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									              Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one way that consumers who are struggling with
debt can seek relief through the bankruptcy court. Chapter 13 is a popular
option for those facing foreclosure, as it can stop the process in its tracks.

If you've fallen behind on bills, filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 may
allow to you get back on track by reorganizing your debts into one
affordable monthly payment. Thousands of people file Chapter 13
bankruptcy each month, and find that it can allow them to keep their
homes, cars and other important possessions while dealing with their

Ask a lawyer if filing bankruptcy could help you eliminate your debt and
stop foreclosure or repossession of your property . Chapter 13 was
designed to stop to foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishments, lawsuits
and creditor harassment.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a filer to consolidate, prioritize, repay,
and, in some cases, reduce or eliminate old debt while receiving the
powerful protection against creditors. Instead of dealing with multiple
creditors and bills, Chapter 13 creates a single repayment plan that is
managed by the court.

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