Leonity Affaire
We guarantee the item our buyer purchases to be in the condition advertised as
reasonably described or buyer may returns it.
Buyer must report any discrepancies within 7 days after Buyer receives the product.

Once we receive the product back, we will double check everything. We will also check
if the defective product is in fact our products being sold to you, please do not try to
substitute products with your own defective product. On almost every product we sold,
we applied security stickers on the products; we have the rights to reject refunds if our
security sticker is not visible / damaged on the product.

      Unauthorized returns without RMA # or as-advertised product returns are subject
       to 15% restocking fee.
      If the buyer reports the discrepancies within 7 days after buyer receives the
       products, we will issue Return shipping label free of charge.
      If the buyer reports the discrepancies after 7 days after buyer receives the
       products, we will not issue Return shipping label. Buyer must pay their own non-
       refundable shipping cost to return the product back to us.
      A refund will be given if an equal replacement is not available. Products /
       Substitution products that are being sold online cannot be used as replacement.
      RMA processing can take around 2 – 5 business days after the product is returned
       to us.

All fields below must be filled as detailed as possible.

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Reason for RMA (please type reasons below) – Complete description please.
Inputting “Doesn’t Work” does not really explain anything. :

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By signing on Digital Signature above, you, the buyer, has released Leonity Affaire from
any liabilities and agree to all returns processing as described above.
Once we receive this form, we will email you back with RMA # and the address to send
the product to.

When you have completed the form above, please save it (CTRL + S) and email this
form back to eb_mike1@yahoo.com

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