GOAL - Combined 3rd and 4th Grade Field Trip by 1j078e


									              GOAL - Combined Primary Grades (2-4) Field Trip
                            October 24, 2012
                       Allegheny Portage Railroad

Tentative Itinerary

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

8:30 Meet at Memorial Stadium parking lot, downtown Latrobe
8:45  Depart for the Portage Railroad
10:00 Arrive at Portage Railroad, Gallitzin, PA
      Introductory Movie (Featuring Charles Dickens)
      Hiking Trail (Wear walking shoes)
      Period Demonstration/Puppet Show
      Tour of the Lemon House and Engine House
12:15 Lunch (Bring a brown bag lunch)
1:15  Leave the Portage Railroad
2:45  Arrive back at Memorial Stadium for parent pickup

We will need some parent chaperones. Chaperones will be chosen on a first come, first serve
basis. Cost is $1.00/student and adults are free. Please send $1.00 in cash along with the
attached permission form to Mr. Comm by October 2.

Students are required to bring a brown bag lunch.

Please e-mail at joseph.comm@glsd.k12.pa.us if you have any questions. Thank you for your

Please detach the following and return to Mr. Comm

I give permission for ________________________________ to attend the primary grades
GOAL field trip to the Allegheny Portage Railroad on October 24. This year, students will
again be traveling by school bus for their GOAL field trip. I am able to bring my child to
Memorial Stadium parking lot, downtown Latrobe by 8:30 am. I relieve the Greater Latrobe
School District, teachers, and chaperones of responsibility connected with the field trip
experience.                                           _____________________________
                                                            Parent Signature
________      Yes, I would like to attend the field trip to the Portage Railroad on October 24.
              My email address is _________________________________________________.
*If someone other than parent is picking up the student: My child will be picked up at 2:45 at
Memorial Stadium by ________________________________, ____________________.
                                                                   (Relation to student)

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