Student Effort and Behaviour Report by yTx9N4J2


									                                   STUDENT EFFORT AND BEHAVIOUR REPORT

Key to Terms      Excellent          Good             Needs        Unacceptable          Self      Teacher
                      4               3           Improvement           1            Assessment   Assessment
Organizational   Consistently    Usually sets    Frequently        Rarely sets
Skills           sets goals.     goals,          needs             goals,
                 Collects and    collects and    assistance in     information
                 organizes       organizes       setting goals,    disorganized
                 information     information     organizing        and
                 and uses        and uses        information       frequently
                 time            time            and using         wastes time.
                 effectively.    effectively.    time
Homework         Consistently    Usually         Frequently        Rarely
                 completes       completes       does not          completes
                 homework.       homework.       complete          homework.
Assignments      Consistently    Usually         Frequently        Rarely
                 brings          completes       needs to be       completes
                 materials to    assignment      reminded to       assignments,
                 class and is    on time.        complete          or fails to
                 ready to        Effort is       assignments       meets
                 begin on        usually the     on time or        minimum
                 time.           best it can     hands in          expectations
                                 be.             assignments       for
                                                 that are not      assignments.
Preparedness     Consistently    Usually         Frequently        Rarely has
                 brings          brings          needs to be       materials
                 materials to    materials to    reminded to       and/or is
                 class and is    class or is     bring             rarely ready
                 ready to        usually         materials and     to being on
                 begin on        ready to        is frequently     time.
                 time.           begin on        late for class.
Citizenship      Consistently    Usually         Frequently        Rarely
                 respects the    respects the    needs teacher     demonstrates
                 rights of       rights of       guidance on       respectful
                 others.         others.         appropriate       behavior.
Teamwork         Consistently    Usually         Sometimes         Rarely
                 works well      participate     participates      participates in
                 in              well in         well in           class/group
                 class/group     class/group     class/group       activities.
                 activities.     activities.     activities.
Interpersonal    Consistently    Usually         Frequently        Rarely
Skills           resolves        resolves        needs             resolves
                 conflict in a   conflict in a   reminders on      conflict
constructive   constructive   how to     appropriately.
manner.        manner.        resolve

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