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Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your interest in the post of Chafford Gorges Assistant and Seasonal
Education Officer (part-time/casual). Please find enclosed with this letter the
following information:

A Job Description and essential skills profile
                                                                                                Abbotts Hall Farm
Terms and Conditions of Employment                                                              Great Wigborough
Guide to Essex Wildlife Trust (only available by post, information leaflet attached for         Colchester, Essex
email enquiries)                                                                                CO5 7RZ
Staff structure                                                                                 Tel 01621 862960
                                                                                                Fax 01621 862990
An application form
Essex Wildlife Trust was founded as a Charity and Limited Company in 1959 by Essex              Website
people who were determined to protect interesting wildlife and important habitats and 
countryside. Essex Wildlife Trust is a registered charity, protecting wildlife for the
future and for the people of Essex. The Trust has 87 nature reserves, 7 Visitor Centres,
1 Nature Park, 35,000 members, over 90 staff and up to 2,000 volunteers.

In 2009 the People and Wildlife team reached over 44,000 people on a variety of
events, activities and teaching days. This included 18,000 pupils and students visiting
our sites on school field visits, outreach visits to school grounds, local sites and within
the classroom. Outreach visits to schools reached a further 9,000 pupils. 17,000
people joined one of our informal activities such as wildlife discovery days, family
events, birthday parties, youth group trips, young volunteer work parties and various
toddler groups. More than 9,000 adults joined the children and young people on our
Community programmes. We have an extensive youth, education and community

Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre and Nature Park offers fantastic opportunities for
engaging people with wildlife. Your main responsibility will be to run educational
activities at Chafford Gorges, working closely with the Community Wildlife Officer.
Chafford Gorges offers both formal outdoor learning for schools and a wide range of
informal activities for families and children.

To apply for the post, please return the completed application form together with your
full CV and a covering letter explaining why you think you are suited to the position.

Your application must reach the above address by 4 pm Tuesday 8th June 2010. We
plan to hold interviews at Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre on Thursday 17th June

Yours faithfully

Becky Gibson, People & Wildlife Manager
                                                                                               Essex Wildlife Trust
                                                                                               Company Registered
                                                                                               No 638666 England
                                                                                               Registered Charity
                                                                                               No 210065

                                                                                               VAT Registered
                                                                                               No 945 7459 77

                                               Protecting Wildlife for the Future and for the People of Essex
Updated May 2010

Essex Wildlife Trust aims to protect wildlife for the future and for the people of Essex.
It is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is one of 47 Wildlife Trusts which form
the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. The staff of Essex Wildlife Trust and its subsidiaries Essex
Wildlife Sales, Essex Ecology Services and Chafford Gorges, work alongside large numbers of
volunteers and work within the policies and budgets agreed by the Board of Trustees and set out in the
Strategic Plan. We are a dynamic and fast growing organisation
with many opportunities, both to maintain our existing activities and to take on important new

Title of Post: Chafford Gorges Assistant and Seasonal Education Officer

Responsible to: Chafford Gorges Community Wildlife Officer

Main Aim of the Job: To encourage appreciation, and responsible use of the Chafford Gorges Nature
Park, the wildlife found there and to make positive changes in lifestyle and behaviour to help protect
wildlife for the future. This is to be achieved through environmental education sessions, both informally
through birthday parties, activities, clubs and events, and formally through school visits. To actively
promote this activity and encourage greater use of the Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre and Nature Park.
To take an active role as a member of the visitor centre team.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
        1. To independently promote, organise and lead informal activities and events such as family
           nature days, youth groups, events and birthday parties; on some activities this will involve
           responsibility for unaccompanied children.
        2. To independently promote, organise and lead formal environmental education sessions for
           children and young people from early years to key stage 4, including infant, primary and
        3. Responsibility for issues relating to child protection, including reference checking, Criminal
           Records Bureau disclosures, child protection policies and procedures, issues relating to child
           welfare, photographic permission, and in loco parentis responsibilities and implementation of
           Independent Safeguarding Authorities mandatory requirements.
   4.      To change behaviour and lifestyle through inspiring people with informative activities.
   5.      To carry out the aims of the strategic plan and annual strategic focus.
   6.     To ensure Seasonal Education Officer hours are self funding (Donation equals or exceeds
   7.      Responsible for ensuring bookings for the education room are well managed and the room
         facilities are engaging, informative clean and tidy.
   8.      To work with the Visitor Centre staff team and volunteers to ensure that the Trust facilities, the
         offices, the toilets and the display room and shop, are ready to receive visitors. It will be
         important to recognise the shared responsibility between the staff and volunteers in running the
         Centre. To cover the weekend and Bank holiday rota. To take on all responsibilities involved in
         being a key holder. To ensure that Environment Checks and other necessary paperwork is
         completed on time.
9. Achieve the Seasonal and Assistant Education Officer people and income targets.
10. To provide a clear account of bookings and availability to allow provisional bookings to be
    taken by other team members.
11. To provide a clear strategy for the promotion and marketing of the education programmes at
    Chafford Gorges to increase people and income targets.
12. To plan, promote and deliver the educational programme at the Chafford Gorges Nature Park.
    This includes preparing resources, designing and planning events, and promoting them to the
    local community.
13. To complete all necessary administration tasks associated with schools, youth groups, birthday
    parties and events bookings that are the responsibility of the Assistant Education Officer.
14. Recording people and wildlife statistics and donations received in a shared spreadsheet – you
    should define the Seasonal and Assistant statistics separately. Overall responsibility of the
    budgets is with the Community Wildlife Officer.
15. To help recruit, train, support and manage volunteers to assist with environmental education at
    the Chafford Gorges Nature Park, and to plan clearly on what days assistance is required.
16. To successfully communicate with the Line Manager (by setting out regular actions) and
    appropriate teams within the Trust. This includes the Centre based team and the People and
    Wildlife team. This also includes attending meetings, including Staff Development Days,
    Visitor Centre Forums, team meetings, Trust Forum and Staff Meetings.
17. To ensure that the Centre and all equipment is maintained to a high standard for each visit.
18. To promote the work of the Trust and encourage Trust membership recruitment and support.
19. Ensure areas of Reserve used for activities are well managed/safe and support Warden with
    Reserve work where possible.
20. To have a flexible working pattern, working weekends and evenings when necessary. To
    diarise and manage TOIL and annual leave effectively, especially through busy periods.
21. To support other people and wildlife staff in delivery of environmental education at schools,
    other Essex Wildlife Trust and external sites, as and when cover is required.
22. To be a key holder for Chafford Visitor Centre and be prepared to respond to alarm call outs.
23. To undertake other comparable duties under the direction of your line manager which are
    bound to occur in a busy organisation.
Essential qualities:

      Aptitude and/or experience working with children, young people and/or adults

      Aptitude and/or experience working informally with all ages, with an ability to run informal
       activities and to work with members of the public

      Aptitude and/or experience of running environmental education sessions and activities.

      Aptitude and/or experience of running a visitor centre

      Aptitude and/or experience to expand the education provision on site

      Ability to work as part of a team

      Ability to work with the minimum of supervision

      Interest and enthusiasm for/ knowledge of wildlife

      Self-motivation

      Flexibility

Name of Employer: Essex Wildlife Trust

Title of Post: Chafford Gorges Assistant and Seasonal Education Officer (part time/ casual)

A detailed job description is available but this does not form part of the terms of employment.

Responsible to: Chafford Gorges Community Wildlife Officer

Place of Work: Essex Wildlife Trust’s Chafford Gorges Visitor Centres and Nature Park.

Hours of Work: Two days per week as Assistant Education Officer, 7.5 hours a day excluding lunch
breaks and other breaks. Normal Visitor Centres opening hours are 9 am – 5 pm, however work will be
required outside these hours, including evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Time off in Lieu may be
taken. There are no specific hours or days of work for the seasonal aspect of the job. The days and
hours worked are according to demand for additional educational groups beyond the budget and time of
the two days as Assistant Education Officer and Community Wildlife Officer. The time may be made
up of part or full days. Maximum hours do not apply as long as those hours worked are self-funding and
outside of the income budget requirements of the Assistant Education Officer and Community Wildlife
Officer and do not average more than 48 hours in any working week. Hours will often be weekend days
and evenings. As this post is seasonal, hours will be at their highest during the Spring and Summer.

Itinerary Sheet: You must complete a staff itinerary sheet in advance for each week and present this to
your Line Manager, this must show the days you are working, the hours you intend to work and indicate
key jobs you are undertaking. This is held on Outlook Calendar. Instructions are on the U drive.

Salary: Up to £6,937 for two days a week as Assistant Education Officer. For seasonal casual hours, a
flat rate of £79.45 per 7½ hour day, part days may be paid on a pro rata basis. Salary is paid monthly in
arrears. If for some reason it is clear that the Trust has over paid or under paid on one month it will
adjust this by deduction or addition on the next month. Rates of pay are reviewed in November each

Annual Leave: Part time/casual staffs are entitled to holiday on a pro rata basis. Holiday entitlement
for full time staff is 23 days plus 8 bank holidays. The holiday entitlement for this post is 9.5 days
annual leave per calendar year. Seasonal Education staff are paid in lieu of holiday based on a rate of
12% of daily rate per 7½ hour day paid monthly in arrears.

Travelling: If the post holder does not hold a valid driving licence and have a vehicle available for their
use it would be expected that the post holder arranges their own transportation to their place of work and
to other locations in and around the county which are required for work. Mileage is not payable for
normal journeys to Chafford Gorges, it is payable for additional journeys and work at other places.
When using your own vehicle for work, a mileage allowance is payable. The current rates are 40p per
mile up to 4,000 miles p.a., then 24p per mile between 4,001 and 10,000 miles p.a., or 24p per mile for
motorcycles, or 20p per mile for bicycles and 16p above 10,001 miles p.a. An additional 5p per mile
can be claimed by a member of staff who is using their private vehicle on Trust matters and where they
have at least one other person (staff or volunteer) travelling in the vehicle on Trust matters. When you
make a travel claim you will be asked to confirm that your private vehicle is appropriately insured, taxed
and has an MOT (where applicable).

Probationary Period: 3 months during which time the employer or the employee may terminate the
employment upon one week's notice.

Length of Contract: Part time permanent post (two days a week), seasonal casual hours ongoing
subject to self-funding element of post.
Other Expenses: Other legitimate claims for expenses on Trust business can be made on the
appropriate claim form providing these have been agreed in advance by the appropriate Budget Head.

Notice: After the probationary period, one month's notice of termination of employment is required by
either side. The Employer is required to give one additional week of notice for each completed year of
continuous employment exceeding 4 completed years to a maximum of 12 weeks notice. The Trust may
direct a staff member to take any outstanding holiday during the period of notice.

Pension: Membership of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme is
available if requested after successful probation or alternatively 4% of gross salary will be paid as a
contribution to Personal Pension Plan approved by the Trust providing the member of staff also
contributes 3% to that plan.

Disciplinary, Grievance and Appeals Procedures: Clear procedures for dealing with any Disciplinary
matter or Grievance or Appeal are set out in a separate document as part of the staff handbook that may
need to be updated from time to time and does not, therefore, form part of these terms of employment.

An employee should take any Grievance or Appeal in the first instance to the Line Manager to whom
he/she is responsible. Any Disciplinary matter will in the first instance be raised by an Employee's Line

Retirement Age: The normal retirement age is 65 years. Notice of retirement will be given in
accordance with the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.

Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave: Terms are available on request. The Trust will, of course,
observe any statutory requirements, as varied from time to time.

Sickness and Sickness Pay:
Absence through sickness must be notified as early as is practicable on the first day of absence unless
there are exceptional circumstances. If an employee is absent through sickness for four days he/she
must explain this in writing to the Line Manager. This is known as self certification. A Self
Certification Form is available. After seven days of absence, which includes weekend days, bank
holidays, etc, then a medical certificate from the doctor is required. This medical certificate would
normally specify a period of absence and the employee must keep their Line Manager informed of their
anticipated date of return to work.
       The Trust will of course pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).
       The Trust will make payments supplementary to SSP which will bring the total pay up to the
       following levels.
       Up to one year's continuous service
       - Two weeks full pay, two weeks half pay then SSP only.
       After one year's continuous service
       - One month's full pay, one month's half pay then SSP only.
       After three year's continuous service
       - Two months full pay, two months half pay then SSP only.
       After five year's continuous service
       - Three months full pay, three months half pay then SSP only.

In the event of a series of sick absences of 7 days or more and a subsequent sickness absence of 7 days
or more and these two periods are separated by 8 weeks or less then the Trust reserves the right to link
the two periods and treat as one period of sickness absence and then, if appropriate, reduce the terms of
sickness pay to SSP only, providing this still applies.

There may be occasions when a member of staff has been unwell for some time, backed up either by
self-certification or by authorised medical certificates. The sick leave may be in one long block or
several instances over a period of time. Where this occurs it is important that their line manager is
supportive and works with the member of staff to alleviate any difficulties in their workload.

However there may come a time when we, as employers, may need to know more about their condition,
the long term prospects for recovery and the impact that any medication may have on the ability of the
member of staff to carry out certain elements of their job. It may therefore be necessary to contact the
member of staff’s GP, consultant or other person providing medical advice and assistance in order to
understand the full implications of their condition.

If this situation arises the line manager should discuss the matter with the Deputy Director or the
Director prior to gaining permission, in writing, from the staff member that they are happy for the Trust
to contact their medical practitioner and ask for such details as are pertinent to their employment and the
impact of their condition on that employment. The permission should be specific and relate only to those
areas described. The line manager, Deputy Director or Director will then write to the medical
practitioner to gather this information which will be kept in strict confidence. There is a legal right for
the member of staff to request that their medical practitioner provides a copy of the report to the member
of staff for approval, before the report is forwarded on to the Trust as the employer.

As an alternative to seeking permission to contact a member of staff’s medical practitioners, the
Trust may require the member of staff to submit to a medical examination by a medical
practitioner of the Trust’s choice at the Trust’s expense.

Once the information has been received the line manager, in consultation with the Deputy Director or
Director, should review their work load with the staff member, with a view to ensuring that the Trust
deals with their situation in the best way possible.

Contact outside office hours: The Trust or its officers may need to contact you outside office hours for
important Trust business.

Redundancy: The Trust will of course observe any statutory requirements with regard to redundancy.
The details are available on request but as these are complicated and are changed from time to time, the
details cannot form part of these terms of employment.

Statement of Health and Safety Policy: The Trust provides a copy of this statement for all staff and
expects its staff to comply with this statement. This policy has to be reviewed regularly and therefore the
detail is not part of the terms of employment.

Staff Handbook: A staff handbook is available for all Trust staff on the Intranet. It must be understood
that this handbook and the details in it form clear guidance to staff, but do not form part of a contract of
employment. It is to be found on the intranet, or a member of staff can request a copy if they do not
have access to the intranet.

Copyright: Copyright material created during employment is the property of the Trust.

Confidentiality: You shall not use or disclose to any person either during or at any time after your
employment with the Trust any confidential information about the business affairs of the Trust, or about
any other matters which may come to your knowledge in the course of your employment. For the
purposes of this clause, confidential information means any information or matter which is not in the
public domain and which relates to the affairs of the Trust.

The restriction in this clause does not apply to:
(a) prevent you from making a protected disclosure within the meaning of section 43A of the
Employment Rights Act 1996; or
(b) use or disclosure that has been authorised by the Company, is required by law or by your
Right to Change Terms of Employment: We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to any of
your terms of employment. You will be notified in writing of any change as soon as possible and in any
event within one month of the change.

Third Party Rights: The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement.
No persons other than you and the Trust have any rights under this agreement and this agreement shall
not be enforceable by any person than you and the Trust.

Criminal Records Bureau Checks: Note that all persons regularly working with children, young
people and vulnerable adults are subject to CRB background checks. Convictions affecting the
Assistant Education Officers ability to work with these groups may result in termination of the post. A
criminal record is not necessarily a bar to working with children and young people.
                                                                                                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES

                                                                                                          TRUST FORUM AND MAIN COMMITTEES

                                                                                                                 Personal Assistant   − DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                                                                                      DEPUTY DIRECTOR

                                  EECOS MANAGER         CONSERVATION                                    SENIOR RESERVES                                      SALES CO.             PEOPLE & WILDLIFE             FUNDRAISING             TRUST
                                                          MANAGER                                          MANAGER                                           MANAGER                MANAGER (MAT)                 MANAGER#              SECRETARY

                                                                                     Essex Harvest                                    Reserves and
                                                                                     Coordinator #                                    Project Manager

                                                                                    Reserves Manager       Reserves Manager             Reserves Manager
                                                                                    North/West             North/East                   South p/t                                                                                                        Membership     IT        Bookkeeper   Volunteer
                                   Senior Ecologist                                                                                                                                     Fingringhoe Educ Off                                             Secretary      Manager                Staff Off
 Thames Gateway Media &                               Conservation Off                                                                                       Fingringhoe Cen Mgr                                  Corporate Mgr         Asst Secretary                             Asst        p/t
 Off (Mat cover) Marketing         Senior Ecologist                                Reserves Officer        Reserves Officer              Reserves Officer                                                                                                 Asst Memb               Bookkeeper
                 Officer                                                                                                                                                                  Seasonal Educ Off
 M11/Haven                                            Wildlife Sites Off                                                                                     Abberton Cen Mgr           p/t                         Corp Comm           Asst Secretary    Sec
                                   Ecologist                                       Roding Valley Ward      Fingringhoe Ward              Blue Hse Ward                                                                   Off p/t                           Asst Memb
 Gateway Off
                                                      Water for Wildlife Off                                                                                 Thorndon Cen Mgr                                                           Asst Secretary     Sec                     Asst
                                                                                  Abberton Sen Ward        Colne Pt Ward p/t               Blue H Asst W                              Langdon Educ Off (Mat)
                                   Asst Ecologist                                                                                                                                                                  Corp Off p/t         p/t               Recruitment             Bookkeeper
 Env Proj Man    Assistant p/t#                        Biodiversity Coord.                                                                                      Asst Cen Mgr p/t                                                                            reps
                                                                                     Abberton Ward         Abbotts H Ward                Tollesbury Ward                                  Asst Educ Off p/t
 (Southend)                        Asst Ecologist                                                                                                                                                                   Corp Off p/t
                                                        Biodiversity Proj Off                                                                                   Cen Asst p/t                                                             HQ Cleaner
                                                                                     Hanningfield W          Abbotts Asst#               Lt Haven Warden                                Abberton Educ Off p/t       Corp Off p/t
                                                        Records Officer                                                                                      Langdon Centre
                                                                                                           Abbotts H Agric. staff        Langdon Warden                                 Asst Educ Officer p/t
                                                                                    Danbury Ward p/t#                                                        Mgr                                                    Corp Off p/t
                                                        Plann'g Off                                                                                                                       Seasonal Educ Off
                                                                      Stansted                             Tiptree Hth Ward p/t          Chafford Warden     Haven Asst. Mgr.                                      F/raising Off
                                                                                                                                                                                          p/t –
                                                                      #                                                                                                                Hanningfield Educ Off
                                                                                                                                          Reserves Officer   Chafford Centre                                       F/raising Asst p/t
                                                        Living Landscapes Off                                                             (Langdon) p/t      Mgr
                                                                                                                                                                                       Seasonal Educ Off p/t        Community
                                                       Marine Officer #                                                                                      Hanningfield Cen Mgr                                   Events Off #
                                                                                                                                                                                       Chafford Comm W.O.
                                                                                                                                                                Asst Cen Mgr p/t                                    Ingrebourne Proj
                                                                                                                                                                                         Asst Educ Off pt           Man (seconded)
                                                                                                                                                             Bedfords Cen Mgr                                           Ingrebourne
                                                                                                                                                                                       Bedfords Educ Off
                                                                                                                                                                Asst Cen Mgr p/t                                     Community
                                                                                                                                                                                      Sen Schools Outreach Off      Dev Off
                                                                                                                                                                                        Schools Outreach Off

                                                                                                                                                                                       Sen Forest Schools Off

                                                                                                                                                                                       Forest Schools Off

                                                                                                                                                                                       County Outreach Off #
                                                                                                                                                                                       P & W Projects Off #
                                                                                                                                                                                       Educ Outreach Man #

# Posts not yet funded
SENIOR MANAGEMENT                                                                                       VOLUNTEERS
Mat Maternity cover
Last update 23/12/2008
                                                                                 Protecting Wildlife for the Future and for the People of Essex
(This information will be confidential to the Interview Panel)


                                                       TEL NO: DAYTIME
                                                       TEL NO: EVENING

Please outline what experience you have to meet the following Essential qualities for this post.
Please feel free to expand the reply boxes or use a separate sheet if you wish to give us further
1.Apitude and /or Experience
working with children, young
people and/or adults

2. Aptitude and/or experience
to work informally with all
ages, with an ability to run
informal activities and
to work with members of the

3. Aptitude and/or experience to
run environmental education

4. Ability to work as part of a

                                                      Protecting Wildlife for the Future and for the People of Essex
5. Aptitude and/or experience
to expand the education work at
the site.

6. Aptitude and/or experience of
running a visitor centre

7. Ability to work with the
minimum of supervision

8. Interest and enthusiasm for

9. Self-motivation

10. Flexibility

We will contact you before we take in references, but please give the name and address and telephone number of
two referees who have experience of your work:

REFEREE 1                                         REFEREE 2

If offered this job, is there any reason that you know of that would stop you taking up this

Please tell us where you saw the advert for this post:
If offered the position when would you be available to start?___________________________


I declare that the above information together with my CV and covering letter are to the best of my knowledge

Signed by the Applicant:                                       Date:

Please return to:
Essex Wildlife Trust, The Joan Elliot Visitor Centre, Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough
Colchester, Essex, CO5 7RZ or e-mail to

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