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									                   Communicating the Message

   For Interviews, Press Releases, General Information, Artwork, Logos & Advertising:
    Contact Adam Hardy, Director of Communications and Marketing, at (920)593-4779, e-mail:

Speaker’s Bureau and Agency Tours

Speakers’ Bureau
United Way’s partner agencies have successfully provided needed services to our friends and
neighbors for over 80 years. Strategies of successful campaigns point to the value of speakers at
campaign kickoffs, meetings and special events. To schedule a speaker, contact your Loaned
Executive or Susie Weekes at (920)593-4781, or email:

              • Presentations personalize the United Way to your employees and communicate
                the needs of the community.

              • Speakers can relate success stories of their clients and the difference that was
                made in their lives.

Other Tips:

              • Consider asking a coworker who has used a United Way funded program to
                speak. Without realizing it, many people use United Way affiliated agencies and

              • Requests for speakers should be made as far in advance as possible, but can
                occasionally be made on short notice.

              • A presentation can be tailored to your time constraints from 5 to 15 minutes.

Agency Tours
Agency tours provide employees a first-hand look at programs and services funded by the Brown
County United Way. Choose one or more agencies or programs that will be of interest to your
employees. We look forward to making agency tour arrangements for you, however, we do ask
that you:

              • Call as soon as you know you want to schedule a tour to allow time for us to
                make arrangements with the agencies.

              • In the event you need to cancel please give us a call so we can let the agency

              • Please adhere to the time schedule, as each agency will be anticipating your

              • To schedule your agency tour please contact your Loaned Executive or Alicia
                Van Straten at (920)593-4780, or email at:
Campaign Materials
A variety of printed materials are available for your use in promoting the United Way campaign
within your company. You should receive a box of items before you begin your campaign, but if
you need more, call your Loaned Executive or order online: link to campaign materials order form.

       Materials available include
           but not limited to:

               • Brochures

               • Posters

               • NFL Schedules

               • Pledge Forms

               • T-Shirts

               • Table Tents

               • DVD/VHS*

               • Vertical Banners*

               • Banners*

(*These items can be checked out for a period of time but we ask for their return after use)

Special Event Coverage
If you are hosting an exciting special event to benefit the Brown County United Way, let us know!
  We’ll see if we may be able to get some media coverage, or use the story in our United Way e-
newsletter. Contact Adam Hardy, Director of Communications and Marketing, at (920)593-4779,

Five Key Messages

    1. Your United Way contribution stays right here in Brown County to improve lives and
        strengthen our community.

    2. United Way focuses on the underlying causes of problems to bring about lasting

    3. United Way engages the community by partnering with volunteers and organizations to
        ensure your donations are invested in our community in the most efficient and effective

    4. United Way funded programs reach across all ages, races, and income levels in our

    5. United Way is working to advance the common good by focusing on education, income
        and health -- the building blocks of a good life.
Print & Broadcast Ideas

1. Tell the story of how one of your fellow workers benefited from the services of a United Way
   program. You may be surprised at how many you will find in your organization. Many people
   won’t even realize it themselves, until they see the listing of United Way funded programs (on
   our brochure and website).

2. Do a story on special United Way activities of your different employee groups.

3. Begin a regular feature series on United Way in your publication:

     • Stories about employees’ involvement with an agency

     • Volunteer opportunities that can be found through the Volunteer Center and on our website

     • Create special sections on different types of agencies

     • Feature employees volunteering at various agencies

4. Interview former ‘Loaned Executives’ from your company about their experience working for
   the United Way.

5. Use United Way photos, advertising or logos (available on this online toolbox) to help draw
   attention to your United Way article.

6. Document group visits to United Way agencies with photos and interviews.

7. Report on your company’s successful involvement in last year’s United Way campaign.
   Showcase any awards or recognition you received.

9. Use the success stories on this website to show employees how their donations are helping

10. Picture company campaign volunteers getting ready for the annual campaign, company kick-
  off rally, award presentations and special events.

11. Following the campaign, print a “Thank You” feature to all employees utilizing the letters or
emails in the online toolbox.

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