Thursday Evening by 1j078e


									    THURSDAY, FEB. 21           TOUR THURSDAY                                                                                                       ADJOURNMENT
          OPTIONAL              SundMist Pastures               ANA Board        Make Notes on       Last Chance!       Complete your                 FOLLOWS
         FARM TOURS           Country Squire Winery               Mtg.           Evaluation Form   Buy $1 Raffle       EVALUATION -                  SESSION III
        2:00-5:00 PM              Jackson Farm                                     After Each      Tickets and Bid        Turn In At                 in (Room)
Reception 5:00 – 6:00 PM       Shelton Herb Farm              Thursday Evening       Session           on Silent     Adjournment Following       Turn in Evaluations
     Silver Coast Winery          Indigo Farms                    8:30 PM                           Auction Items         Session III          Silent Auction Winners
       Brunswick County          Holden Brothers
                                Twiddle Dee Farm
   FRIDAY – FEBRUARY 22                                         Session I – A    NETWORKING            LUNCH             Session II – A             Session III – A
Growth & Prosperity                                    9:20   9:45 – 10:45 AM       TIME              11:00 AM           1:15 – 2:15 PM             2:30 – 3:30 PM
                                                         -                                            Ballroom                                           Room
   in Your Future                                      9:45        Room          10:45 – 11:00       SPEAKER                  Room                    Adjournment
                                                                                                    Noon – 1 PM                                    After This Session
                                                              Strong Business    Visit the Trade   Human-Earth       Down on the Farm:         Starting Up – The “Wow
    8:30 – 9:20 AM
                                                              Models – Success       Show ---      Relationship      Sharing & Comparing       and Whoa” Learning Curve
                                                                on the Farm      Talk with New     through Earth     Your Stories
Welcome & Opening
                                                        N                        Friends ---       Literacy and                                Deborah Brown
President’s Report
                              Election of 2013 Board    E     Tammy Peterson     Buy Raffle        Local Economy     Facilitator               High Ground Farm
                              *Nomination of 2013             Hubbs Corn Maze    Tickets to                                                    Harnett County
Business Meeting                                        T
                              Officers                        Sampson County     Support the       Megan Toben       In “round table”
 Old Business                                           W
                              *Districts Caucus &                                ANA Education                       format, conference        Lane Gregory
  Treasurer’s Report – 2012
                              Each Nominates 2 Dist.    O     Angela Shur        & Scholarship     Pickards          participants will share   Gregory Vineyards
  Minutes 2012 Annual Mtg.
                              Directors                 R     Miss Angel’s       Fund              Mountain Eco-     successes, new tips &
New Business
                              *Installation of 2013           Heavenly Pies                        Institute         challenges during the
  Incorporate ANA                                       K
                              ANA Board of                    Surry County       (Silent Auction   Orange County     years they have been
  Affiliate with NAFDMA
                              Directors                                          and) Bucket                         in business
  Budget - 2013
                                                                                 Raffle Drawing
                                                                                 at Lunch

     ** ALL DAY **                                            Session I – B                                               Session II – B            Session III – B
      TRADE SHOW               Fill Out Evaluations           9:45 – 10:45 AM                                            1:15 – 2:15 PM             2:30 – 3:30 PM
                                                                    Room                                                      Room                       Room

       TRADE SHOW             RATE YOUR ANA             T     The Vineyard                               T           The Traveling Public -    Maintaining the Success
                              CONFERENCE –                    Phenomenon                                             From the Road to the      Curve After Year One
        EXHIBITS                                        R                                                R
                                 Rate speakers &                                                                     Parking Lot
           and                                          A                                                A
                              Session on Evaluation           Maryann Azzato                                                                   Carla Peterson
         VENDORS                                        D     Silver Coast                               D           Margaret Shelton          TwiddleDee Farm
         Roan                 ANA SCHOLARSHIP &         E     Winery                                     E           Shelton Herb Farm at      Sampson
  Set-up – 6 pm Thurs         EDUC. FUN Raffle                Brunswick County                                       Goodman Farm
                              Tickets - $1                                                                           Brunswick County          Chad Ray
                                                        S                                                S
(names to be listed later)                                    Robby Smith                                                                      Ray Farms
                                                        H     Country Squire                             H           Kelly Holden              Franklin County
                                                        O     Winery &                                   O           Holden Brothers
                                                        W     Restaurant                                             Produce
                                                              Duplin County                                          Brunswick County

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