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									                   Highgate Day Nursery and Pre-school

                          Summer Newsletter 2011

Dear Parents
We are enjoying the lovely summer weather. We have lots of exciting
things planned for the summer.
Children Leaving Us
Some of our pre-school will be leaving us in the summer for full time
school. We would like to wish you good luck in full time school, we will
miss you all.
Pre-School Prom
Our pre-school prom will be on Monday 18th July. We will have a king
and queen of the prom and a prom disco and party.
Children can dress in party clothes.
Last years prom was very successful and a special day to remember for our
Summer Topics
We have changed the way we plan activities for the children up to 3 years
The plans are still based around a theme but link closely with the children’s
individual development plans. If you would like more information about
activities, please speak to the supervisor in your child’s room.
The pre-school will produce a separate letter explaining their project this
half term.
Shells and Pebbles
All of our projects this term involve shells and pebbles - could you please
collect shells and pebbles if you are on the beach and bring them into
nursery. We use them for sand play and craft activities.
School Pick Up Service
Final reminder - if you require pick up for Autumn Term 2011 please make
sure you have completed a form and returned it to your team manager. We
will confirm pick ups in the next few weeks.
Notice Period
We would like to remind you parents that you need to give one months (4
weeks) notice in writing if you wish to end you child’s place in nursery.
Spare Clothing
Please remember to provide at least one set of spare clothing a day in your
child’s bag.
Please label all spare clothing.
Morriston New Play Scheme - 4 years to 8 years inclusive
We are very excited about our new play scheme centre on the 1st floor of the
pre-school. We are now fully registered. Our first play scheme will run for
6 weeks in the summer holidays.
Letters will be sent out with details about the play scheme.
The play scheme is separate to the pre-school and will be based at our
Morriston site; however any parents from the Uplands site who would be
interested in the facility for their older children should contact Jayne for
more information.
We are offering a £20.00 gift voucher to parents who recommend us to
neighbours friends who take a play scheme place this summer. We are
aware of a real shortage of good value / quality play scheme for 4 to 8 year
olds. The play scheme is in response to many requests over the past few

Designed to Smile
The designed to smile team have been into the nurseries. Staff have been given
dental hygiene training. The children enjoyed being shown how to clean their
teeth. We are now helping the children brush their teeth every day. The children
are really enjoying the activity and have learned a lot about how to look after their
The Welsh assembly funded teeth cleaning initiative have also provided all
children with a pack to take home. You should receive these packs during June.

Have a lovely summer

Jayne and all of the team

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