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June 18th 2008   Green IT
                      Vijay Sethi
                 VP – IS and CIO
                     Hero Honda

Green IT – Some Thoughts

Initiatives at Hero Honda


Green IT – Some Thoughts
Initiatives at Hero Honda

         Can We Relate to this

How Manhattan might look like if global
warming continued until polar ice caps
     What is Impacting Environment

 Emissions to air
 Releases to water
 Releases to land
 Use of toxic materials in equipment
 Use of resources to produce Energy
 Energy emitted from use of Products
 Waste and by-products
                            …. Etc etc
             Environmental Impact

Environmental impact for any organization can be broadly
classified into 3 categories:

A. Environmental impact of IT used by an organization.

   This includes consumption of energy in the data center
   or for PCs / Laptops, printing and networking equipment;
   electronic waste and asset disposal etc.
            Environmental Impact

B. Environmental impact of an organization’s
   business operations

   This includes the environmental effects of material and
   energy consumption; emissions or waste from
   manufacturing and other operational processes; paper
   consumption for administrative purposes; lighting,
   heating and cooling for buildings; workforce commuting
   and mobility; vehicle fleets; waste disposal etc etc.
            Environmental Impact
C. Environmental impact in the "in use" phase of the
   enterprise's products

e.g. for a 2 wheeler manufacturer, the energy that goes into
   manufacturing components in-house or by our supply
   chain partners and having them shipped, assembling
   bikes, shipping to dealers etc is part of the category B.
   The petrol used for bikes and their carbon dioxide
   emissions are part of the third category C. Finally, IT that
   runs the factory, as well as all other processes,
   constitutes the category A.
….And IT can help in saving

This is what Green IT is all
                         Role of IT
IT can work on

 All 3 Categories

 Reducing Carbon Footprint and Usage of energy of IT

 Making Organization processes more energy efficient

 Help Organizations ‘compute’ and ‘analyze’ environmental
  impact of activities

 Help in changing the Rules of Game as such – e.g.
  collaboration, digital signatures, e-banking, video
  conferencing etc
 Constraints to the Adoption of Green IT
Lack of Awareness
   Green IT as a key area is only now starting to resonate
    with IT managers

Hidden Energy Costs
   Many times, IT management have no clue how much
    energy their operations are consuming as bill may not
    even come to IT

 Most change costs money now, even if there are
    savings to be had later on
 Constraints to the Adoption of Green IT

Lack of Specifications / Regulations

   No formal mandate is many times a good excuse for not

    acting. There are hardly any regulations or standards or

    audit requirements

Change Management

   Not able to get buy in from staff to play their part in

    helping, such as reducing print volumes and using

    conference calls to reduce unnecessary travel.
Why Companies Are Thinking of Green IT

Is Cost Savings or the Environmental Issue the Real


 Many enterprises are motivated primarily by cost savings

 Some however have "How much money can we save?"
  question after they've asked "How much CO2 and
  energy can I save?”

 Cutting costs and improving environmental performance
  are not mutually exclusive in many cases

Green IT – Some Thoughts

Initiatives at Hero Honda
              Hero Honda
 Joint venture of Hero Group of India and
  Honda Motors - Japan

 World’s largest Two wheeler company for 7th
  year in a row

 Certified ISO 14001 Organization

 Turnover ~ 2.6 B USD

 Output ~ 3.5 M / Yr
Hero Honda Guiding Philosophy

“We must do something

 for   the   community

 from whose land we

 generate our wealth.”

               Mr. Brijmohan Lall, Chairman
               IT Policy
 Information        Technology   is   a   key

……..Being       a     Socially   responsible
 organization, we will take all the
 necessary steps for an environmental
 friendly ‘Green’ IT .
Green IT Initiatives that we have taken
   New and Energy Efficient Datacenter with
    Power Management Features
   Virtualization and Server Consolidation
   TFTs in place of CRTs
   Reduction of Printers
   Video Conferencing / Collaboration Tools –
    to reduce travel
   Buying of Energy certified equipment –
    replacing old inefficient equipment
 Green IT Initiatives that we are taking

As next step, working on:

   Recycling & Disposal Policies

   Paper less Office

   Energy Audit

Green IT – Some Thoughts

Initiatives at Hero Honda

           Green IT

In plain language, Green IT is

working out means of how IT

  can help ‘Save our Planet’

 from environmental issues
            To Summarize…..

Green IT
   Is not a product
   It is not a one time effort
   It is an organization wide
    continuous ‘process’
    Key Mantras to being ‘Green’

    Reduce

    Recycle

    Reuse
        To Summarize….Role of IT
 IT Managers have an opportunity to improve the
  environmental footprints of their IT infrastructure,
  and an even bigger opportunity to make a real
  contribution to helping the enterprise contribute to
  tackling climate change.
  ….But…… for That to Happen

 We all Need to Act Now


 Training and Awareness is crucial for success
Thank You

    For Details, please contact
                       Vijay Sethi
                  VP – IS and CIO
                     Hero Honda

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