Eighth Grade Research Project

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					Ada Merritt K-8 Center
        What is the 8th Grade
         Research Project?
The MYP Research Project is a great opportunity to:

 learn about a topic that interests you
 apply the skills you have developed while participating in
  the Middle Years Programme at Ada Merritt K-8 Center in
  all your subjects and through Approaches to Learning
 develop and showcase talents and interests that you may
  have and apply them to a chosen goal
 apply your knowledge of the Design Cycle

Your Research Project should also clearly focus on an
  issue or theme closely related to one of the Areas of
    What your 8th Grade
 Research Project should be:
 have a clear and achievable goal
 allow you to express a truly personal message
 be the result of your initiative, creativity, and ability to
  organize and plan
 reflect your special interests, hobbies, special
  abilities, or concerns about particular issues
 deal with a topic or area to which you are committed
  and which has an impact on life, society, and/or the
 be entirely your own work—authenticity is very
  important and you will be required to sign a
  document stating that the project is your own work.
What your 8th Grade Research
Project should not be:
 a group project
 an all-consuming project taking over your whole
  personal and social life
 an interference with your studies, even though it will
  involve many hours of work
 anything that does not truly reflect your own work,
  values, interests and/or concerns
How will it be graded?
 Your project will be graded using the Technology
  assessment criteria.
 The various phases of the Design Cycle will each receive
  a grade.
 Your final product, personal statement and presentation
  will be evaluated using a project rubric
 All components of the project will be required to qualify
  for the Ada Merritt K-8 Center IB Certificate and Pin.

You will receive guidance and support during your
  technology /gifted classes to ensure that your project has
  all the required components.
What type of project can you
Depending on your goal, at the conclusion of your
 research, your product may be:

 an original work of art (for example, visual, dramatic or
 a written piece of work on a special topic (for example,
  literary, social, psychological or anthropological)
 a piece of literary fiction (for example, creative writing)
 an original science experiment
 an invention or specially designed object or system
 the presentation of a developed business, management,
  or organizational plan, or the development of a new
  student or community organization.
What are the required components of
the 8th Grade Research Project?
A Design Folder detailing your work
 through all the phases of the Design Cycle
 A product
 A presentation of the project with visual
 A personal statement

Remember: All components will be required to qualify for the Ada
 Merritt K-8 Center IB Certificate and Pin.
The Personal Statement:

   A Cover/Title Page
   A Table of contents
   An Introduction: the focus of your project with a
    link to an Area of Interaction
   A Rationale: why you chose this project
   An Overview: the process you followed to
    complete this project
   A Conclusion: reflecting on the process, the
    product and its impact on life, society, and/or the
   A Bibliography
   Appendices: any additional documents, charts,
    etc. needed to further explain your project.
        Eighth Grade Research Project 2012-2013
                  Completion Timeline

   Brainstorm topics, propose 3 options   10/16
   Revisions and Conferencing             10/17-12/21
   Submit a final proposal                1/10/2013

Third Grading Period:
   SMART Goal
   Design Folder
   Product
   Personal Statement
   Presentations

Fourth Grading Period:
   MYP Tech Fair
Enjoy this opportunity to:
• learn more about yourself and a
  topic that interests you
• show off your knowledge,
  skills, and talents!
                    Ada Merritt K-8 Center
 What is the guiding question you want to pursue?
 What do you think might be the answer to that
 What do you have to do to check whether your
  hypothesis/thesis is correct?
 How much time do you expect to need to do these
  things? To analyze them? To present your analysis?
 What do you expect to accomplish during class?
 Which Area of Interaction (besides Approaches to
  Learning) does your project specifically address?
                    SMART Goal
 Specific -What exactly do you seek to accomplish with this
    project? What knowledge will you have acquired by the end of the
    quarter, and what product will you have created?
   Measurable -How will you know you have accomplished your
    goal? Attach a rubric that you will use to evaluate your finished
    product. The criteria should reflect application of your personal
    learning goals for this project.
   Area of Interaction -Describe a clear and appropriate connection to
    an Area of Interaction that will help you to focus your work and
    perspective on the issue.
   Realistic -Is the project of an appropriate scope ? Can it be
    completed within those constraints?
   Timely -How will you manage your time during this quarter in order to
    complete the project you have selected?
 Create a visual presentation that can be used at
 our upcoming Technology Fair to display and
 explain your culminating project. Explain:
   Your topic and why you chose it
   Your academic goals and how this project
    meets them
   The process you followed to complete this
    project, including your use of the Design Cycle
   Your product

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