Fall Preview Predictions by 91Wggn3


									Review the descriptions of the 50 new shows on the four major networks: ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS and the
other networks CW, AMC, FX, HBO and Showtime, are adding to their line-ups on the website
http://www.tvguide.com/special/fall-preview/newshows.aspx?wcid=16 or Google each network and visit
those sites. Have fun by watching the preview videos and pick out your top five favorites for the fall! They
must be NEW shows and not returning from last year!

Please answer the following five questions for five of the 50 new shows listed. For each of the five new
shows you choose, please write the title of the show and then answer the following five questions:

1. Who do you feel is the Target Market (the audience the show is marketed to) for the show (be specific as
   possible i.e. age, gender, race, etc.) and why?

2. Will the show succeed or not? Give a detailed reason for your answer.

3. Looking at the competition the show is up against in its time slot, which show will have the best ratings of
   the ones currently listed—why? (Only look at the major networks for this question)

4. What do you think of the trailer for this new show?

5. What is the buzz for this new show? (look for critics critiques for the new fall shows)

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After you have completed the above activity for your five chosen shows, please answer the following
questions about the Fall Season overall. (Remember; think about the viewing public, not just your own
personal likes or dislikes, and what did well last season.)

1. What shows have you already seen promoted and where? Did these teasers create an interest for you to
   want to watch the show (at least once) or completely turn you off?

2. Which show do you feel will be the first one pulled off the air and how quickly (in weeks)? Why?

3. Choose one show that you think may be successful if it was aired on a different day or in a different time
   slot. Write down where you would move that show to provide a better opportunity for higher ratings and
   explain why.

4. Which show will be the best NEW drama, comedy, and reality program? Why?

5. Which show will be the best NEW show overall (will get the highest ratings)? Why?

6. What is your prediction for what the three top rated new shows of the new Fall season will be?

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Watch one new show from your list of 5 in Part One over the next two weeks (it might be helpful to tape or
TiVO/DVR the show for this part). Answer the questions below with well thought out responses. The bold-
faced questions will need to be done at home; the rest can be done in class. Please ask questions if you do not

   1. Name of television show

   2. Network

   3. Day of week

   4. Time

   5. Name of show on before this show (the lead-in)

   6. Name of the show after this show

   7. Names of shows in the same time slot but on other networks

   8. Type of show (comedy/drama/news)

   9. Main cast members

   10. Rating of the show (TV-G, etc), which should appear on the TV screen at the beginning of the show.

   11. While you watch the show, list ALL the products advertised in commercials. Also see if you notice any
       new products.

   12. Describe the plot of the episode watched (one paragraph)

   13. Having watched the episode, give your opinion as to whether you think the show will last through the
       complete television year or not. Give at least three reasons why or why not.

   14. Now that you have watched this show, are there other shows similar to it on television? How are they
       similar? (Example: characters, plot, etc)

   15. Using clues from the advertisers and the content of the show: Describe the target market for this
       show. List at least 5 different characteristics (age, gender, education, income level, occupation,
       hobbies, likes/dislikes, socioeconomic status, etc.) of the target market.

Bonus Points

   o Find an advertisement for your television show. It can be in either a magazine or newspaper print
     advertisement. Attach your findings to your report.

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Using The USA Today Television ratings section, research the television audience ratings (Neilson Ratings) for
the week. Remember that this number represents approximately how many people watched the television
show. Write down the rating number that the show you viewed in Part two received. Then explain how it
ranked among the other television shows during that time slot as well as compared to other shows overall.

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