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									Research paper:

Search the internet and or other media (i.e., journals, books, magazines) for an interesting
or “must know” topic on any recent and or advanced technology that you want to
investigate. Some examples are: Robotics (be specific), OLED TV, Google Phone,
security (password, Virus, hacking and protection). Write a complete research paper
describing it including your view(s) on the issue(s), pros and cons, or the social and
ethical issues if and or when appropriate.

You must use the MLA format presented in Chapter 2. Your paper should have at
least 3 credible references (no blogs/chats). One or more of those references should have
hyperlinks to the published articles and the other(s) can be from other sources. Include
parenthetical citations, footnotes, header with page number, and your last name. Images
and or tables should also be used and when used, must be formatted accordingly, e.g.,
provides caption, reference, footer, appropriately sized, and TEXT WRAP. There are no
restrictions on the number of words or pages; however, I think about two (full) pages plus
a work cite page is good. The main criteria are that it must cover the main purpose and
provide enough details, show what you’ve learned from the research and be able to apply
the formatting techniques learned from this chapter.

Turn in:

1.      A Note page (see example from page wd 142) listing details and notes for each of
the references you use
2.      Research paper
        Content = 45%
        Format = 45% (header, footnote, citation, works cite, paragraph format, etc)
        Note page (10%

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