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					The Whistler                                               September 2008

     WHITE STATION HIGH SCHOOL                                 go spartans excellence for all

      Steadfast Spartans
Welcome to what has proven to be an exciting                 students continue to show their excitement
beginning at White Station High School. The                  through the sign-ups of clubs and organizations,
students reported to school with enthusiasm and a            student council elections, and the anticipation of
passion for learning which has carried us through            football homecoming. To support our students to
the first six weeks. Our parents and community               continue in White Station’s tradition of excellence,
have already begun their network of support                  Spartan teachers participated in Advanced
through many avenues reaching out to our                     Placement training, College Board Conferences,
students and faculty. As always, your support has            and were chosen as national scorers on A. P.
made the beginning of the year so enjoyable.                 exams.

While the district undergoes several changes                 Our Open House was a huge success with a
under new leadership, the aspects of White                   larger turn out than ever before as the teachers
Station which make it one of Memphis’ treasures              shared their expectations of excellence that we at
remain steadfast. The students, teachers and                 White Station expect from all our students. Our
families of White Station continue to seek                   faculty is working very hard to provide the
opportunities for enrichment and excellence. Our             instruction necessary for every student to achieve
students continue to perform at the highest levels.          at the highest level possible. Our custodial staff
This year we have twenty one National Merit                  and our nutrition services staff are providing
Scholarship semi-finalist and nine National Merit            exemplary service, and our administration is
Achievement award winners. Two of our students’              working diligently to make sure that the school
national award winning artwork has been selected             environment is one conducive to teaching and
for exhibition in the Lyndon Baines Johnson                  learning.
Department of Education Building and in the
offices of the President’s Committee on the Arts             As you can see we have had a great first six
and the Humanities located in the Old Post Office            weeks. I look forward to working with each of you
Building in Washington D. C. Also, 81 percent of             and your students throughout the school year.
our students who were enrolled in Advanced
Placement courses received the required scores               Excellence for All,
for college credit on their Advanced Placement               David Mansfield
Exams. Athletics are off to a great start and our            Principal

Greetings from the President of the Parents’ Organization
“Welcome back to all! PIE is off to a good start. We’ve  the afternoons, to help parents get phone messages to
had two meetings, so far, with increased attendance.     teachers and administration; working with the
This, I’m sure, is due to the interesting information we Guidance Department to participate in the college
receive at each meeting. We’ve had student               visits; and even stapling the Whistler [along with other
representatives from the Student Council Executive       important information] to the report cards! There are
Board present their plans for this year. We’ve had a     many ways to help the school by becoming a member
very informative talk from Ms. Pam Gossett about the     of PIE. We hope to see you at our October meeting..
changes in the Guidance Department operations. Mr.       Please, if you haven’t had a chance to join PIE, fill out
Mansfield ALWAYS has interesting updates from new        the membership form on the back of this newsletter.
and enforced policies at the school to information from  Then bring it, with your check, to the front office.
his attendance at Board of Education and Principals’     We’re all excited about the promise this year holds for
Meetings. We have had many parents already signing       all!”
up for ways to help the school: working in the office in from Dr. Liz Harris, WSHPIE President

          Low-Cost Program at U of M Educates Parents and Teens
Did you know that car crashes are the #1 cause of   death among American teenagers? Vicki Murrell
(WSHS parent) directs Professional and                     30, and was conducted by Lt. John Mannon of the
Continuing Education at the University of                  Memphis Police Department’s Metro DUI squad.
Memphis. One objective of her department is to             His presentation highlighted the importance of
educate parents and teenagers about vehicle                both driver and passenger responsibility. Mr.
safety through an initiative entitled ALIVE AT 25.         Mansfield would like to encourage interested
“Driving Under the Influence: What You Need to             parents and teens to contact Mrs. Murrell to
Know,” a one-night course, was held on Tuesday,            inquire about upcoming seminars.
September                                                  (, 901-678-6000)

Project Graduation   :   Keeping Seniors Safe On The Night They Graduate
Twenty years ago, White Station High School was            gifts (cool stuff like iPods and movie tickets and
the first public high school in Shelby County to           DVD players!). We rely heavily on donations to
give an all-night, alcohol-free, drug-free                 fund the evening, and to make it a fun and exciting
graduation party for its seniors in an effort to keep      event.
them safe and happy on commencement night.
The party, known as Project Graduation,                    We are searching for event sponsors, and we
developed out of a national project to protect             have various levels of sponsorship to meet a
young people from the harmful effects of alcohol           variety of situations. All event sponsors will be
and drugs on graduation night. White Station’s             named in all Project Graduation publicity.
Project Graduation has become a model for                           Gold Sponsor – Donation of $1,000+
schools across Tennessee and has become a                           Silver Sponsor – Donation of $500+
phenomenal success. Students eagerly await the                      Patron – Donation of $100+
party throughout their senior year, and 75 – 90%           Sponsors may be individuals, small businesses,
of the senior class attends (approximately 400             clubs or corporations. Think about who you know
students)!                                                 that might be supportive of an event of this type.

Parent of students in the Senior Class provide the         If you would like to become a Project
bulk of the funding, donations and volunteer               Graduation Sponsor, or have a contact with an
power for this event.                                      organization that might be interested in becoming
                                                           a sponsor, please contact Bonnie Thornton,
We need your help! The generous support of                 Fundraising Chair, at 685-6825.
families and friends of White Station make this
event possible. Project Graduation entry fees are          Watch upcoming issues of The Whistler for more
purposely kept low (below our actual costs) to             information about Project Graduation.
encourage attendance. In addition, the seniors
that attend are eligible for door prizes and other

The administration will be selling yearbooks Oct 14-17 during lunch. The cost is $71.00 for seniors wanting
engraving, and $65.55 for all others. If ordering online, visit

Fall Volunteer Opportunities
Plan an activity for your club. Earn service hours. Take advantage of a fall volunteering opportunity.
Invest time in assisting the community. The following organizations are seeking teen volunteers:

The Pink Palace Crafts Fair (Oct 2-5)
Be part of the fun by helping with kids’ crafts, face painting, the country kitchen, donut making,
parking, or ticket booth.

The Pink Palace Planetarium (year round) take tickets, help customers, answer questions.
Lichterman Nature Center (year round) Care for plants, any Saturday morning, 9 am – noon.
Special trail repairs, Help maintain three miles of trail, fix edge boards, spread gravel, clear
overgrowth, Saturday, Oct. 25, 9am-noon. Call 767-7322, ext 107.

The Enchanted Forest (Dec 26-31) Assist with visitors at holiday event, benefits Le Bonheur

The Discovery Room at the Pink Palace (opens Nov 15, Saturdays 11:30-4:30 or Sunday
12:30-4:30) Be a part of two exciting films (Mummies and Sea Monsters) now showing in IMAX.
Assist in hands on learning activities after each show.

With your parents’ permission, contact Mrs. Dianne McKinna to volunteer at 320-6438 or

Davis–Kidd Booksellers donates 20% to WSHS With Gift Cards
The holiday season will be here soon. What a great time to buy gift cards at David Kidd Booksellers!
D-K gift cards are available Oct 1 – Nov 14. White Station High School gets 20% of the proceeds
from gift cards sold. For every $500 we receive $100. They have no expiration date and are good at
all Davis Kidd locations and their restaurants. Please use the form provided to order your gift cards.

                                             To order:
       Send a check made out to WSHS PIE, c/o Gina Turner 4036 Forrest Dr, Memphis, TN, 38122.
                                 Specify number of gift cards desired:
            _____$5 _____$10 _____$15 _____$20 _____$25 _____$50 _____$100

NAME ___________________________________________
CITY, ST, ZIP______________________________________
                       Questions – email Gina Turner at
                           All checks must be written in blue or black ink

Start your holiday shopping early and earn money for WSHS at Davis-Kidd Booksellers!

Keep your school informed! Send news to The Whistler.
WSHPIE is looking for news and events to publish in the WHISTLER newsletter. Please send submissions to:
Mrs. Busby at <>

                  submission deadline                term ends         report cards issued
1 term           Sept 15                             Sept 22            Oct 1
2 term   Oct 28                            Nov 4               Nov 12
3 term   Dec 11                            Dec 18              Jan 14
4 term   Feb 10                            Feb 17              Feb 25
5 term   April 1                           April 8             April 15
6 term   no newsletter this term           May 22              mailed home


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