The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe by 91Wggn3


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                                        Period: ___________ Date: ___________

                         The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

Fill this worksheet out as you watch the documentary on Edgar Allan Poe.

Poe was blessed and ___________________ by his genius.

Poe’s mother was struck down with ___________________.

Poe’s mother was ______ years old when she died.

Poe’s foster mother died of _________________________.

Poe was young, a genius and ______________________.

Poe had a hard time selling _______________________. He was at the mercy
of the ______________________.

Poe married his _______________ cousin named _________________ who was
only ______________ years old.

He created detective stories to _______________________________________.

Consumption was the __________________________ to Poe.

Poe realized that like all his other relatives, his wife Virginia had _____________.

Poe’s nickname became __________________________.

Poe earned _________________ dollars for “The Raven”.

The Raven is a rehearsal for his own _______________________________.

Poe immortalized his bride by writing the poem __________________________.

Poe’s _____________ year was his final year.

Poe’s last words before he died were __________________________________.

Poe used to ______________________________________________________.

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