January 2013 OHS Lunch Menu by yTx9N4J2


									                                                   January 2013 OHS Lunch Menu
                                              All lunches are served with a choice of 1%, skim, or chocolate milk
Monday                        Tuesday                      Wednesday                          Thursday                     Friday
                              1                            2 Choose 1 Entrée:                 3 Choose 1 Entrée:           4 Choose 1 Entrée:
                              NO SCHOOL:                   *Soft Shell Tacos                  *Chicken Nuggets             *BBQ Ribs
                              Happy New Year!              *Chimichangas                      *Pot Roast                   *French Bread Cheese Pizza
                                                           *Made-to-Order Sub                 *Made-to-Order Sub           *Made-to-Order Sub Sandwiches
                                                           Sandwiches                         Sandwiches                   *California Blend Veggies
                                                           *Spanish Rice                      *Mashed Potatoes & Gravy     *Rosy Applesauce
                                                           *Refried Beans                     *Carrots                     *Salad Bar
                                                           *Mandarin Oranges                  *Bananas                     *Dinner Roll
                                                           *Salad Bar                         *Salad Bar
                                                                                              *Dinner Roll
7 Choose 1 Entrée:            8 Choose 1 Entrée:           9 (1 hr. early out)                10 Choose 1 Entrée:          11 Choose 1 Entrée:
*Baked Ham                    *Breaded Chicken             Choose 1 Entrée:                   *Baked Potato Bar: Choose    *Macaroni & Cheese
Egg Rolls: Choose from Pork   Sandwich                     *Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce            from Chili, Ham, Broccoli,   *Sloppy Joe’s
or Chicken                    *Fajitas: Choose from        *BBQ Rib Patty Sandwich            Cheese Sauce                 *Made-to-Order Sub Sandwiches
*Sub Sandwich of the Week:    Beef or Chicken              *Made-to-Order Sub                 *Chili Dog                   *Twister Fries
Bacon-Ranch Chicken           *Made-to-Order Sub           Sandwiches                         *Made-to-Order Sub           *Mixed Veggies
*Scalloped Potatoes           Sandwiches                   *Carrot Coins                      Sandwiches                   *Kiwi Slices
*Broccoli                     *Spanish Rice                *Breadsticks                       *Green Beans                 *Salad Bar
*Orange Wedges                *Refried Beans               *Bananas                           *Pears
*Salad Bar                    *Apple Slices w/Caramel      *Salad Bar                         *Salad Bar
*Chocolate Chunk Cookies      Dip
                              *Salad Bar
14 Choose 1 Entrée:           15 Choose 1 Entrée:          16 (1 hr. early out)               17 Choose 1 Entrée:          18 Choose 1 Entrée:
*Chicken Strips               *Baked Pork Chops            Choose 1 Entrée:                   *Hot Turkey Sandwich over    *Beef Taco Salad
*Cheese Ravioli: Choose       *Honey BBQ Chicken           *Soup w/Homemade Bread             Mashed Potatoes              *BBQ Shredded Pork Sandwich
from Marinara or Alfredo      Wings                        Bowls                              *Bratwurst                   *Made-to-Order Sub Sandwiches
Sauce                         *Made-to-Order Sub           *Pepperoni Pizza                   *Made-to-Order Sub           *Baked Beans
*Sub Sandwich of the Week:    Sandwiches                   *Made-to-Order Sub                 Sandwiches                   *Pineapple Chunks
Egg Salad                     *Wild Rice                   Sandwiches                         *Broccoli                    *Salad Bar
*French Fries                 *Carrots                     *Green Beans                       *Peaches
*Strawberries                 *Rosy Applesauce             *Bananas                           *Salad Bar
*Salad Bar                    *Salad Bar                   *Salad Bar
                              *Sugar Cookies
                                                     January 2013 OHS Lunch Menu
                                             All lunches are served with a choice of 1%, skim, or chocolate milk
21                           22 Choose 1 Entrée:          23 (1 hr. early out)               24 Choose 1 Entrée:                25 Choose 1 Entrée:
NO SCHOOL:                   *Homemade Chicken &          Choose 1 Entrée:                   *Cheese Omelets                    *Lasagna Roll-Ups
MLK Day                      Noodles                      *Nachos w/Beef, Cheese,            *Popcorn Chicken                   *Corn Dog
                             *Breaded Pork Tenderloin Lettuce, & Tomatoes                    *Made-to-Order Sub                 *Made-to-Order Sub Sandwiches
                             Sandwich                     *BBQ Shredded Chicken              Sandwiches                         *Italian Blend Veggies
                             *Made-to-Order Sub           Sandwich                           *Sweet Potato Bake                 *Breadsticks
                             Sandwiches                   *Made-to-Order Sub                 *Sliced Apples w/Caramel Dip *Mandarin Oranges
                             *Mashed Potatoes             Sandwiches                         *Salad Bar                         *Salad Bar
                             *Corn                        *Refried Beans
                             *Dinner Rolls                *Twister Fries
                             *Grapes w/Fruit Dip          *Apricots
                             *Salad Bar                   *Salad Bar
28 Choose 1 Entrée:          29 Choose 1 Entrée:          30 (1 hr. early out)               31 Choose 1 Entrée:
*Beef & Noodles              *Cheese Tortellini           Choose 1 Entrée:                   *Chicken ‘n Cheese Crispitos™
*Pepperoni Pizza             w/Marinara Sauce             *Chicken Pot Pie over Biscuits     *French Toast
*Sub Sandwich of the Week: *Mini Tacos                    *Cheddarwurst                      *Made-to-Order Sub
Teriyaki Chicken             *Made-to-Order Sub           *Made-to-Order Sub                 Sandwiches
*Mashed Potatoes             Sandwiches                   Sandwiches                         *Potato Rounds
*Carrots                     *California Blend Veggies    *French Fries                      *Broccoli
*Fruit Cocktail              *Bananas                     *Mixed Veggies                     *Pineapple Chunks
*Salad Bar                   *Salad Bar                   *Tropical Fruit                    *Salad Bar
                                                          *Salad Bar                         *Monster Cookies
        NOTE: Menus are subject to change w/o notice.                                                  This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

             Questions or concerns: Please contact Julie Miller, Food Service Director, at (641) 673-3407, ext. 1823, or millerj@oskaloosa.k12.ia.us.

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