passed to accept report.

Becker presented the Treasurer's Report.
           The balance as of June 19, 2009 is $8750.22. This includes an
              additional $66 for additional revenue for the Winter Seminar.
           The check from Guilford HS for a 2008 day camp has been received.
           Becker noted that the auditor has begun work on the KEMPA books.
              The auditor has also begun the paper work for the bulk mailing
              The cost for the audit will be $200 - $300.
           It was noted that the organization has received donations from
              individuals. Becker will send thank you notes to those who sent in
           Becker gave a report on the folders in the place of the absent Jacoby.
              She and Jacoby ordered 6,000 new folders at a cheaper price than
              the previous order of 3,000. The order is for a lighter weight paper
              stock. The map of UW-Whitewater will still be on the back of the
              folder as they felt it was cheaper to have it printed on the folder than
              the cost of running off sheets of the map to stuff in the folders.
           The deposit to the Abbey for 2010 Winter Seminar has been paid.
           Becker gave a report on the Adobe Suite report in the place of the
              absent Meier. Becker and Barrington will try and work with Kohls
              during the summer workshop. In addition, Becker will continue to try
              and get an educator's discount on an Adobe Suite package.

4. Barrington presented the Membership Chairman Report
             As of June 19, 2009, there were 65 members registered.
             That includes 3 members who have not been members in the past.
             13 yearbooks and 28 newspapers have been submitted so far for

5. Kohls gave the Executive Director's Report
             Kohls reported that the scholarship committee narrowed the number
              of student applicants down to 4. The committee decided to award
              $225 to each of the 4
             2 adviser scholarships were awarded. They are valued at $175 with
              the advisers having to pay the remaining $175 themselves for the
              summer camp.
             No discussion was held regarding whether or not to have one large
              scholarship or several smaller student scholarships. Right now the
              amount budgeted is $1,000 ($900 for scholarships and $100 for
              Gebhardt winner to pay for plaque and monetary award).
             Saturday hours at summer camp at Continuing Ed for summer camp
              have been worked out with Eric. Instructors will be asked if they
              need anything to be run off for Saturday to have it done before hand
              if possible.
             Kohls noted that the WIAA and WNA dispute is now in court. It deals
              with only the use of live video at sporting events. There was no
              report from Meier with her findings as she was going to find
              information with the legislative bureau.
6. Old Business

       a. Summer Workshops

             Barrington gave an update of the summer workshop. Right now 20
              have registered (18 students and 2 advisers). She revised her budget
              for 20 registrations. 2 classes instead of 5 will be offered.
              (Photography and newspaper) Barrington and Killian will be the
              counselors. 3 teachers and all lab assistants have been cut. The
              advisers can decide what sessions they want to attend. The KEMPA
              officers will come in and offer roundtable sessions on different topics
              to the advisers. There were 6 scholarships available - 5 were used.
              Barrington noted that with her contacts around the country, it was
              noted the numbers are down for camps all over the country.
              Northern Illinois camp has only 6 registered as of June 19th.
             Pat Rand (Jostens rep) was concerned that a Herff-Jones cover artist
              was going to be present at the Northern Illinois camp. He felt this
              violated the "gentlemen's agreement" between yearbook reps and
              KEMPA. Barrington apologized to Rand and explained it will not
              happen again. She will provide a list of those attending the Northern
              Illinois camp to make sure that no Jostens school will be pressured by

       b. Day Camps
            Two have been held so far this year. $350 profit for each.
            Currently there are 8 potential camps to be held before school starts
              for a potential of $2,600 minimum. Hopefully, it will pay 1/2 the
              Executive Director's salary and the other half will be used for debt
              reduction. (which is currently a little over $3,000)
             Day camp instructors are reminded to contact the host school for
              supplies and Xerox access before the day camp begins.

      c. Fall Conference
          Becker and Jacoby will be getting together to finalize everything,
             including the brochure.
          Hopefully, the mailing will be out by September 1st, using our own
             bulk mailing.

      d. Winter Retreat
          The contract with the Abbey has been signed.
          Room rates will be around $95
          We will have an established area similar to the time we were there
            two times ago with the larger meeting rooms.
          Becker has asked for an itemized bill before paying the final bill.
          We can bring in our own AV equipment. Barrington volunteered her
          No new ideas were suggested for the additional speakers.
          Barrington moved and Kemp seconded the registration fee for the
            Winter Retreat be raised $5.00. Motion passed.
          It was decided to continue the silent auction with proceeds to be
            used for scholarships.

7. New Business
          Cook reminded the board that JEA offers life-time memberships at a
             reduced cost for a short time.
          Barrington announced she will not be the Vice President of
             Memberships after her term runs out at the November meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:55.

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