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Vol. 9, No. 38              SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO - NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y.                                      March 22, 2012

Message from Fr. Provincial                  However, to be provincial is to miss out      For St. Joseph, the angel’s call to take
                                           on the depth of relationship within a local   Mary as his wife and to protect the child
                                           community, the day-to-day accompani-          as his own was more than a job to be
                                           ment of lay colleagues and young people       accomplished. It was a vocation to
                                           in an evangelizing environment, and the       holiness and an intimate participation in
                                           formative aspects of encountering God in      God’s mission of salvation. To the casual
                                           the rhythms of community life. Over the       observer, St. Joseph seemed to have led
                                           last month, the provincial house com-         a very unremarkable life. His days and
                                           munity has been my local community.           years were spent in family meals,
                                           However, soon my time of convales-            prayers and blessings, toil in the
                                           cence will end. And then I will be off on     workshop, maintaining a married
                                           the marathon of accompanying our              relationship, and parenting his son. He
                                           confreres, communities, and ministries in     did not hold an office, earn a degree,
                                           this role of servant leadership.              attain honorable titles, or exercise
                                                                                         authority over others. He shared a
                                              On this province day, I am grateful to     common life with his family, worshipped
                                           the entire province for making me feel as     God as a man of faith, raised a son
                                           a member of each community. Your              according to the Jewish traditions, and
                                           concerns for my welfare, your prayers for     loved his wife in celibate love.
  Reflections on Province Day              my health, your interest in my activities,
                                           and your questions about my family have         In the boring repetition of everyday life,
                                           been an unexpected source of hope and         St. Joseph grew in wisdom, grace, and
   These days I am with the directors,
                                           life. For this, I give thanks on Province     age before God and men. Through his
pastors, and principals of the province
                                           Day.                                          job as carpenter, he formed his son as a
for a leadership meeting. For me these
days are a special time of fraternity,                                                   craftmaster with an apprentice. Through
                                             Last Monday’s feast of St. Joseph           his mentoring, St. Joseph helped Jesus
networking, and spiritual enrichment.      offered me an opportunity to reflect on
In a very personal sense, I look                                                         acquire those human virtues that would
                                           my life as a member of the province           cause people to know that Jesus was the
forward to these gatherings of old         community. The gospel of that morning
friends and close colleagues in                                                          son of Joseph, the just carpenter.
                                           was on the finding in the Temple. That        Through the monotonous repetition of
province leadership.                       passage ends with Jesus returning to          family life, Joseph helped form in Jesus
                                           Nazareth with Mary and Joseph, where          the living context that would become the
  To be provincial is to be a member of    he was obedient to them. He grew in
the province community without                                                           heart of Christian community that he
                                           wisdom, grace and age before God and          instilled among the apostles. (“See how
sharing the everyday life of any single    man. On the feast of St. Joseph, I
local community. To be sure, there are                                                   they love one another.”)
                                           focused on the obedience of St. Joseph,
benefits to this condition. (Freedom       who accompanied Jesus and Mary back
from suffering through the community                                                       In Joseph’s unremarkable life with the
                                           to Nazareth. Can we doubt that in living
meeting on Lenten fast is a benefit that                                                 Holy Family, we can see the fulfillment of
                                           with Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph did not
comes immediately to mind.) However,                                                     his vocation: the mission, the work, the
                                           also grow in wisdom, grace and age
there is something that one misses                                                       family community, the life of prayer, the
                                           before God and men?
when living outside of the daily                                                         ongoing formation in his vocation as
rhythms of community life and the                                                        husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus,
                                             It seems to me that we religious would
everyday concerns of a local mission.                                                    and member of the people chosen by
                                           do well to pay close attention to St.
                                           Joseph’s experience during Jesus’
  To be provincial is to be a part of      hidden life because the daily pattern of
every community, to feel connected         our lives as consecrated religious has a        It is relatively easy to understand how
with every confrere, to be involved in     lot in common with that of St. Joseph as      the daily rhythm of living in communion
the development of every ministry in       a carpenter in Nazareth. From the most        with Mary and Jesus life would nourish
the province. On one hand, that reality    superficial perspective, his life was spent   St. Joseph’s growth in holiness and give
brings with it an exhilarating sense of    in following the humdrum pattern of           direction to his development as “the just
being at home to whatever community        family ritual, religious observance, and      man” in following God’s commands.
one visits. It is also a blessing when     tedious work. These same categories
one feels saddened and even mournful       characterize our lives as consecrated
at the sickness and death of any           religious in what we usually call “the                             (Continue on page 2)
confrere.                                  common life.”
Vol. 9, No. 38 – 2 of 3                                   E-SERVICE                                          March 22, 2012

(Continued from page 1)                            Coming Birthdays
  In our lives as religious, we don’t                         March
always value the importance of life in
                                           22       Fr. Thomas Dunne
community. For some reason, com-
                                           26       Fr. Michael Leschinsky
mon life tends to be undervalued in
comparison to our participation in the     27       Br. Joseph Tortorici
mission and its works. We tend to view     29       Fr. Frank Twardzik
the humdrum repetition of life in com-     29       Fr. Thomas Ruekert
mon or accompanying the young in the       31       Fr. Donald Delaney
playground as without importance or                            April
vital interest when compared to            2        Fr.   William Bucciferro
managing great works, having titles on     6        Fr.   Richard Putnam
our office door, or exercising authority   8        Fr.   Sid Figlia
over subordinates.                         11       Fr.   Italo Rufo

  I am convinced that to the extent we
allow ourselves to ignore the good                                                           .
example of St. Joseph in this regard,            Philosophical and                                 Fr. Francis Cereda
we run the risk of greatly diminishing      Pedagogical Studies for a                            councilor for formation
the fidelity to which we follow our        Unitary Vision of the Salesian
vocation to holiness and effectiveness                                                     The meeting forms part of the process
in mission as disciples of the Lord         (ANS – Rome) – A meeting of the              of evaluation of intellectual formation
Jesus.                                     presidents of Salesian centers of             which the Formation Department is
                                           philosophical studies and of the centers      carrying out. Last year the provincials
                                           affiliated and linked to the School of        received the draft of a document
                                           Philosophy of the Pontifical Salesian         “Evaluation and hypothetical proposals
                                           University began on March 22 at the           for intellectual formation” and were
                                           Salesianum in Rome. The initiative,           invited to send observations. In July the
                                                                                         document will be submitted for the
      Provincial Calendar                  promoted by the Formation Department,
                                                                                         approval of the Rector Major and the
                                           forms part of the process of evaluation of
                                           the intellectual formation of Salesians       general council.
                March                      that the department has been carrying
22-23    Salesian Leadership Meeting,      out recently.                                   The meeting also intends to take into
         Stony Point, N.Y.                                                               consideration and enter more deeply the
24       Province Day, Orange, N.J.          Fifty-nine Salesians have come to           decree of reform of ecclesiastical studies
25       Personal Day                      Rome to take part in the meeting, which       in philosophy issued by the Congregation
26-28    Provincial Council Meeting        will end on Sunday, March 25. Also            for Catholic Education. “This is inspired
29       Office Day                        among these are those in charge of            by the encyclical of John Paul II Fides et
30-31    Visit East Boston Community       postnovitiates, who are entrusted with        Ratio, which sets up its basic vision. We
                                           safeguarding the Salesian aspect of           are dealing with a highly innovative
                                           initial formation, most especially in those   decree, which calls for a change of
        Pray for Our Sick                  countries where the Congregation, not         mentality and praxis. The study we will
                                           having its own study centers, makes use       make together of this document will help
    Bro. Alfred Flatoff, SDB               of other colleges.                            us to reap its developments and aims,”
                                                                                         says Fr. Cereda.
         Sofija Alejunas
                                             “The postnovitiate is a very delicate
           Hua Nguyen                                                                      The organization of these days
                                           stage of formation which aims at
        Thuy Tam Nguyen                    reinforcing the process of identification     involves the collaboration of the UPS
       Fr. Jan Bernas, SDB                 with the Salesian vocation,” affirms Fr.      School of Philosophy, which this year
       Fr. Joseph Ho, SDB                  Francis Cereda, councilor for formation,      celebrates the 75th anniversary of its
                                                                                         foundation. At the UPS on Friday
           Tom Connor                      who hopes for a greater integration of
                                                                                         afternoon, in fact, a celebration of the
   Bro. Gerald Warner, SDB                 philosophical and pedagogical studies in
                                                                                         anniversary which will be held, attended
                                           a unitary vision of formation, so as to
  Fr. Edward Cappelletti, SDB                                                            by the presidents of the Salesian centers
                                           provide a valid contribution to maturation
   Maria Theresa Rien T. Mai               in the Salesian vocation and mission.         of philosophical studies.
                                           The previous meeting of presidents in
                                           charge of studies was called about 30           “This is a time of synergy. Together we
    Pray for Our Deceased                  years ago, on the occasion of the             must grow in consciousness of the
                                           presentation of the Ratio Fundamentalis       common Salesian identity of our centers
            Daniel Ibanez                  et Studiorum, the document on the             of study, of the distinctive character of
  In a construction accident in Bolivia    orientation and directives for the            each one of them, of the reciprocity of
 Father of Soraya Gonzalez, secretary      formation of the Salesian Congregation        the exchange of gifts between center and
         at DBCC--Port Chester                                                           periphery,” says Fr. Cereda.              ■
Vol. 9, No. 38 – 3 of 3                                   E-SERVICE                                            March 22, 2012
    Memories of Savio HS                                                                     I have taught in 20 different schools in
                                                                                           two countries. Savio stands alone as the
  The Great Savio Reunion of
                                                                                           major reason why I have been able to
       March 10, 2012                                                                      succeed. Once I became a layman I
               Pat Whalen                                                                  believe that the Salesian principles still
                                                                                           permeated my classroom regardless if I
  So many people expressed surprise
                                                                                           was teaching in a Catholic school (I even
that I would travel so far (Australia) for
                                                                                           taught in a Salesian School in Tasmania)
the reunion. As soon as I read about it
                                                                                           or a government school. The guidance I
in the Salesian E-Service I knew I had
                                                                                           received from the Salesians at Savio
to be there. I had prepared a few
                                                                                           provided me with the experience to
thoughts on the impact the three years
                                                                                           become a speaker at student retreats
at Savio had on my life. As there
                                                                                           when teaching in Catholic schools in
wasn't a chance to express it at the
reunion (even if there was, obviously                Pat Whalen, former SDB
no one would be listening; the                                                               I could not possible imagine a better
excitement level was just too high), I         I have had even more success as a
                                                                                           school than Savio High to have begun
thought I'd share it with you. Below are     mathematics and science teacher
                                                                                           my teaching career. The quality of the
my comments about the role Savio             throughout the Land Down Under. Three
                                                                                           students, the cooperative friendliness of
High School had in my life.                  times I have been appointed as head of
                                                                                           the staff and the caring administration
                                             department. I was elected as regional
                                                                                           are all responsible for any success I
   In December 2010 I retired from full-     union state delegate four times. I was
                                                                                           have had. Savio High School may be
time teaching. That was 42 years after       interviewed on radio three times.
                                                                                           gone, but it lives very much in the
I began at Savio High School. Besides
                                               When I retired the comments my              memories of those who have
my three years here, I have taught in
                                             students wrote on my card almost              experienced it.
New York City, and in Australia: in
Melbourne, throughout Tasmania, and          brought me to tears – tears of awe with
                                                                                             Savio High School and the Salesians
throughout Western Australia. Isaac          the respect and love they had for me.
                                                                                           had such an impact on my life that I
Newton once made reference to his            My success in the classroom is also a
                                                                                           named my son Dominic. That was of
success because “he had stood on the         direct result of people I worked with at
                                                                                           course 4 years AFTER I had left the
shoulders of giants”. I feel the same        Savio High School. On many occasions I
                                                                                           Salesians and no longer had the vow of
way about the teaching and basketball        have cited Fr. Caselli as the inspiration
success I experienced in Australia. It       and guiding light to my teaching career.
was because of the giants I worked           He was my high school physics and               This has been a great trip down
with at Savio.                               chemistry teacher. As a first-year            memory lane for three of the best years
                                             teacher, only about 5 or 6 years older        of my life.
  It was basketball that brought me to       than senior students, it could be a very
Australia in 1972 – ironically to a team     daunting experience. Having access to         Thank you.                                   ■
called The Southern District Spartans.       Fr. Caselli’s advice and help when I got
I was recruited as a player-coach in         stuck on problems was something I wish
the Victorian Competition. I got the         every beginning teacher could have. I felt
opportunity to play against the              very fortunate on one of my trips back to
Australian Olympic team (where I went        Boston from Australia to be able to tell
3 for 4 but unfortunately it was before      Fr. Caselli the year before he died how
the introduction of the three point line!)   big an impact he had on my life.
and toured Australia playing and giving
coaching clinics. I was the State              In 1984, while teaching on King Island,
Women’s coach. I became an                   I won the Apex Community Award for
assistant coach in the Australian            Outstanding Contributor to Junior Sport.
professional league, then a TV               This also had its link to Savio High
commentator, journalist and lastly the       School. It was under the tutelage of
Australian scout for the New York            Brother, now Father, Bruce Craig that I
Knicks.                                      got involved with organizing intramural
                                             sport. I used this experience I gained              E-SERVICE Newsletter
                                             from Bruce to set up, for the first time, a       Published Weekly by the Salesians of
  All of my basketball success can be                                                         St. John Bosco for the confreres of the
directly linked back to Savio High           junior basketball program and a junior
                                                                                                 Province of St. Philip the Apostle,
School, particularly my friendship with      and senior softball program on King
                                                                                                        New Rochelle, N.Y.
coach Jim Doherty. I learned so much         Island. Speaking of Bruce Craig, it was a       Very Rev. Thomas Dunne, SDB, Provincial
from him in my three years assisting         great year to be living in East Boston as
                                             a New Yorker with someone from
him, refereeing his scrimmages and                                                                        E-Service
just hanging out with him at Mangini’s.      Baltimore. I got to gloat as the Jets beat
                                                                                                       148 Main Street
In no small way he was directly              the Colts in the Super Bowl, the Knicks
                                                                                                New Rochelle, NY 10802-0639
responsible for all my sporting success      beat the Bullets in the NBA Eastern
                                             Division Championship and the Mets                    Phone: (914) 636-4225
in Australia.                                                                                    E-Mail:
                                             beat the Orioles in the World Series.

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