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									                                                SUSTAINABLE CITIES – Teachers’ Notes

WJEC Key               NGfL Cymru      Suggested activity
Question               resources
                                       A global view of urbanisation is followed by an introduction to urban pressures around the

                                       The unit then focuses on three contrasting city locations
                                              cities in China,
                                              London especially 2012 Olympic legacy,
                                              and Masdar, Abu Dhabi
                                       to provide support material illustrating pressures and possible sustainable solutions.

                                       It is suggested that links are also made to the Sustainable Energy unit which provides Swedish
                                       urban support material and the Sustainable Water unit which details future water strategy for
                                       Sydney, Australia.
                                       It is hoped this linkage will encourage students to merge knowledge they have gained in
                                       different units and not see them as isolated entities.

4.1 How can cities     Urbanisation    A short UN video is supplied for students to watch which introduces some of the issues of this Unit.
throughout the world
be classified?         Size, rate of   Three sets of data are provided
                       growth, level   Population size of ‘largest’ 25 cities, 2010, and their % growth 2009-10 as a table
                       of              Population change 1800-2015 as bar graphs
                       development     Levels of development. Countries above and below the world GDP (PPP) per capita, $10,700. 2010 as
                       of cities       a map.

                                       Students are led through a series of questions to discuss a quote given from one of the sources. ‘This
                                       list is an estimate due to the difficulty in defining some mega cities and accurately estimating
                                       some populations.' Daily Telegraph

                                       Students use all the information to answer
                                         Which classification: size, rate of growth, level of development do you consider to be the most
                                         effective? Why? What other criteria could be used to classify cities? Further web links are given and
                                         students should realise size could also relate to aerial extent.

4.2 What pressures      Pressures        A striking image and hot links to many different types of resources, interactive links, newspaper
currently confront      confronting      articles, trade magazines, photographs, unattributed Wikimedia asks studentsd to identify pressures
cities and how are      cities           confronting cities around the world. they are also asked to evaluate the validity of different sources of
they changing them?                      information.
      Transport and
        communicatio    Pressures        An extensive set of information is available to print out [14 pages] which contains summary information
        ns              confronting      from academic texts, maps, graphs, photographs, tables, diagrams, web links, references.
      Disparities of   Chinese cities   The activity is encouraging the skill of making summary notes from extensive information. a series of
        wealth                           post it notes help the student to formulate a series of headings for their notes.
      areal extent
      Quality of                        ‘Read the printed sheets. Use the information to make notes on Pressures confronting cities in China.
        environment                      Use the headings given on the ‘post its’.

                        The White        This is a link to video (5 x 20 min programmes) and articles showing the redevelopment of a city in
                        Horse            China due to the completion of the Three Gorges Dam. A BBC team made 5 annual visits at the start
                                         of the millennium.

                        Changes to
                        address the      Resources including maps, web links, photographs, statistics give information on changes in
                        pressures on             areal extent
                        China's cities           transport and communications
                                                 wealth disparity
                                          in Chinese cities.
                                          Students are asked:
                                         ‘Use these and other resources, including the video on White Horse Village and the printed sheets on
                                         pressures in Chinese cities, to research changes resulting from pressures in China's cities.

                        Pressures in     Do not forget to take into account the sources of information when you are forming your opinion.’
                                        Resources from WJEC Feb 2011 pre release resource material are used here to illustrate how such
                                        available resources can be modified to illustrate different issues. The material is available in print
                                        version from past papers, the Examination Board or its web site.

                                        The graphs detailing the rate of growth of population and households are enhanced with a direct link to
                                        an interactive site which shows the population growth location over a number of years.

                                        Such pressures have an effect on energy, water and development as shown by tables, statements,
                                        maps and video.
                        Pressures and Students are asked to use this data to ‘Describe the some of the future pressures on London.’
                        Masdar, Abu
                                      This example is included to enable students contrast the environmental pressures of building an
                                      ecocity in the desert

                                        Students are asked to ‘Use the article and video to describe the environmental pressures on building a
                                        city in the desert.’
4.3 What attempts
have been made to       Dongtan,        This activity gives students an opportunity to plan their own sustainable city.
find sustainable        Shanghai,
solutions to problems   China           Printable material is available on the growth of Shanghai with an outline of further expansion plans. An
faced by cities?                        audio interview with a journalist from The Economist gives opinions on some of the development
Strategies for                          ideas. Using an onscreen map of plans for a future city, the interview, and knowledge acquired from
     Transport and                     Chinese Cities in section 4.2, students are asked to develop their own ideas for a sustainable city on
        communicatio                    this site.
     Disparities of                    An opportunity is available to compare their own ideas with those submitted in China.
     areal extent
     Quality of        London          Links are given to The Mayor of London sustainability statement and The London Plan 2011. The
        environment                     sustainability document outlines aims, the Plan gives more detail on each of the sustainability issues.

                                        Further sets of resources, including maps and videos, are available at the base of the screen on
                 Water, Regeneration, Energy, Waste, Transport.
              Students are asked to evaluate the strategies adopted for the sustainable development of London.

              This activity may be developed individually, or as groups of students who choose one of the headings
              and report back to the class, making their analysis available for all the class.

The           The London Olympics 2012 are called the Sustainable Olympic Games. The 2012 Olympics
sustainable   committee embedded sustainability in the development plans.
games,        Using a series of resources including:
London 2012          interactive maps and photos;
                     printable map;
                     a constantly updated collage of photographs;
                     the sustainability claims for London 2012;
                     long term environmental claims;
                     long term transport effects on London;
                     other long term sustainability claims;
                     A poster showing Hackney's proposed legacy from 2012;
                     3 videos of some sceptics discussing the Olympic legacy in terms of regeneration.

              students are asked:
              What is your opinion on the sustainability of the 2012 Olympics?

Masdar, Abu   Articles, architect’s plans, radio 4 iplayer link on Eco-City provide the resources for students to:
              Describe the plans for sustainable development of transport, food, water, energy, architecture, culture
              in Masdar.
              Would the elements of this scheme be a suitable model for other parts of the world?

Essay plan    Compare the plans for sustainability for:
                   Dongtan, Shanghai;
                   London, E London post 2012 Olympics;
                   Masdar, Abu Dhabi.
                                    in terms of
                                          Transport and communications
                                          Disparities of wealth
                                          areal extent
                                          Quality of environment

                                    The activity is for a whiteboard table to be completed. A printed version is also available.

4.4 How sustainable   How           The activity uses some powerpoint presentations created by WJEC A Geography students of differing
are cities?           sustainable   ability. Students could be encouraged to comment on the standards of the work of peers. Links are
                      are cities?   given to the presentations and a series of activities are suggested.

                                       1. Using the given pieces of work as examples chose a city you have studied and make a
                                          powerpoint presentation answering the question 'How sustainable is city X'. Presentations
                                          could be made to the rest of the class.

                                       2. Alternatively answer the question, Which of the given Chinese examples is the most
                                          sustainable city. Why? Comment on the standards achieved by the different presentations.

                                       3. Cities take up less than 2% of the Earth's land surface, but use 75% of the resources we take
                                          from the Earth. In other words, they have large ecological footprints. e.g. London’s footprint is
                                          120 times the size of the city using imports from around the world. Can cities ever be
                                          sustainable? Using illustration from the 3 proposals for sustainable cities in very different parts
                                          of the world, China, Abu Dhabi, London, assess the sustainability of cities.

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