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									                                    Price Sheet and Order Form
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                                  Audio Samples Available on Disc or Online
               Title             Catalog#                     Artist                      1-2 Unit Price ea   Qty

Wisdom – Discovery of the Word   SWM07512       Steve Cass    **                                10.99
Follow Him Home                  SWM07553       Steve Cass    **                                12.99
Tonight                          SWM07544       Kaly     **                                     12.99
Just Passing Through (CD)        SWM07510       Steve Cass, varied others from PHX   **         12.99
Just Passing Through (Book)      SWMBK1         Jason Mitchener   **                            11.99
I’m Gonna Sing                   SWM07511       The Faith Sisters **                            11.99
Silver and Gold                  SWM07509       The Faith Sisters **                            12.99
Heart Songs                      SWM07575       Treasure **                                     11.99
Holy Spirit Come                 SWM07524       Treasure **                                     11.99
Praise the Lord Everybody!       SWM07523       Treasure **                                     11.99
Can’t Take the Joy!              SWM07525       Treasure **                                     11.99
Breathe on Me                    SWM07526       Treasure **                                     11.99
Milestone                        SWM07576       Milestone **                                    11.99
Around the World                 SWM07551, 52   Pat McManus (CD or Cass, circle)                11.99
This Day                         SWM07577       Larry Dameron                                   12.99
Child of the Maker               SWM07518       Larry Dameron                                   12.99
Legacy                           SWM07517       Larry Dameron                                   12.99
While We Wait                    SWM07516       Larry Dameron                                   12.99
Making It Simple                 SWM07515       Larry Dameron                                   12.99
One Step Closer                  SWM07514       Larry Dameron                                   12.99
7 Doors Down                     SWM07538       7 Doors Down                                    10.99
Both Eyes Open                   SWM07513       Marty Miller                                    12.99
Picking Up the Pieces            SWM07578       Seventh Day Slumber                             12.99
Freedom From Human Regulations   SWM07572       Seventh Day Slumber                             12.99
25 Chapter                       SWM07532       Seventh Day Slumber                             11.99
Alpha and Omega                  SWM07545       Azimuth                                         12.99
Synergy                          SWM07579       Azimuth                                         10.99
Refine                           SWM07546       Oil                                             10.99
Mind Over Matter                 SWM07547       Reality                                         10.99
Fifty Years Too Late             SWM07539       Stairwell                                       10.99
Broken Tongues                   SWM07540       Stir                                            10.99
Friday Nights                    SWM07543       The Roosevelts                                  10.99
Dirt and Spirit                  SWM07548       The Great Divide                                12.99
Exchanging Truth for a Lie       SWM07542       America Gomorrah                                11.99
More of You                      SWM07561       three:fourone                                   12.99
More Than a Song                 SWM07560       three:fourone                                   12.99
Tree                             SWM07534       Torn                                            10.99
So Blessed                       SWM07537       Donna McAfee                                    10.99
The Testimony of Carl Sims       SWM07536       Carl Sims                                       10.99
Give Up the Praise               SWM07531       CPTyme                                          10.99
Available to You                 SWM07535       Ri`zen                                          10.99

** Phoenix Area Artists
                                                           Quantity Prices

                                                     3-5                 6-10                        11-20                         21-30

1-2 Unit Price       $12.99 ea                      8.50ea             6.25ea                       5.50ea                         5.00ea
1-2 Unit Price        11.99 ea                      8.00ea             5.75ea                       5.00ea                         4.50ea
1-2 Unit Price        10.99 ea                      7.50ea             5.25ea                       4.50ea                         4.00ea

*For Phoenix area stores, the 1-2 unit prices are $10, 9 and 8 respectively. The 3-5 unit prices are $7.50, 7
and 6.50 respectively.

Mixing titles for a better price is allowed for Reseller Affiliates only. Example: 18 CDs are ordered with 10 of one title, 3 of another, then 5
of the next. The first 10 will be at the appropriate retail price level quantity pricing, the next 3 will be at the appropriate retail price level at
the Qty 13 price and the remaining 5 will be at the appropriate retail price level for the Qty 18 price. To read about becoming a Reseller
Affiliate, see the web site.

The better price structure is for outright purchases on a single order only. Reseller Affiliates may extend payment.

Any quantities above 30, please call for pricing.

Send this form complete with payment in US Dollars to the address below. Or, order online at

Money Order, Check or Credit Cards accepted

If paying by credit card:

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