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									       Synel Group
    Time & Attendance

                         Synel Group

                                             Synel Industries Ltd.

                                                                             Time America     UK Ltd
Dorsel B.A.Z. Ltd.   Synel MLL                                    Ferox
                                 Logiphone        Anteco Ltd.
                      PayWay                                    Konsult AB      100%           80%
      80%                         100%               85%
                      100%                                           50%

Dorsel Raanana

                  World Wide Distribution
    Synel-Time America                              Synel-Paris


                           Buenos Aires

      Synel headquarters
      Synel affiliates

      Synel distributors

            Synel Group

    •   Synel offers innovative, intelligent data collection hardware and
        software solutions for time and attendance, access control and
        job costing applications
    •   Synel adheres to international standards, and is ISO 9001:2000,
        UL and CE certified
    •   Synel has over 25,000 installations, and over 150,000 terminals
        installed worldwide
    •   IBM and SAP authorized communication, and a Microsoft
        Certified Partner and Oracle Partner

                         Synel – A Solutions Provider
              •   Finding the desirable solution for each customer
              •   Tailor make solutions according to customers’ specific requirements
              •   Support and maintain know-how of numerous and variable technologies

Solution /                  Time &Attendance               Partner 1 - Burglar & Fire Alarm
Provider                      Cost center                     Partner 2 - Turnstiles, Barriers
                                Job costing                     Partner 3 - LPR

                                    Meals                            In-house - CCTV

                                      P.I.P                            In-house – Access Control
                                        E-Harmony                        In-house – Visitors & Vehicles

                       In-house - Scheduling   In-house - Notifier          In-house – SY-NetServer

             Supported Technologies

    •   Existing: Magnetic, Proximity, Barcode, MIFARE, DESFire, HID,
        Fingerprint, and more…..

             Supported Solutions
    •   Communication: RS-232 / 485, TCP, Wireless, Wi-Fi, GPRS

    •   Modules: Time & Attendance, meals, cost center, job costing,
        scheduling, electronic wallet (cashless payments), etc.

           System Principles

    The Harmony system is based on the knowledge and experience
    acquired by Synel throughout the years.
    The system is:
     A modular System
     Easy interface with other systems
     Real time
     User customization

          Workforce Management Solution
    • Based on ONE single system
    • An online system, providing reliable and immediate information
    • 1:1 verification of employee and reports (Biometric Only)
    • Data availability to all organizational levels
    • System is used as a managerial tool for maximizing the use of
    the human resource
    • A cost effective central solution
    • Harmony has already been translated into 6 languages:
    English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Polish, Romanian

     • A completely integrated system, developed and supported by one single manufacturer
       - Information from a single database is available and accessible to all departments
       - Prevents database duplication
       - Eliminates the need for updating various systems separately
     • Reduces incorrect reporting
     • Cuts down on the amount of staff required to handle multiple systems
     • Automatic interfacing with external systems
     • Automates the process through real-time reporting
     • Empowers employees and gives management full visibility and maximum control
     • Employees authorization – ONCE ONLY!
     • Modular system enables gradual additions and upgrades according to organization’s
       expanding growth and requirements
     • Audit trail

     Harmony: Integrated Solution
      for all Attendance modules



     Time & Attendance Module

                   Time & Attendance
                            Biometric cost-effective
                                                                          Linux-based Biometric Multimedia
                                                                          Fingerprint terminal

                                                                                  Biometric data
                                                                                  collection terminal

                                                                                              Open Source Linux-
                                                                                              based terminal

        TCP/IP, GPRS, Wi-Fi
                                         Central Harmony software



14                                                                  E-Harmony
           Time & Attendance Module

                                   PIP - Users Browsers
                                       + e-Harmony


                                Webservice        Harmony
                                HarmonySrv         Client


                    System interfacing
     Interface with:     Data Files                   Data Files
     • ERP System                     EXPORT IMPORT
     • Scheduling
     • Access Systems
     • POS Systems
     • Web Input
     • Machinery
     • Data Collection
     • Payroll Systems    Payroll                     Transactions
     • HR Systems
     • Accounting
     • Material
     • Messaging

     •    Database based on MS SQL2005/2008
     •    Windows and WEB interface
     •    Supports Windows7 / Windows 2008 32 bit
     •    Support for connecting to Active Directory via ADO connection
     •    Outlook-style user interface
     •    Flexible / customised menu system enabling personal adjustments
     •    Five organizational hierarchies
     •    Multi company
     •    Multi lingual
     •    Dynamic user profile facility for reports, screens
     •    Multi-organization system with full online, real time
         viewing of employee presence/ absence
     •    Automatic logging out from PC when leaving
         the office

               Time & Attendance Module - General
     Offers accuracy and efficiency in employee
     activities for payroll purposes. Gathers all
     attendance data, applies pre-set work
     agreements and, in real time, calculates hours
     worked for payroll calculation.

     •   Easy Time Tracking
     •   Ensure accurate and timely timesheets
     •   Make quick decisions
     •   Easy Integration with existing payroll systems

                Time & Attendance Module – Work Rules

     •    Complex work rules can be setup
     •    Fast and easy copy of work rules and shifts
     •    Multiple agreement types
     •    Advanced user interface
     •    Price handling of transactions between
         branches and departments
     •    Handling of Sunday jobs, shifts and exceptions
     •    Unlimited number of calendars
     •    New/customizable, dynamic authorization,
         including reading or reading/writing into a table

                Time & Attendance Module – Formulas

     •   Option for writing formulas into
         multiple fields quickly and easily
         inside work rules tables
     •   Formula generator – great
         flexibility in generating complex
         work rules

               Time & Attendance Module –
               Absence Balance Tracking

     •   Absence regulations are calculated in real-time
     •   Quick availability of decision making information
     •   Easy determination of efficient staffing
     •   Alerts on deviations from allowed daily quota

               Time & Attendance Module –
               Log Files

     •   Enables follow up on users activities within the system
     •   Definitions of each option - Add, delete or update - is done by the user
     •   Easy determination of which option and which entry will be registered

               Time & Attendance Module –

     •   Automatic carry out of communication tasks
     •   The Automation module works in conjunction with the system task scheduler
     •   Defines the frequency of recurring Harmony operations of data collection,
         Calendar generation and data archiving

               Time & Attendance Module –

     •   Enables exportation in DTS (Data Transformation
         Services) technology provided by the SQL server.
     •   Possible to create a package that can perform
         activities on data files

                 Cost Center Module
     •   Enables defining Cost Center units, and allows you to track
         and follow employee activity according to cost centers, the
         amount of time spent on each cost center and the way this
         activity is divided between employees and employee groups

             Job Costing Module

     •   Follow-up on shop floor, job progress, customer
         orders, and efficiency and production statistics
     •   Graphic display of customer order status and
         efficiency reports (employee or machine)
     •   Supports route cards/job order, product tree
         support, and actual price setting
     •   Reports: Efficiency, and attendance/job comparison
     •   Data collection from controllers/machines
     •   Connectivity with ERP and inventory systems

                 Job Costing Module
                                Job orders, Routing & Standard times


Workstation / Machine
                                                           Workflow Management
                                                                  Production efficiency
                                                                  Project management
                                                                  Delivery schedules
            Quality assurance
                                          Real Time dashboard tracks & controls all production activities

                 Meals Module
     •   Manage available Meal Types (breakfast, lunch, dinner,
         light meal, vegetarian, sandwiches)
     •   Manage contractors that provide the meals
     •   Rate meals preferences
     •   Forecast of preferred meals
     •   Define meal rules per employee
     •   Terminals from which data is received
     •   Calculate meals cost for the
         company / employee / guest / per contractor
     •   New specific reports for Meal Module

                  Schedule Master
     •   A scheduling and shift management solution
     •   Web Interface available and accessible to all users
     •   Integration with organization's existing systems
     •   An intuitive and user friendly user interface
     •   Optimal assignments and significant savings

               Schedule Master – Main Features
     • Intuitive WEB interface, available and accessible by all the organization users
     • Integration with existing systems such as HR , Payroll and T&A
     • Powerful scheduling capabilities for the entire organization
     • A proven and unique Scheduling algorithm
     • Web portal capabilities for employees

             Notifier Module
     • Enables sending/receipt of information and
       data alerts according to pre-set definitions
     • Data contains employee attendance
       information in keeping with the
       organization’s work rules
     • Alerts are sent via SMS or email, according
       to pre-defined intervals, and includes data
       completion history during success or
     • Notifier is compatible with all Harmony
       modules – Time & Attendance, Access
       Control, Job Costing and Web.
     Sample operations:
     • T&A module – Department manager may
       receive an email each morning, informing
       him of employee tardiness

             Time & Attendance Module –

     Typical customizations of Harmony reports include:
     • Changing columns
     • Adding / deleting columns
     • Deactivate
     • Create optional calculation modes
     • Define page direction and orientation
     • Change report configuration
     • Graphic reports for the manager
     • Flexible import/export options to

                Web Interface Module – E-Harmony
     •   Use of organization’s Intranet and full employee
     •   Web interface including read/write options
     •   Multi-level accessibility to data by employee
         hierarchy and authorization level
     •   Employee viewing and updating of reports -
         management viewing/approval of employee data
         according to predetermined levels
     •   Real time workstation attendance/jobs reporting
     •   Reports generated according to manager/employee
         authorization level
     •   Reports generated in PDF, Word and Excel formats
         for viewing or printing for various requirements
     •   Employee definition - new/updated
     •   User data correction, including supervisor’s
         approval of modifications
     •   Optional extra employee badge produced
         in case of loss
     •   Cost centers and tasks can be reported on Web
         interface in the daily screen
     •   Setting weekly work schedules
     •   Approving data without displaying the employee’s
33       attendance report
              Time & Attendance Module – P.I.P
     Harmony P.I.P
     • Displays the last information item entered for an employee, which enables verification
       whether the employee is present or absent, in or outside the organization. The system
       enables sending a mail message or displaying employee’s details and photo.
     • Useful for use where there is a demand to follow employees’ attendance in real time,
       without direct access to Harmony or to Harmony reports
     • Display of an icon next to employee’s name according to job title – enables locating the
       most suitable employees in case of an emergency situation


     • Operates as a communication server for all Synel terminals via common
       communication types: TCP, Local and Modem
     • Built-in Scheduler for routine operations.
     • Local communication continuous polling
     • Fingerprint template management - automatic request of a new template,
       upon request the system transfers the template to the system.
     • Supports a wide range of Synel SY terminals
     • Modem - Operation via telephone lines, the terminal initiates a call to the
       server, which activates predefined actions

              SY-NetServer - Advantages

     • Simultaneous programming of multiple terminals - saves time and minimizes
       system inactivity time
     • Easily write customized DLL with a new and lighter interaction format
     • New system provides more detailed debugging tools and Log’s - Which makes
       system analysis faster and easier
     • SY-NetServer fully supports DLLs [.NET type] with oldest technologies
     • .NET type service mode is more stable and enables maintaining the system
       while the service is running
     • Service is being backed-up by the internal watchdog engine
     • SY NetServer combines internal support of many of the Syncomm options -
       which enables the user to only work with one application

                  Real Time
                       Working in real time enhances productivity
     •   Alert Security when events happen
     •   Turn on cameras to capture events
     •   Lockdown access to terminated
     •   Send Management notifications
         “As It Happens”
     •   Refuse ENTRY / EXIT when
         schedules are updated
     •   Anti pass back and display
         employee attendance per zone
     •   Refuse transactions for closed
         jobs (data validation)
     •   Project report by buzzer and scroll
         from SQL table
     •   Real time reports
     •   Real Time messaging
     •   Real Time Job Status Updating


     Since 2007, Harmony systems have been installed in over 130 sites in
     Israel alone, which include some of the country’s largest organizations,
     and over 100 world wide installations, including a number of organizations
     in the UK, Vodafone in Ghana, Bahrain stock exchange, Yanshan Oil –
     SINOPEC and Chengdu – Sachuan Telecom & Electrification Engineering
     CO. Ltd. In China, Forestry & Fishing ministry of the Romanian
     government, Siemens in Turkey, and many more…..

               Installations - UK
     DEUTSHE Lufthansa AG
     Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a global aviation group with a total of more than 400
     subsidiaries and associated companies. It is also the largest airline in Europe in
     terms of overall passengers carried.
     Lufthansa’s UK offices, based in Heathrow, installed Synel’s time and attendance
     and access control solution in 2008.
     Using Harmony MS SQL and the E-Harmony web module, the company monitors
     the attendance of over 200 employees. They clock in and out using Synel’s SY-
     760 proximity terminals. The information is transmitted to the software via the
     company’s TCP/IP network or via GPRS using a SIM card.

     Lufthansa also uses Synel proximity readers (PRX-30 and PRX-25) and door
     controllers (SY-400) to secure access to their building. Access is granted by user
     groups and time zones.

                Installations in UK
     Synel won the tender for computerized biometric attendance for TEXACO chain
     of petrol stations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.
     The project includes 140 biometric fingerprint points, which are going to be
     integrated with Synel’s Harmony system.
     The system answers basic organizational needs in three important areas: access
     control, time & attendance, and various levels of HR management.
     The new system replaces the old manual system previously used in TEXACO.
     The use of the Harmony system in this project is done through the WEB, and the
     biometric points, combined with Harmony, will enable TEXACO to achieve better
     management control of its petrol stations, as well as improve profitability.

                Installations in UK
     McGee Group is recognized as one of Europe's largest Demolition and
     Earthworks specialists with annual turnover in excess of £50 million pounds.
     Synel have installed at their London offices Harmony SQL Time & Attendance
     and Access Control software with IP65 waterproof terminals connected to IP
     cameras. The camera is triggered by a relay in the clock so when employee
     swipes his card a picture is taken and saved to the PC.
     McGee are also using Synel’s mobile access control unit, for IN and OUT
     registration on construction/demolition sites. Employees log IN and OUT and
     reporting is done via GSM to central PC in the head office.
     Number of employees: approximately 1000

                Installations in Romania
     The Forestry & Fishing Ministry
     The Forestry & Fishing Ministry in the Romanian Government chose Synel's
     Harmony system. The system features SWAP transactions from Access Control
     to Time & Attendance, manages about 1,500 employees, and comprises 210 SY-
     400 controllers connected to 2 proximity readers each, installed in 42 locations
     around the country.
     The system includes T&A + Access Control + Web Module, installed on a
     Harmony server located in the head office in Bucharest, and 8 clients are located
     in main branch offices around the country.
     One of the main points taken into consideration is the distance between the
     Bucharest head office and the scattered branches, and many remote tools were
     provided for enabling smooth performance and management directly form the
     head office.

               Installations in Israel
     Israel Shipyards
     Israel Shipyards (ISL) - One of the largest privately owned ship building and
     repair facilities in the East Mediterranean

     Harmony – Attendance and meals modules, with transfer to payroll.
     Access control module for visitors and vehicles in entrances, and visitors
     Interface with ERP of attendance data for the purpose of follow up and
     comparison of planned vs. actual performance.
     Hardware: SY-780 proximity TCP/IP
     About 500 employees

               Installations in Israel
     Beit Shemesh Engines
     BSEL is a multi-faceted company that includes research and development,
     castings, machining, assembly and testing of complete modules and turbine

     Harmony Time & attendance and access control modules, with automatic
     interfacing to ERP – SAP of employees data and jobs.
     Data is drawn from the system, and the results of the attendance and projects
     calculations are returned daily back to the ERP system.

               Installations in Israel
     The world's benchmark in ground handling services.

     Harmony Time & attendance and Cost Center, interfacing with existing payroll system
     200 employees in 2 sites

               Installations in Israel
     Is a leading defense solutions provider and specializes in unmanned vehicles at
     air sea and land

     Harmony Time & attendance, project reporting and access control
     400 employees

               Installations in Israel
     Hatsi Hinam – chain of supermarkets
     Israel’s 3rd largest food and retail chain, with 9 branches countrywide.

     Harmony Time & Attendance and payroll
     Works with RSI’s Handpunch
     About 2500 employees, in 9 branches

               Installations in Israel
     Kimat Hinam – discount food chain
     Harmony Time & attendance
     1,500 employees in 10 sites

               Installations in Israel
     Texas Instruments
     Designer and supplier of digital signal processors

     Harmony Time & attendance and WEB, for employees and subcontractors
     Attendance data is received from the company’s access control main
     international system, its server residing in Italy.
     The system registers first in-last out.
     500 employees in 2 sites

               Installations in Israel
     Colmobil Group
     A leading Israeli car importer. System covers exhibition halls, garages, head

     Harmony Time & attendance and meals, dealing with complex work rules
     1,000 employees

               Installations in Israel
     The Soldiers Corporation
     The FIDF initiates and helps support social, educational, cultural and
     recreational programs and facilities for Israeli soldiers.

     Harmony Time & attendance
     500 employees

               Installations in Israel
     A network for baby equipment

     Harmony Time & attendance and Cost Center, interface with client’s BI engine
     500 employees

               Installations in Israel
     Designing, manufacturing, sales and maintenance-services of switching power
     supplies and peripherals, uninterruptible power system (UPS) and engine
     generators. 400 employees

     Harmony Time & attendance and Job Costing, data interface with ERP
     400 employees

               Installations in Israel
     Given Imaging
     Redefining the field of gastrointestinal diagnosis by developing, producing &
     marketing innovative, products for detecting GI disorders.

     Harmony Time & attendance, access control, job costing, meals and Web.
     Reports to Chief Scientists for receiving financial support and grants
     150 employees

                Installations in Israel
     Israel Aerospace Industries – I.A.I
     Israel Aerospace Industries is globally recognized as a leader in developing
     military and commercial aerospace technology. This distinction is the result of
     nearly half a century of designing, engineering and manufacturing, for
     customers throughout the world

     Sy-400 + SY-785
     Harmony Time & attendance and access control modules
     16, 000 employees

                Installations in Israel

     SuperPharm is Israel’s the largest chain of pharmaceutical stores.

     Project includes Time & Attendance module, Web, and cost center, and all
     reporting is done through the cash registers, which interface the chain’s
     5,000 employees, in 150 branches

                Installations in Israel
     The Harmony system supplied to IMCO is designed to integrate with the recently
     implemented ERP system. Harmony supplies an integrated solution for the
     collection and analysis of employees’ working hours for payroll processing, and
     the collection of task reports for the ERP system, for receiving the numbers of
     work orders, and a continuous receipt of data which has been collected from the
     shop floor. Job reports are done by CCD barcode scanners / readers which are
     connected to the terminals, spread throughout the production halls in various
     sites of the plant, including remote sites.
     The CCD barcode reader scans the machine data or job number directly from the
     route card order into the terminal, eliminating the need to key-in the numbers,
     thus avoiding errors. The use of barcode makes the report easy, fast and
     accurate. The attendance reports are then transferred by interface to the payroll
     system for processing and pay slips produced.
     Number of employees: 300

               Installations in Israel
     Israel Police
     Control and attendance reporting of guards in 300 municipal councils and 4,500 guard
     points throughout Israel.
     The system serves:
     Police national headquarters, about 100 security guards companies, and about 300 security
     officers of the local councils.
     There are about 5,000 active guards out of a total of 15,000 registered guards.
     Harmony server is equipped with a WEB module which. The server is connected through a
     Firewall and S-box to the police server, from which guards’ database is received through a
     special Web Service.
     Only the security officer of the local council is allowed to change the guards scheduling.
     is equipped with a large board with LEDs for each Special LEDs in the national police
     headquarters indicate attendance or absence of a guard at that point at a certain time.
     Through the Notifier module the system sends out an SMS messages to pre-defined groups.

               Installations in Israel
     Haargaz Group

     Haargaz Group is one of Israel’s oldest industrial companies, and is a leader in the
     field of bus manufacturing. The company employs more than 500 workers in 5
     The solution for this project includes Harmony Time & Attendance + Meals + Badge
     Production + e-Harmony modules, and data is transferred daily into two payroll
     programs and to SAP.
     Hardware includes 20 SY-765 terminals, and turnstiles stationed in four dining rooms

               Installations in Israel
     Tavas Project
     TAVAS is one of Israel’s largest companies for cleaning and security guards services.
     The company employs over 2,000 workers spread in various positions and sites
     around the country.
     The TAVAS project is comprised of a Harmony system which includes telephone
     reporting module, WEB interface, job costing module, schedule module and a payroll
     module, which interfaces to Harmony system, all installed on one single server.
     Hardware includes 50 biometric fingerprint magnetic SY-785 terminals, equipped with
     cellular GPRS data SIM that provides IP address, which enables communication from
     remote locations, at sites that do not belong to the company itself. Each terminal has
     its own IP address and communicates online with the Harmony system.
     The system manages all work schedules, full time, part time and hourly workers.
     Managers can view and edit employees’ attendance online.

               Installations in Israel
     Idit Food Technologies
     Idit Food Technologies, is a large food catering company which has won a bid for
     supplying food catering services to IDF military bases.
     Synel' terminals have been adjusted and customized to Ididt’s specific requirements, to
     include definition options according to meal times and types, and in addition terminals
     are each equipped with a printer that issues meal coupons. The system can identify what
     meal type has been consumed in which dining room and on what time.
     The system has been customized for use with personal badges of soldiers in both
     permanent force and regular service, and also includes civilians working for the military
     as well as external subcontractors.
     The use of the system enables a meaningful cut down on food expenses and manpower
     to handle administrative issues, and will significantly reduce the amount of food being

               Installations in Israel
     Meuhedet Healthcare services
     The project involves an installation of a central Harmony server, and special adjustments
     and adaptations made to the healthcare institution’s interfaces. These interfaces enable
     automatic updates of employees’ data, and exporting of attendance data to the
     organization’s HR system.
     Synel’s solution caters for all attendance reports of Meuhedet’s employees, which are
     registered online in the central system, and not collected only at the end of the day. The
     employee can enter the system at any time and verify that his report has been accepted at
     the time of reporting. One of the system’s main advantages is its ability to alert about
     missing reports when making an identification to enter other organizational data systems.
     The project involves 400 SY-785 fingerprint terminals. Harmony is used as a collection
     system and data transfer to mainframe, and Mainframe interface to Harmony of employee
     file for the purpose of authorization and validation of employees’ reports. One central
     system manages all 400 terminals, in 250 clinics.

               Schedule Master Installations
     O2 - London
     • Scheduling 7000 employees
     • More then 15 different departments
     • Integration with Payroll, HR , and access control readers and Kiosks

               Schedule Master Installations
     National Rugby Football Union Twickenham
     • More than 5000 employees
     • 5 different department
     • Integration with Payroll, HR, Card readers and Kiosks
     • Scheduling Web portal for employees

               HR Department –
               How can HARMONY help you?

     • Streamlines your processes by integrating with your current HR system
     • You always have real-time employee working hours to hand
     • Reduces the number of routine queries to the HR department
     • Frees up HR time
     • Alerts management to any problem employees or shifts

              Payroll Department –
              How can HARMONY be of benefit to you?

     •   Eliminates cumbersome manual timesheet entries and
         associated errors and streamlines the payroll process
     •   Reduces the number of calls to the payroll department
     •   Saves you time
     •   Keeps your payroll up to date

               Supervisors & Team Leaders –
               What can HARMONY do for you?

     •   Allows you to see employee attendance trends
     •   Enables you to look at trends in employee performance
     •   Runs activity reports on your employees as you need them
     •   Creates exception reports such as absences, overtime or early arrivals
     •   Gives you the information you need to control employee working time
         and attendance in Real Time

                Senior Management –
                What does HARMONY do for you?

     •   Increases your knowledge of employee time

     •   Lets you know the true cost of your employee time

     •   Creates a more efficient workforce

     •   Provides a real-time, accurate picture of employee trends,
         highlighting best practices and indicating problem areas for attention

               Finance & Accounts Personnel –
               Why would you benefit from HARMONY?

     •   Gives you a complete picture of employee efficiencies and trends
     •   Increases profitability by reducing overheads
     •   Reduces overtime and improves employee attendance
     •   Saves you money if you install our web-based employee interface
     •   Processes payroll more accurately
     •   Provide an actual product cost calculation

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