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					            APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

 Exercise          TE 1

 Category          Port Facility Tabletop Exercise

 Type              Ship and Shore Interface, Contiguous Zone Security and
                   Contingency Response
 Security          1 or 2

1. The security of a port facility depends not only on the careful planning and
   implementation of security measures, but also its’ response to incidents.
   Responses to security incidents should be pre-determined and specified in
   procedures in the PFSP. These incidents may not occur routinely but security
   staff needs to be ready to carry out the correct actions when they do occur.

2. This is a basic Table Top Exercise that is designed to be conducted by the
   port facility. It would be useful as an introductory exercise for the port facility
   that has not conducted an exercise of this nature previously or as a
   preparation to a live exercise. It can be modified as necessary to meet the
   needs and the experience of the port facility.

3. To enhance the proficiency of the port facility security team in controlling Ship
   and Shore Interface, maintaining contiguous zone security and responding to

4. Participants will explain the appropriate measures to be taken, in accordance
   with security plan, to handle security incidents and list the actions to be taken,
   in accordance with procedures, when responding to security incidents.

5. On completion of the Exercise, participants will:
           Be familiar with ship and shore interface procedures
           Know how to respond correctly to contingencies relating to ship and
            shore control and contiguous zone security.
           Be able to carry out their duties relating to ship and shore control and
            contiguous zone security confidently.
           Suggest changes or improvements to the security plan and procedures,
            if any.

Volume 3                                                                           TE1 Pg 1
           APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities


6. Exercise Director : Mr XYZ (recommended to be senior designated person
   other than the PFSO)

7. Planning Group – The Planning Group will not be necessary unless there is an
   intention to review or amend this exercise. In this case, the following personnel
   are recommended:
          PFSO
          Security Manager or equivalent
          Any other personnel from Operation, Human Resource, IT Department,
           Maintenance, Logistics etc

8. Controllers:
          Chief Controller : Mr ABC (recommended to be the PFSO or someone
           with ability to conduct an exercise)
          Controllers : Security Manager or equivalent

9. Players:
          PFSO
          Security Supervisors
          Operations Supervisors

10. Exercise Safety Officer – The appointment of safety officer is not required as
    this is a discussion.

11. Meeting room with the following:
          Computer (s), projector, screen
          Chairs and tables
          Layout of port facility
          Stationery for note taking

12. Funding may be needed for the following:
          Rental for rooms and cost for setting up
          Refreshments

Volume 3                                                                          TE1 Pg 2
           APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

13. Refer to Exercise Announcement (or if there are changes, an updated
    schedule can be posted here)

14. The sharp and severe economic downturn has led to high unemployment
    amongst the population and growing poverty situation.

15. The security situation has deteriorated with petty thefts and robbery becoming
    more common. The robbery and thefts have affected both private homes as
    well as offices. The police have warned that the spate of crimes is likely to
    increase and may even affect places that have security forces in place.

16. For Controllers:
          Be familiar with the security procedures.
          Decide on the exact wording for injects and brainstorm answers to
           possible questions that may be asked by the players.
          The EPCT is free to alter or add any injects as provided below in
           response to the actions taken by the participants.
          Carry out the exercise as planned.
          Note the responses of the players.

17. For Players.
          To be familiar with the various procedures and be ready to apply them
           to the exercise.

18. The Chief Controller can terminate the exercise when it is deemed that the
    objectives have been achieved.

Volume 3                                                                          TE1 Pg 3
             APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

 The flow of the table top exercise is event based, as such, the timing is not critical. Expected response column is just a guide and should
 be substituted with existing standard operating procedure of port facility.

S/N   Time     Description of Inject                                    Purpose               From               To           Expected
001   0900     Ex XXX Starts                                  To commence                     Chief Controller   All          None
002   0905     Two seafarer going ashore and do not have      Test                            Controller         Security     Check with
               any identification papers. They claim they are disembarkation                  (guards at Gate    Supervisor   vessel and
               from MV Liberty but their names are not on     procedure.                      2)                              determine
               the ship’s crew list.                          Possible stowaway                                               identity of the
                                                              from vessel                                                     two seafarer
003   0910     Captain of MV Pacific request permission to    Test procedure for              Controller         Ops          Test knowledge
               lower lifeboat in water for its routine        waterside security              (Captain)          Supervisor   of port policy
               mandatory safety drills
004   xxxx     Captain of MV Liberty do not know who the      Facilitate exercise             Controller       PFSO           Determine
               two seafarers are.                             play - 002                      (Captain of MV                  identity of the
                                                                                              Liberty)                        two seafarer
005   0920     Suspicious car seen to be loitering outside              Test response to      Controller (CCTV Security       Ask Patrol guard
               port facility at location X. Driver is seen              an incident outside   officer)         Supervisor     to investigate
               taking pictures and video of operations in the           of port facility                                      and identify
               port. Can’t see the car plate number
006   0925     Delivery Truck exiting the port facility has             Test response for     Controller         Security     Investigate and
               onboard hidden in back of truck the following            smuggling incident    (guards at Gate    Supervisor   inform
               items: 5 LED TV sets, 6 boxes of car spare                                     2)                              authorities.
               parts, 10 carton containing laptops.
007   0930     Port Vice President asking for a feedback                Test knowledge on     Controller (Port   PFSO         Provide

 Volume 3                                                                                                                                TE1 Pg 4
             APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

S/N   Time     Description of Inject                                    Purpose               From                 To           Expected
               and suggestion report on how to enhance the water side security                Vice President)                   suggestion on
               current port facility water side security and                                                                    security
               the resources required. He expect the report                                                                     measures
               within an hour
008   0935     Suspicious car drive off when patrolling      Facilitate exercise              Controller (Patrol   Security     Investigate and
               guard reaches location.                       play - 005                       guard)               Supervisor   identify

009   0940     Found a ladder leaning against the fence.                Test breach in        Controller           Security     Disciplinary
               One port worker is climbing down the ladder              access control        (patrolling          Supervisor   action on port
               into the port. Port worker has proper ID. Port                                 guards)                           worker. Remove
               worker explain that this is the shortest                                                                         ladder.
               access to the workplace from his village.
               Several of his work friends are also using the
010   0950     Found a package that looks like drug inside a            Test procedure on     Controller           Security     Detain, call
               haversack of a seafarer who is going ashore.             what to do if         (guards at Gate      Supervisor   authority. Full
               Seafarer is from vessel MV Evergreen                     suspected drug is     1)                                check on any
                                                                        found on a                                              seafarer from
                                                                        seafarer                                                same ship going
011   0955     A senior foreman, is upset with PFSO for                 Test contingency      Controller (senior Security       Ask HR to
               removing the ladder. The ladder provide easy             plan                  foreman)           Supervisor     management to
               access for a large number of port workers                                                                        handle situation.
               who are living in nearby village. He said he
               will stage a protest and work strike if ladder
               is not restored.
012   1000     <<Note: If no permission is given, Captain               Facilitate exercise   Controller           Ops          Activate
               will disobey and continue with safety drill >>           play -003             (Captain)            Supervisor   emergency
               During the lowering of lifeboat, the release                                                                     procedure

 Volume 3                                                                                                                                 TE1 Pg 5
             APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

S/N   Time     Description of Inject                                    Purpose               From              To           Expected
               gear got accidentally activated and lifeboat
               falls into water. Injuring 3 seafarers. Request
               for emergency medical help
013   1005     Suspicious car is now seen outside port                  Facilitate exercise   Controller (CCTV Security      Investigate and
               facility at location Y. Driver is seen taking            play                  officer)         Supervisor    identify. Inform
               pictures of the premises and throwing some                                                                    authorities
               small packages over the fence. Car Plate
               number PJA 4431.
014   xxxx     Police/Custom confirms that the package in               Facilitate exercise   Controller        Security     Facilitate with
               seafarer haversack is opium.                             play-010              (Police/Custom)   Supervisor   custom to do a
                                                                                                                             check onboard
                                                                                                                             MV Evergreen
015   1015     A loud explosion is heard from a neighboring             Test response to      Controller        Security     Investigate and
               Port XYZ/Factory XYZ/Warehouse XYZ.                      an incident in        (guards at Gate   Supervisor   find out what
                                                                        contiguous zone.      1)                             happen get more

016   1025     Technician reported diesel fuel of standby               Indication of         Controller        Ops          Measures to
               generator very low. Was just topped up 2                 pilferage,            (Technician)      Supervisor   prevent future
               days ago.                                                possibility of                                       occurrences.
                                                                        breach in access
017   1030     Secure file cabinet found open and copy of                                     Controller        Security
               Port Facility Security Plan is found missing.                                  (Admin clerk)     Supervisor
018   1035     Explosion comes from stowage area                        Facilitate exercise   Controller        PFSO         Investigate and
               containing dangerous goods. No other info at             play – if info is     (guard,                        find out what
               moment.                                                  asked                 neighbour etc)                 happen get more

 Volume 3                                                                                                                               TE1 Pg 6
             APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

S/N   Time     Description of Inject                                    Purpose               From              To           Expected
019   1040     Stevedore foreman working on MV Liberty                  Facilitate exercise   Controller        Ops          Report to
               reported container seals from 5 containers               play – 002-           (Stevedore        Supervisor   Security to follow
               broken. Also found one empty container                   evidence of           foreman)                       up.
               without handle and inside contain traces of              pilferage and
               food, clothing and human waste.                          stowaway hideout

020   1050     Maintenance technician inform that while                 Test possible
               checking on a lighting post, he noticed                  pilferage of power
               several unfamiliar wires being connected and             supply
               the wire lead to outside the port facility
021   1100     Smoke is drifting towards port area. Some                Facilitate exercise   Controller (HR    Ops          Evacuate? What
               people in the port admin building and some               play                  manager)          Supervisor   smake is it?
               port workers are experiencing nausea
022   1105     During routine custom audit of bond                      Test response for     Controller        PFSO         Investigate
               warehouse, following were found missing:                 pilferage and         (Custom)                       breach in
               200 cartons of cigarette and 10 boxes of                 security of                                          security..
               whisky                                                   restricted area.
023   1115     A length of metal drain rail cover in an isolate         Test procedures       Controller (Ops   Ops          Safety measures
               part of the port facility is missing. The hole is        for contiguous        staff)            Supervisor   for missing
               big enough for someone to enter the port                 zone security.                                       covers, prevent
               illegally                                                Possibility of                                       further pilferage
                                                                        breach in access
                                                                        control, pilferage,
024   1125     News Flash. Explosion in Port XYZ/Factory                Facilitate exercise   Controller (TV    PFSO         Consider that
               XYZ/Warehouse XYZ is believe to be an act                play                  News )                         same can
               by militant group “Black November”. 4                                                                         happen to own
               container storage tank containing Ammonia                                                                     port. Level 2
               gas                                                                                                           measures???

 Volume 3                                                                                                                              TE1 Pg 7
             APEC Manual of Maritime Security Drills and Exercises for Port Facilities

S/N   Time     Description of Inject                                    Purpose          From               To   Expected
025   1130     Exercise End                                             Termination of   Chief Controller

 Volume 3                                                                                                                   TE1 Pg 8

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