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					                                Guidelines for Setting Effective Goals

 Goals should be an extension of your values.
     • When goals support what you believe in, life becomes more meaningful and exciting.
     • Goals based on values make it easier for you to determine your priorities.
     • Prioritize goals, and then focus your efforts on no more than 2-3 of them.
     • Goals should have a defined objective and deadline that allows you to measure progress. (Goals such
          as happiness, success, and wealth are too vague to be effective.)

 Goals should be written.
         Writing down your goals represents a commitment and has been proven to have a powerful influence
          on the brain’s subconscious.

 Set challenging yet realistic goals.
      • Be realistic.
      • Set intermediate short-term goals which bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

 Visualize your goals.
      • The more details your visualized goals contain, the easier it is for your subconscious to embrace them.
      • When your mind accepts your visualized goal as reality, you will work long and hard to achieve it.

 Reward yourself.
     • This provides incentive and helps overcome roadblocks such as procrastination.
     • Figure out ahead of time how you’ll reward yourself after you accomplish a goal.

                                                Write an Action Plan

 Your Action Plan
     • Answers the question: “How” will I achieve my goals
              – It outlines the specific steps needed to accomplish the result you want.
                     • Where do I start?
                     • What strategies work the best?
                     • What resources will give me the outcome I want?
     • These are definite steps you can take to make your goals reality.

 Create a Goal Activity Page
      • Use one piece of paper for each goal.
      • State goal concisely and specifically.
      • On the left, list all the activities that will enable you to reach goal in order of importance.
      • To the right, list who or what can help you accomplish that step.
      • In a third column, write a target date.

 Start Now
      • NOW is the secret to success.
      • Start with an activity that corresponds with your most important goal.
      • Focus on it and do the following:
             – Spend five minutes a day doing a step under your goal.
             – Don’t wait for perfect conditions. Expect problems. Tackle them as they arise.
             – If you fear taking action, focus just on what is required to complete a single activity.

 Record your Progress
     • Charting provides you with the motivation needed to achieve your ultimate goal.
             – Daily journal, progress chart, etc.
     • Progress in desired direction provides perseverance needed to carry on
     • Progress away from goal can be quickly detected and corrected

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