History 7 Ch 17 Lesson Plan

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					                                              History 7- Unit 4: Imperial China
                                 Ch.17- China Develops a New Economy

Lesson Plan- Week of: Jan. 16-20 , 2012 Monday Holiday

CA Content Standard: 7.3 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the
civilizations of China in the Middle Ages.
          7.3.2 Describe agricultural, technological, and commercial developments during the Tang and Song periods.
          7.3.3 Analyze the influences of Confucianism and changes in Confucian thought during the Song and Mongol
          7.3.5 Trace the historic influence of such discoveries as tea, the manufacture of paper, wood-block printing, the
                 compass, and gunpowder.

Lesson Schedule
Day             Learning Project                             Due              Project Pts.    Score
Monday          Holiday: M.L. King                           Today            4
                                                             Friday           4

Tuesday         Citizenship                                  Today            4
                CW: Reading Outline:                         Friday           4

Wednesday       Citizenship                                  Today            4
                CW: Study Guide                              Friday           4

Thursday        Citizenship                                  Today            4
                CW: GRAPES paper                             Friday           4

Friday          Citizenship                                  Today            4
                TEST                                         Today            11
                Due: All work                                Today

Grading Rubric: Reading Outline, GRAPES Paper, and Workbook
Incomplete work not accepted. Late work requires a parent signature.
4 pts. On time
3 pts. 1 day late
2 pts. 2 days late
1 pt.  3-5 days late

Citizenship Grade Rubric: (daily)
1 pt.   On time
2 pts. On time and class materials
3 pts. On time, class materials, and appropriate behavior
4 pts. On time, class materials, appropriate behavior, and on task throughout.

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