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									Dear NJ/EPA TRA Student Member,                                                August 11, 2012

The NJ/EPA Therapeutic Recreation Association is offering two student scholarships for our 15 th Annual Fall
Conference, “RECreation Revolution”, on November 8th and 9th, 2012 at the NJ Hospital Association in
Princeton, NJ. The recipients of the NJ/EPA 2011 Fall Conference student scholarship will be entitled to full
conference registration free of charge, as well as shared accommodations on Wednesday and Thursday
evenings. Full conference registration includes attendance at all workshops, conference/educational materials,
parking, meals and snacks during the conference.

To be eligible for this professional scholarship the applicant must be a student member of NJ/EPA TRA and a
full time student in Therapeutic Recreation at an accredited university. Memberships run from January to
December and applications are available for download at Throughout
the conference the student scholars will be expected to assist in a volunteer capacity as needed. Following the
conference the student scholarship recipients will be expected to engage in the following acts:
   1. Provide support via NJ/EPA TRA committee involvement in 2011-2012.
   2. Submit a newsletter article that highlights his/her conference experience and how he/she has
       benefited from your involvement with NJ/EPA TRA over the 2012-2013 year.

Applicants must submit the following:
   1. A copy of their student identification card
   2. A 300 word essay exploring the role and importance of TR professional organizations, the importance
       of an individual’s involvement to a TR professional organization, and what you hope to attain from
       your experience if chosen for this scholarship opportunity.
   3. Application Form (see attached)

Kaylee McGuire, 2012 Volunteer and Scholarship Coordinator
                        Student Scholarship Application
                       NJ/EPA TRA 2012 Fall Conference
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________________
School: ________________________________________________________________________
Expected Graduation Year: ___________________________________________________________________
TR Areas of Interest (i.e. pediatrics, rehabilitation, mental health, etc): _________________________________

      Are you a member of NJ/EPA TRA? (Please italicize & BOLD)                 YES                    NO
      Are you a member of ATRA?                                                 YES                    NO
      Have you previously attended a NJ/EPA TRA Conference?                     YES                    NO
       If yes, which one(s) ___________________________________________________________

           Please complete this application and send it via e-mail along with your 300 word essay to
                                  Kaylee McGuire at*
                      All applications must be received no later than September 30, 2012

*The selected scholarship recipient will be required to send a copy of their student identification card to the
scholarship coordinator prior to the conference.

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