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					Miscellaneous Reiki
                           - vol. 5


                  James Deacon

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                               James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                                    DOCTOR USUI ?
                                [Copyright © 2011 James Deacon]

When Takata-sensei spoke about Mikao Usui, she referred to him as “Dr. Usui”.

Then later, as part of the (albeit creative) 'Revisionist Free-for-all' that is commonly
referred to as: the New History of Reiki*, it was claimed that no, Usui-sensei had not
been a Doctor - that he had no formal medical qualifications .

(It is interesting that - although Takata-sensei had never said Usui-sensei was a
medical Doctor - it seems that perhaps the greater majority of the Reiki community
assumed that this was what she meant.)

Of course it is possible that the title: "Doctor" - if it was intended to be understood in
the medical sense - may have been simply an honorary one.

Mikao Usui was, after all, said to have successfully treated and cured a great many

Then again, we need to consider the fact that the title Doctor does not solely refer to
an M.D.

Originally, the title Doctor simply referred to anyone who was so well-versed in their
particular discipline that they were qualified to teach it.

A Doctor is anyone who has been awarded a Doctorate in their chosen field.

Besides Doctors of Medicine,
there are also:
Doctors of Philosophy
Doctors of Commercial Science
Doctors of Divinity
Doctors of Agriculture
Doctors of Engineering
Doctors of Law
Doctors of Literature...

the list goes on.

And we know from the Usui Memorial inscription that Usui-sensei studied widely
across many disciplines - history, medicine, psychology, physiognomy, Buddhist
scriptures, etc.

He was obviously a man of learning. Could he perhaps have held an academic
doctorate of some form?

                                          James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
A common theory being circulated throughout the Reiki community is that the reason
Mikao Usui came to be titled “Doctor” was possibly due to someone attempting - and
failing - to correctly translate the Japanese term: “sensei” into English.

(And of course, many people are quick to cite Hawayo Takata as the person
responsible for this. Though, as we will see, the use of the title Doctor in referring to
Mikao Usui did not originate with Takata-sensei)

The word "sensei" (先生) essentially means "born before" or "lived before" and has
the connotation of someone who has "lived the life" - someone who has deep first-
hand experience of their particular discipline.

It's a term of respect which can be used to directly address, or to refer to, anyone
who is considered to have mastered their art.

Interestingly, in Japan a doctor (Medical Doctor) is often addressed as "sensei" -
partly out of simple respect, yet also as a sign, I feel, of trust - a sign of the patient's
faith in the doctor's knowledge, skill, and ability to cure their complaint.

Yet while a doctor may be addressed as '"sensei", the two terms are not

Now, we do have one particular piece of documentation which would seem to
support the idea that Mikao Usui was an actual doctor of some sort (medical or
In the officially registered "CERTIFICATE OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF AN
INDIVIDUAL" (commonly referred to as "Mrs. Takata's Reiki Certificate") sworn on
the 21st of February, 1938 by Chujiro Hayashi, before the Notary Public for the First
Judicial Circuit of the Territory of Hawaii, Chujiro Hayashi states that:

“Mrs. Hawayo Takata is hereby certified by me as a practitioner and Master of Dr.
Usui's Reiki system of healing...”**

Now of course, this one statement is not 'absolute proof' that Usui-sensei was a
Doctor, but it is a strange thing for Chujiro Hayashi to state if it were not true.

No doubt, some people will probably attempt to have us believe that perhaps Chujiro
Hayashi did not understand the English-language document he was signing.

However, I feel we can safely assume that like a great many other Naval Officers of
his rank, and also, civilians of his social status - wealthy and well educated – Chujiro
Hayashi was well-versed in English.

As part of Japan's embracing of all things western, English was taught at the Imperial
Naval Academy during the period Chujiro Hayashi had been there (late1890s)

[We must remember that during the Meiji period, understanding English had been
seen as an important skill – one which gave individuals access to the wealth of
western education; something encouraged by the Meiji, and later, Taisho
governments as part of Japan's modernisation-process. In fact, so strong was the
drive towards westernisation that several influential people including two Japanese

                                          James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Ministers of Education even advocated making English the official language of the
modern Japanese nation.]

Also, as can be seen in the 'certificate' itself, Chujiro Hayashi has signed the
document in a very fluent, cursive style of handwriting, indicating one who is very
comfortable with the 'romanised' writing system.

And in order for the 'certificate' to have been formally notarised in Hawaii, it would
have had to be first ascertained that Chujiro Hayashi clearly understood the precise
details of the information he had drafted in the document, and added his witnessed
signature to.

Now to return to the theory that the word 'doctor' was possibly used to express the
concept behind the Japanese word "sensei" - I feel certain that Chujiro Hayashi of all
people would be intensely aware of the distinction between the two terms.

Also, the term "sensei", like other terms of respect such as "-sama", is something to
be used in referring to or addressing other people. You do not use it in relation to
yourself. It would be considered most impolite and presumptive for anyone dare to
refer to themself in this way.

So, we can safely assume that, as Chujiro Hayashi also refers to himself as Doctor in
this document, he is obviously not using the word to imply the concept of "sensei". ...


*In my opinion, many of the “facts” presented as part of this revisionist   view of Reiki history are perhaps
little more than “wishful thinking and clutching at straws”.
**so, here we can see that the use of the title 'Doctor' in referring to Mikao Usui did not originate with

                                              * * * * * * *

                                                  James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                                          Usui Reiki RYOHO
                                       [Copyright © 2011 James Deacon]

The inscription on the Usui Memorial refers to Usui-sensei's practice as:
“Reiki RYOHO”.

Also, we have the document from the Usui Reiki RYOHO Gakkai, entitled the Reiki
RYOHO Hikkei* and in this document the Five Principles are referred to as:
“Usui Reiki RYOHO Kyogi” - that is - “The doctrine of Usui Reiki RYOHO”

And in another section of this same document entitled:
"Kokai Denju Setsumei ” (a Q&A session with Usui-sensei himself)
– the term “Reiki RYOHO” is used over and over again.

One of Chujiro Hayashi's, students: Shou Matsui, writing about the art in a Japanese
Newspaper in 1928, also uses the name “Reiki RYOHO”**

And while actually teaching under the name “Usui Shiki RYOHO”***, Takata-sensei
also referred to Usui-sensei's own practice as Usui “Reiki RYOHO”.

It is the RYOHO part of the name “Reiki Ryoho” which identifies the practice as a
form of therapeutic treatment.

RYOHO (療法) can be translated as: remedy, (medical) treatment, or therapy.

So, is it perhaps a little strange that none of the more popular modern-day Japanese
styles: Gendai Reiki Ho, Komyo Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, Reido Reiki, etc. have the word
RYOHO in their names?

(and, for that matter, is it perhaps also a little strange that none of the creators of
these styles took the opportunity to honour the person from whom they all claim
lineage by including reference to him in the names they have adopted for their

*        Hikkei = “companion” ( i.e.: manual)
**       Interestingly, Matsui makes no mention of the term: “Shin Shin Kaizen” which some people claim
         was part of the name of the system ...
* * *“Usui Shiki” = “Usui-style”

                                                * * * * * * *

                                                  James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
    * * * * * * *

      James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                                   THE OLD MASTER
                                [Copyright © 2011 James Deacon]

The old Master lived alone in the Woods.

One day his student came to see him.

“Master”, he said, “I have a question about that person I sent to you for help.

As you are aware, his life was a mess. He was suffering from all manner of aches,
pains, and minor health issues, and he was plagued by endless problems. He
complained that nothing seemed to go right for him, that there were so many
blockages in his social, professional and personal life – seemed to be trapped in a
cloud of other people's negative energy – felt as if the forces of the universe were
somehow conspiring against him.

I had been treating him twice a week for several months, to no avail.
None of the techniques I used seemed to have more than the very slightest effect on
any of his problems, or if they did, the effect was only temporary – fleeting – the
particular problem returning within days, or else replaced by another which he had
not had before.

Yet from what he tells me, you spoke with him for only a few minutes, treated him
only once; and now his health has improved, aches and pains have gone, he is
beaming with confidence - a power-house of optimism, he has a new job, new
interests, a great social circle – why, his whole life has turned around.

Master, it was my understanding that my training was complete, though now I realise
there must be some secret high-level technique that you have not revealed to me.
Please, Master, will you teach me this special technique you used to help this

The Master shook his head slightly: “I have taught you all the techniques I know.
There is nothing more."

“But I ...” began the student. “Master, I do not understand. What then is the secret?
How is it that your healing power is so much stronger than mine?”

The Master placed a reassuring hand on his student's shoulder. “My power is no
stronger than yours.” he said kindly, “Power has nothing to do with it.”

“Then what is the secret?” asked the student, “How did you manage to bring about
such a dramatic improvement in his life in just one treatment session?”

“Perception.” came the reply.

“Per... ?”

                                          James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
“Let me explain.” continued the Master, “When this person came to you, you saw his
suffering, and his desire for relief. And so you applied your skills, (most diligently) in
an attempt to heal him of the problems he presented with.
When he came to me, I too saw his suffering – his symptoms – then I looked deeper,
sought out the cause behind the symptoms...”

“Ah!” said the student, “so you didn't attempt to alleviate his symptoms – his aches,
his pains, etc?”

“No. Nor did I seek to directly address the other problems he talked about - his
issues, nothing seeming to go right for him, his feelings of being blocked, and how he
thought he was trapped in a cloud of other people's negative energy, and so on.”

“So what exactly did you do?”

“Well” the Master explained, “ I did the most compassionate thing I could do for him:

I simply healed him of his Excuses.”

                                     * * * * * * *

                                     * * * * * * *

                                         James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                             FIVE Usui-Reiki Symbols?

Several styles of Reiki teach additional symbols alongside those handed down from

Most of these styles clearly identify these additional symbols as being just that -
additions to the system.

However, I've noticed of late, there seems to be have been a significant increase in
the number of Reiki masters teaching that Mikao Usui used FIVE Reiki symbols.

I have even seen this repeated in a couple of Reiki books ['No names, no pack drill',
as they say].

Now, in most cases, the Fifth supposedly 'original' Usui Reiki symbol is claimed to be
the lightning-bolt symbol known as "Raku".

Yet Raku played no part in Reiki prior to the 1980's when it was introduced as part of
the pseudo-Tibetan Raku Kei Reiki, created by Reiki master Arthur Robertson....

Some other folks who teach that Mikao Usui used Five Reiki symbols, cite the fifth as
being a symbol called Tamarasha (or as a few people miss-spell it: Tanarasha).

Likewise, Tamarasha, is actually a modern-day symbol borrowed from the KOFUTU
Healing system created by Frank Homan in the 1970's …

The water gets ever muddier...

                                     * * * * * * *

                                        James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                                * * * * * * *

                          [Copyright © 2011 James Deacon]

                          As a thief in the night
           You sought to take that which was not yours to take
       Sought to deprive me of that which was mine and mine alone.

                               Without permission
           Without the common courtesy of even bothering to ask
                    If your 'help' was wanted – was needed
                   You sought to meddle in my life-process
       To disregard my right to be as I choose (for now at least) to be:
        My right to own and hold and live through my own experience
                                   My own pain.

                          Without consulting me
                     Without advising me of your intent

                                    James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
            You sought to steal away my ailments and dis-ease:
               Sought to rob me of a part of my own power
                             To rob me of what
                              I perceive to be
                     A Sacred learning-opportunity.

                          Was it out of naivety?
                             Or simply out of
                A misguided understanding of compassion?

                                  Or did
                    What you perceived as my 'suffering'
                   In some way offend your sensibilities?

                                   Or was it
                            An ego-driven need
                         To act, to 'do': to interfere?

                     Did you think that you knew best
                  Knew what was right and timely for me?

                          You do not know my Soul.

                     You do not know my Soul's needs.

                  My 'condition' is part of my own Journey
                        Part of who I presently am.

                            I will evolve through it
                                In my own way
                                In my own time
                               At my own pace.

                            Be satisfied with this.

                               If only for today
                              Try to understand
     Not everyone sees their 'condition' as something to be healed away.

              “It is the struggle in life that makes Soul's strong”

                                * * * * * * *

                                    James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
     * * * * * * *

       James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                              "CLOUDED, THE TRUTH IS"
                                 - as Yoda might say...
                               [Copyright © 2011 James Deacon]

[While certain angles in each of the symbols shown on this page may vary, in effect they are
actually the same symbol, the differences being essentially down to the drawing styles of
different individuals]

Some people refer to this symbol as: "Kumo" (雲 - 'Cloud'), others call it "Un" (also
written 雲 and also meaning 'Cloud'). Yet others call it: "Zui-un" ( 瑞雲 - 'Auspicious
Clouds') .

And it has another, older, name also, perhaps hinting at its earlier, non Reiki-related
origins …

The Kumo / Un symbol is claimed by some to be a symbol taught by Hayashi-sensei
at a period during the late 1930's. It is claimed that he taught this symbol to at least
one student, instead of the more familiar 'CKR' symbol.

Though, as to why Hayashi-sensei supposedly decided to drop Usui-sensei's CKR
from the Reiki teachings (after having taught it to Takata-sensei a few years earlier)
and replace it with the Kumo / Un symbol, has never been adequately explained.

Unlike the CKR, the Kumo / Un symbol has a very limited application, and is often
referred to simply as the “Byosen symbol” - a reference to its primary usage.

Interestingly, in recent years, several 'Independent' Reiki practitioners in Japan
started using a version of this symbol; not in place of the CKR, but rather as an
additional Reiki symbol, with a significance and function quite different to that

                                          James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
assigned to Kumo / Un.

Commonly, it is drawn like this:

And, in this particular usage, the symbol is not called 雲 ( Kumo / Un) but rather: 浄
(variously written as: Jō, Jo, Joh or Jyo).

This Jō symbol is used specifically and solely for the release / flushing of toxins from
the body.*

The Japanese syllable 'Jō' used here is the same Jō as in 'Jōrei' (the healing system
created by Mokichi Okada)

浄 can imply:
to “cleanse”, “purify” or “exorcise”.
The Jō symbol has its own accompanying jumon-phrase "O-hikari".

"hikari" means light, the "O" is a term of reverence or respect.

"O-hikari" can, in a Reiki Ryoho context, be understood as the" Spiritual Light" of

["O-hikari" also happens to be the term for a 'focusing amulet' worn by Jōrei healers]

And so, this particular version of the symbol, with its accompanying jumon-phrase,
and its specific function / significance, would seem to lead us in an interesting circle,
as, the Kumo / Un ('cloud') symbol first came to light in connection with Reiki
practitioners who had also been involved for some time with the teachings of Mokichi

It is, I feel, particularly significant that, in Jōrei, illness is often perceived in terms of
the build-up of “clouds” - negative energies polluting the spiritual body.

                                           James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
When the 'clouds' are dispelled (via the Jōrei healing process), toxins in the physical
body dissolve and can then be eliminated.

I cannot help but wonder:

From Johrei "clouds" to a modern-day Reiki style's "cloud" symbol - merely a co-
incidence, or perhaps something else ...


* Using the Jō symbol:
This is how it was explained to me:
First, perform a 'general' treatment (at least, cover: the head, upper back, spine, and
abdomen) then, when ready, draw the symbol over the liver area.
The symbol is called "Jō", but this is just its descriptive name.
While drawing the symbol, repeat the jumon-phrase "O-hikari", Twice.
Then place your hands - right hand on top of the left - over the liver area, and let Reiki flow for
as long as you feel appropriate.
Finally, treat the kidneys for a few minutes.

That's it!

So, in order to use the symbol, do you need to receive initiation/attunement for it?

Strange as it may seem, the majority of practitioners find that they do not actually need to be
'attuned' to the symbol (at least not in any formal sense).

Simply working (as outlined above) with the symbol and - importantly – its jumon-phrase, on a
regular basis seems to build a deepening energetic affinity. (The jumon-phrase seems to
bring its own 'power' with it)

You might like to meditate on the Image/Sound:
As you would do with any of the regular Reiki symbols, let Reiki flow and draw the symbol in
the palm of each hand, visualize and feel it pulsate with the Light; and, as you breathe out /
intone the jumon-phrase into the symbol, visualize and feel the Breath of Reiki intensifying the
symbol's resonance.

You might also choose to seek your own creative ways of developing your personal
deepening bond with the symbol. : )

How to pronounce: "O-hikari":

As is the way with all mantras/jumon, correct pronunciation of "O-hikari"is very important.

Here are links to two sound files, giving the Japanese pronunciation:

                 御 ("O")
             光 ("hikari")

                                         * * * * * * *

                                            James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
       [Copyright © 2011 James Deacon] “

               * * * * * * *

                  James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
                           ENHANCING YOUR 'REIKI FLOW'
                                [Copyright © 2009 James Deacon]

I frequently receive emails from people asking me about ways to enhance their 'Reiki

Now, beyond drawing their attention to the understanding that sometimes, 'less is
more' (– that in certain situations, what is actually needed to facilitate optimal healing
is a very gentle, subtle flow rather than a strong, 'impressive', one), the obvious thing
would probably be to simply share with these people several of the so-called
'Japanese Reiki Techniques' such as:

Hatsurei Ho

Gassho Meiso/Gassho Kokyu Ho

Makoto no Kokyu Ho

and possibly other practices, such as:

Kokoro no Kokyu

Seika Tanden Kokyu

or Seitodo.

However, aside from 'prescribing' techniques, I feel we should always be mindful of
any underlying reasons as to why, sometimes, we may feel a need to 'boost' our
Reiki flow (or at least, to boost our perception of & sensitivity to, our Reiki flow)

Is there perhaps something in our general overall lifestyle, or perhaps some more
specific thing, we are doing (or not doing) that is inhibiting, or otherwise having a less
than helpful influence on, the natural Reiki flow?

If there is, then simply resorting to the previously-mentioned techniques, while
ignoring the causes of the situation, may not actually result in the level of
improvement we would hope to see.

So, my question is this:

In examining your own, personal practice, (rather than simply accepting what you
have been told by others) what factors are you aware of as having debilitating effects
on your 'Reiki flow' - and also, what are you aware of as having enhancing effects?

To what extent is the Reiki flow influenced by:

your mood
stress/relaxation level
the time of day*

                                          James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
certain foods and/or drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
environment (i.e. specific location in which you are practising)
sensory stimulus – heat/cold, pressure, motion, sight, sounds, odours/fragrances, etc
being in the company of others/being alone
level of mindfulness/focus
feelings/assumptions about the person you are treating (yourself included)

or any thing else you are aware of.

What changes can we implement to enhance our Reiki flow ?

* Takata-sensei commented how she personally felt the energy was 'higher' around 5.30 -6.00 am.

                                         * * * * * * *

                                             James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g

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