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									Event Planning Guide
     Updated September 2012
       Thanks for taking an interest in
           International Girls Day!

Kappa Delta Sorority created International Girls Day on behalf of the Confidence Coalition, which brings
together all of the organizations, companies and individuals committed to promoting confidence among girls
and women. With the message, “She Can Do Anything!” the celebration takes place annually on November 14.

Girls across the world can celebrate in a variety of ways – big and small – including everything from themed
parties to community-wide interest fairs, from community service projects to sporting events. The central
theme is building confidence in girls.

This kit will help you plan an International Girls Day event in your community. Visit
www.celebrategirlsday.com for more information.

              A “Materials” section can be found at the end of this kit.

   Create your own or consider one of the following:
    BIG events
           o   Community Interest Fair – Invite local girls’ organizations (i.e.: Girl Scouts, Girls Inc.,
               community sports organizations, gymnastics, etc.) to come and share how girls can get involved
               in their programs. Include some time for girls to participate in projects that promote confidence.
           o   Girls’ Confidence Workshop – Invite girls to learn about confidence and self-esteem. Host a
               local female community leader to speak about confidence. Have attendees make an “About Me”
               book to encourage each girl’s sense of self. Promote and discuss the effects of media on girls’
               self-esteem. (See more on page 21.) Incorporate the “You Make Me Smile” campaign where
               balloons with inspiring messages are given to girls (see page 10 of the “Materials” section for
               more information).
           o   Career Party or “When I Grow Up” Party – Have local women talk to girls about careers and
               the future. For younger girls, provide costumes so they can dress up as different career women -
               doctor, businesswoman, chef, etc. For older girls, visit a college and discuss how a college
               education can help girls “do anything.”
    SMALL events
           o   Mother/Daughter Event – Get together with your girlfriends and their daughters to celebrate.
               Attend a play, museum, sporting event, etc. Follow up with a conversation about how everyone
               has different talents and dreams. Encourage the girls to follow their dreams.
           o   Neighborhood Event – Invite girls in your neighborhood to your home for an IGD celebration.
               Ask a local female leader (mayor, school principal, coach, etc.) to speak about dreaming big and
               how hard work and confidence can make dreams come true.
           o   Give International Girls Day Cards – Print “Happy International Girls Day” cards and give
               them to the important girls in your life (daughter, niece, neighbor, etc.).
               (See sample cards on page 13 or send electronic cards available at

   This timeline is an example; feel free to tweak for your event.

   3 Months Out (August):
      - Form a team and schedule the first meeting to talk about goals, expectations, etc.
      - Decide on type of celebration.
      - Develop your budget.
      - Reserve venue if necessary.
      - Solicit donations/sponsorships if necessary.

   2 Months Out (September):
      - Begin contacting speakers and/or presenters.
      - Decide on activities and gather resources.

       -   Check in with sponsors/donors
       -   Check out the www.celebrategirlsday.com for downloadable supplies.
     1 Month Out (October):
        - Solicit any donations (ask moms/friends to bring a dessert, provide paper for printing, etc.).
        - Send invitations.
        - Send press releases.
        - Send publicity materials.
        - Buy/make decorations.
        - Check in with donors/sponsors.
     2 Weeks Out (November 1):
         -   Confirm speakers and/or presenters.
         -   Print International Girls Day certificates for attendees. (See sample on page 16.)
         -   Print Confidence Pledges for attendees. (Find on pages 19-20.)
         -   Remind girls about your International Girls Day celebration.


     Feel free to use the budget sheet on page 12 in the “Materials” section of this kit.


     Enlist others to help plan your event. Consider asking your daughter/friend/neighbor (this could be a great
     confidence-booster for her) to help you host. Use the “Delegation Worksheet” on page 11 in the “Materials”
     section of this kit to help you stay organized.

 Ask local businesses to support your event. Here are some items/services you could request:
         Plates, napkins, utensils
         Food items
         Printing (posters, banners, programs, certificates, cards, etc.)
         Crayons, markers, paint, paper
         Items for goody bags – lip gloss, stickers, coloring books, pens/pencils, hair accessories, Chapstick,
         Rentable items – tent, karaoke machine, jump house, tables, chairs
         Services – a speaker, a room at a venue, etc.

     When asking for donations:
       - Be professional.
       - Prepare a written proposal (see page 21 in the “Materials” section of this kit for a sample letter.)
       - Ask the right person (owner or manager)
       - Ask for specific donations (Consider asking a restaurant for 100 chicken tenders or asking a local
           shop to donate lip gloss for 50 goody bags.)

         -   Know and stress the benefits of the project.
         -   Be positive and upbeat.

Use the checklist below to help plan:
                                        Yes   No   Notes:

FACILITY/LOCATION RENTAL                           ________________________
FOOD                                               ________________________
PRINTING                                           ________________________
POSTAGE                                            ________________________
PROMOTIONAL ITEMS, (BALLOONS, ETC)                 ________________________
LICENSE AND PERMITS                                ______________________
EQUIPMENT RENTAL                                   ________________________
PROMOTION & PHOTOGRAPHY                            ________________________
AWARDS AND PRIZES                                  ________________________

 Send Invites
        Feel free to use the invitations on page 15 in the “Materials” section of this kit. These can be mailed
         or e-mailed.
        Consider sending invitations through www.evite.com, a free invitation website.

 Send Press Release(s)
        See page 14 of the “Materials” section of this kit for a press release template.
         * Please send a copy of any press release sent to the media to Kappa Delta Headquarters at
         confidencecoalition@kappadelta.org after your event.
                 Press release tips:
                      Send your press release to local media. Look online to find the community editor or
                         other person in charge of local news. Send your release to his/her attention.
                      Be brief and to the point.
                      No opinions (unless in a quote).
                      Always use active voice.
                      Make sure all important information is at the beginning of the release.
                      Try to keep your release to one page. If you go to two pages, put “-more-” at the
                         bottom of the first page.
                      End your release with “###.”

 Promote Online
        “Like” the Confidence Coalition Facebook page and share it with your friends.
        Use your personal social media (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.) to promote the holiday.
        Change your profile picture to the International Girls Day logo for November 14 or the whole month!

 Send Thank-You Notes
          Thank everyone who helped make your event a success – speakers, anyone who donated food,
           location, etc.

 Evaluate Your Event
          Make notes about what went well, what people enjoyed and what could be done differently in the
           future. These notes will help when planning next year’s International Girls Day celebration.
          Did you get media coverage of your event? If so, let us know by e-mailing

Short on Time? You Can Still Be Involved! ------------------------------------ pg. 9
“You Make Me SMILE” Campaign -------------------------------------------- pg. 10
Delegation Worksheet --------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 11
Sample Budget ------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg. 12
Happy International Girls Day Card -------------------------------------------- pg. 13
Press Release Template ------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 14
Invitation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 15
Certificate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg. 16
Media Images and Self Esteem---------------------------------------------------- pg. 17
Sample Donation Letter ------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 18
Confidence Pledges ------------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 20

                                 Short on time?
            You can still be a part of International Girls Day!

                                        How much time do you have?

         5 minutes?                                5 hours?                                    5 days?

Have 5 minutes?
  o   Tell 5 friends about International Girls Day.
  o   Send an International Girls Day card to girls in your life – friends, daughter, niece, etc.
                    o “Like” the Confidence Coalition Facebook page and share it with your friends.
  o   Put International Girls Day on your calendar for November 14.
  o   Compliment the girls you interact with today.

Have 5 hours?
  o   Plan an International Girls Day event. See the small events ideas on page 3.
  o   Decorate a special girl’s room with sticky notes with positive, uplifting messages. Consider your daughter, sister,
      niece or neighbor.
  o   Buy a magazine subscription for a special girl. Consider Justine Magazine or New Moon Girls Magazine.
  o   Participate in the “You Make Me Smile” Campaign. (See more on page 10.)
  o   Email your daughter’s teacher, and tell her about International Girls Day. See if you can do something special for
      the class (boys too!) on Nov. 14.
  o   Volunteer your time to speak to a group of young girls about following their dreams.

Have 5 days?
  o   Plan an International Girls Day event for a large group of girls in your community! See the big event ideas on page
  o   Talk to other girls’ organizations about celebrating!
  o   Talk to area businesses about promoting International Girls Day.
  o   Promote the holiday to local news media.

Overall Idea: As a project of the Confidence Coalition, the “You Make Me SMILE” Campaign is
designed to brighten a woman or girl’s day by making her smile with a confidence-boosting message. The
blue balloons have the Confidence Coalition logo and Web site on one side and are blank on the other.
Inflate the balloons, and write confidence-boosting messages on the blank side of the balloons. The hosts
of your International Girls Day event can give balloons to each girl who attends. Then, the whole
group can go somewhere to hand them out. This can be done on campus, at a community service event,
at a mall, at a park, on the street, etc.

    Helium (you can get a small tank at a local party supply store for around $35). This should be
       enough for 40-50 balloons.
    Black or dark blue Sharpies or permanent markers.
    Ribbon to tie balloons.
    Any number of girls, a great attitude and a SMILE!

                                             How to Get Started: Before you begin, come up with
                                            some messages to write on the balloons. Here are some

                                                   You can do anything!
                                                   You can change the world!
                                                   You are beautiful – inside and out!
                                                   Dream BIG!
                                                   Believe in Yourself!
                                                   Have a beautiful day!
                                                   Anything is possible!
                                                   Follow your dreams!
                                                   Go Confidently!

                                                                                            10 | P a g e

Task   Description/Goals         Person        People        Timeline/
                               Accountable   Contributing    Deadline

                                                     11 | P a g e
                               IGD Event Sample Budget:

DATE OF EVENT_____________________________

TYPE OF IGD EVENT__________________________

I. Income

         #____________ x $_____________                  $________________________

        A) CORPORATE                                     $________________________

            B) INDIVIDUALS                               $________________________

            C) OTHER                                     $________________________

 TOTAL INCOME                                            $______________________

II. Expenses (Can any of these items be donated?)   ESTIMATED           ACTUAL

 3) FACILITY/LOCATION RENTAL                        $____________       $____________
 4) FOOD                                            $____________       $____________
 5) ENTERTAINMENT                                   $____________       $____________
 6) SOUND & LIGHTING SYSTEMS                        $____________       $____________
 7) DECORATIONS                                     $____________       $____________
 8) PRINTING                                        $____________       $____________
 9) POSTAGE                                         $____________       $____________
 10) PROMOTIONAL ITEMS, (BALLOONS, ETC)             $____________       $____________
 11) LICENSE AND PERMITS                            $____________       $____________
 12) EQUIPMENT RENTAL                               $____________       $____________
 13) PROMOTION & PHOTOGRAPHY                        $____________       $____________
 14) AWARDS AND PRIZES                              $____________       $____________
 15) MISCELLANEOUS                                  $____________       $____________

 TOTAL EXPENSES                                          $______________________

 TOTAL INCOME – TOTAL EXPENSES = BALANCE                 $ ______________________

                                                                          12 | P a g e
13 | P a g e
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   CONTACT:
                                                                        (Your Name)
                                                                        (Your e-mail)
                                                                        (Your phone number)
                                         Headline Here

<City, State> <date of release> --   < # of participants >   girls will gather on Nov. 14 in < your
town/community > to celebrate the first annual International Girls Day, a holiday created by Kappa
Delta Sorority to celebrate girls of all interests and strengths and encourage them to make their
dreams a reality. With the message, “She Can Do Anything!” attendees will participate in < brief
explanation here, no more than one sentence >. This celebration is one of more than 200 taking place
around the world.

<Insert quote from the host/hostess of the event about how the event will instill confidence in girls
and help them believe they can do anything.>

Kappa Delta created International Girls Day on behalf of the Confidence Coalition, an alliance of
organizations, companies and individuals committed to promoting confidence in girls and women.
This year marks the third annual celebration. For more information, visit www.celebrategirlsday.com.

Created by Kappa Delta Sorority, the Confidence Coalition is a national movement that enables
women and girls to stand up to peer pressure and media stereotypes, say no to risky behavior and
abusive relationships, and put an end to relational aggression, such as bullying – on the playground
and in the office. For more information, visit www.confidencecoalition.org.

                                                                                           14 | P a g e
15 | P a g e
16 | P a g e
Media Images and Self
     We love our favorite magazines, TV shows, and movies, right? But we don’t love
     how they can chip away at our confidence and body image. The need for more
     positive images of girls in the media is clear.

     Did you know that…
 -   Nearly 90% of girls feel a lot of pressure from the media to be thin. To lose weight,
     55% of teen girls admit they diet, and 37% admit to starving themselves.
 -   80% of girls say they would rather see “real” or “natural” images of women.
 -   Only 1 in 3 speaking characters in children’s movies is female.

     Promote positive media experiences at your event:
    Host a speaker
    Have a local media representative come talk about healthy media.
    Pass out fliers with statistics about media (see above).
    Watch a video about media images. Consider videos like these:
    http://youtu.be/F4roPViXhqc
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U&feature=player_detailpage
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei6JvK0W60I
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv5Z2Xv8iJU&feature=fvwrel
    http://www.seejane.org/resources/guesswho.php

     Lead an interactive activity:
    Choose activities from:
    The Girl Scouts “MEdia Journey” available from the local Girl Scout council or
     online at www.girlscouts.org.
    A journal activity or book with healthy media images

     Lead a discussion:
    Stand or sit in a circle. Challenge the girls to talk about how they feel about images
     in the media. Ask them how these images have contributed to their idea of beauty.
    Have each girl finish the sentence, “As girls, we are beautiful because ____.”
    Give each girl a round of applause or end the activity with one round of applause.

                                                                                          17 | P a g e

    Susie Smith
    123 Main St.
    Memphis, TN 38125

    Recipient name

    Dear Friend or Dear Mr./Ms. _____________ ,

    On Nov. 14, we will promote confidence in girls here in the <your town> community by hosting
    an International Girls Day celebration. With the message, “She Can Do Anything,” the
    celebration recognizes the spirit of girls and encourages them to make their dreams a reality.

    Consider These Alarming Statistics

   74% of girls say they are under pressure to please everyone.
   31% of girls ages 13-17 admit to starving themselves or refusing to eat as a strategy to lose
   40% of girls ages 11-17 say they do not play sports because they do not feel skilled or
   60% of teen girls say they compare their bodies to those of fashion models.
   Three-quarters of middle high school principals say that bullying is a serious problem at their
   Girls who have significant symptoms of depression as teens are 86% more likely than their peers
    to become victims of abuse from a boyfriend or husband as young women.

    Media messages, cultural stereotypes and peers often tell girls that they have to look and act a
    certain way. International Girls Day is a celebration of girls – all kinds of girls, with all kinds of
    interests and strengths.
    How We’re Making a Difference

    More than 200 International Girls Day events will take place around the world on Nov. 14. Our
    event will promote confidence in girls’ lives by <give details about what your celebration will
    entail. Estimate and list how many girls will be at your event.>

    How You Can Make a Difference

    Please consider this exciting opportunity to inspire young girls to make their dreams come true.
    We would greatly appreciate <list company/store/restaurant here> donating in one of the
    following ways:

     <List donations you’re looking for. Be specific with numbers and amounts. Below are some
   Sodas and juice for 200 attendees
   50 tubes of lip gloss for goodie bags
   4 manicure gift certificates
   300 plates, 500 napkins

    If you choose to donate, your company name and logo will be featured on event posters.

    I will be calling you in the next few days to touch base about your willingness to donate and help
    inspire and instill confidence in girls in the <your town> community. I look forward to speaking
    with you, and I thank you for your time.



                                                                                                       19 | P a g e
21 | P a g e

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