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									                    Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
                            Online Ethics Course Syllabus

This course examines the types of situations that pose ethical problems in the workplace.
Emphasis is on integrity, personal morality, honesty, and social responsibility. Case studies and
comparison/contrast of legal/ethical issues are also discussed. Theory
Credit Hours: 3; Total hours of theory per semester 3; Total hours of lab for the semester 0.

Prerequisites: None.
Instructor Name: DeLois Middleton         Instructor Phone: (918) 293-4854
Office: NCAT 314A                         Instructor e-mail: delois.middleton@okstate.edu
Instructor’s Office Hours: See “Course Information” under Content
Division Name: Arts and Sciences                         Division Phone: (918) 293-4768
Texts: Law and Ethics in the Business Environment, 6th ed. Halbert and Ingulli, 0-324-65732-3
References: none
Materials: Desire 2 Learn (D2L) and e-mail accounts
Uniform/Tools: Access to computer with Internet connection and word processing software
Estimated Cost for Materials: $75 - $100
Estimated Cost for Uniform/Tools: None

         COURSE COMPETENCIES                                     ASSESSMENT OF COMPETENCY
          (*Denotes Core Objectives)
Upon completion of this course, students should:

 1. Identify characteristics commonly associated with        1. Module Assignments, Discussion Board, Professional
professional behavior in the workplace.                      Interview

2. Recognize ethical concerns in business today.             2. Professional Interview, Module Assignments

3. Discuss the relation of ethics and law in business.       3. Professional Interview, Case Studies

 4. Evaluate and synthesize major approaches to ethical      4. Case Studies, Discussion Board, Module
decision-making in business.                                 Assignments, Exams

 5. Apply decision-making skills to resolve business
                                                             5. Exams, Case Studies
situations involving ethical and legal concerns.
* 6. Research strategies that promote ethical behavior in
                                                             6. Code of Ethics Analysis, Professional Interview
the workplace.

                                                                                                 Date Modified 11/4/2012   1
In this course the student will:
     Contribute to group discussion threads regarding topics of ethical concern.
      View videos that depict various issues of contrasting ethical values.
      Interview a professional in his/her career field, compiling the information into an
     informative essay.
      Analyze specific ethical/legal issues.
      Locate and evaluate a code of ethics from his/her career field.
     Utilize Desire2Learn (D2L) for assignments, discussions, submission of work
     Take on-line exams

Grades will be based on the quality and completion of these tasks:                    Grading Scale
    Tests (5 @ 100 pt. ea.) ................................... 500 points
                                                                                   A = 90.00 - 100.00
    Module Assignments (5 @ 20 pt. ea.) ............ 100 points                    B = 80.00 - 89.99
    Professional Interview* .................................. 100 points          C = 70.00 - 79.99
    Case Study ....................................................... 75 points   D = 60.00 - 69.99
    Discussion Boards (5 @ 5 pt. ea.) .................... 25 points               F = 00.00 - 59.99
Total Points                                                        800 points

The final percentage grade will be calculated as points earned divided by 800 points; however,
should there be fewer points available in the course, the final percentage will be computed by
dividing points earned by total points possible.
*The student’s grade for the Professional Interview will be used in the university’s assessment of
student learning. A 70% competency or higher receives a Pass rating. This Pass/Fail rating is
independent of the student’s course grade.

According to the ADA, each student with a disability is responsible for notifying the University
of his/her disability and requesting accommodations. If you think you have a qualified disability
and need classroom accommodations, contact the Access Services Office located in the Student
Union. Please advise the instructor of your disability as soon as possible, to ensure timely
implementation of appropriate accommodations. Faculty has an obligation to respond when they
receive official notice of a disability from the Access Services Office but are under no obligation
to provide retroactive accommodations. To receive services, you must submit appropriate
documentation and complete an intake process during which the existence of a qualified
disability is verified and reasonable accommodations are identified. Call 293.4988 for more

Academic dishonesty or misconduct is neither condoned nor tolerated at OSUIT-Okmulgee.
Any student found guilty of academic dishonesty or misconduct shall be subject to disciplinary
action. Academic dishonesty and/or misconduct includes, but is not limited to, the following
actions: (1) Plagiarism: The representation of previously written, published or creative work as
one’s own; (2) Unauthorized Collaboration on Projects; (3) Cheating on Examinations; (4)
Unauthorized Advance Access to Exams; (5) Fraudulent Alteration of Academic Materials; (6)
Knowing Cooperation with Another Person in an Academically Dishonest Undertaking.

                                                                                   Date Modified 11/4/2012   2
Students are required to actively protect their work against misuse by others. For details, refer to
The OSUIT-Okmulgee Student Handbook available in the Office of Student Support &
Development, and online at: http://www.osuit.edu/campus_community/student_handbook/.
Students taking an on-line course will follow the standard code of conduct expected of all
OSUIT-Okmulgee students and will treat other students with respect. This applies to any
activity the student takes part in during the ethics course including, but not limited to, testing and
discussion board sessions. Please read and follow the guidelines listed in “Netiquette” located
under Course Information in the Online Classroom.

Attendance at the course orientation session is encouraged but not required.

The Module Assignments, Case Study and Professional Interview should be submitted through
the Dropbox feature of Desire2Learn using Microsoft Word software. Other software may not
be readable by the instructor’s computer.
NO late work is accepted. Deadline dates are listed with each assignment. Be sure all
assignments are sent to the instructor via the Drop Box feature of D2L by the assigned deadline
date and time.

The five Tests (one per module) are administered online and may be taken on the student’s
personal computer. The student is required to download and install the Respondus Lockdown
Browser to use during testing (instead of Internet Explorer). When the student accesses the first
test, they will be prompted and given the link to download the Respondus software enabling
them to take the test. This will only be necessary before the first test if all tests are taken on the
same computer. If the test is taken in a computer lab, the student will have to download
Respondus before each test.
Students will have a minimum of one week to take each test. The test will come up in the
current Module (under Content) or it may be accessed under Quizzes. The tests are open book
and open note. They are timed, T/F tests which may be taken/submitted only once during the
testing period. The dates for taking each test are listed on the assignment sheets and course
outline. NO test may be taken after that time.

        * * * This syllabus is subject to change as determined by the instructor. * * *

                                                                                     Date Modified 11/4/2012   3

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