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					       ‫حل أسئلة الكتاب‬
    Workbook answers

Prepared by: Mr. Najat A. Nasr
                                Workbook answers                ‫حل أسئلة‬

                                                 Unit 1
Reading and Development              pages 1-2
Question no. 1
 1 built
2 around
3 decline
4 locations
5 beneath
6 data
7 extremely
8 keeps
Question no. 2
1 decrease, decline
2 scientific information, data
3 extremely, very very
4 locations, places
5 all over, around
Question no. 3
 1 animal remains                                                1 coal
2 plant remains                produced: fossil fuels =          2 oil
3 heat                                                           3 gas
4 pressure

Question no. 4
1 pressure
2 remains
3 plant remains
4 fossil fuels
5 coal
6 oil
7 gas
Question no.5
1 reserves           2 oilfields         3 oil wells                  4 underground
5 concrete           6 pipeline          7 transports                 8 tanker
9 refinery          10 petrol            11 diesel                    12 jet
Question no.6 :Vocabulary: countries and nationalities
Country      nationality   Country      nationality   Country     nationality   Country      nationality
Canada      Canadian       Iraq          Iraqi        Ireland     Irish         China        Chinese
Palestine – Palestinian    UAE – Emirati              Scotland –Scottish        Lebanon – Lebanese
Ethiopia – Ethiopian       Oman – Omani               Britain    British        Japan – Japanese
India –     Indian         Kuwait – Kuwaiti           Spain – Spanish           Sudan– Sudanese

Question no.8
1 Although
2 Therefore
3 By contrast
4 because of
Question no.9
 1 capacity        2 price          3 vehicle              4 hybrid
5 fuel economy            6 maintenance costs               7 total        8 running costs
Language pages            3- 4
Requesting and giving information
Question no. 1
1 A Is Yassir Farra an engineer?
B Yes, he is. He’s an engineer.
2 A Is he from Egypt?
B No, he isn’t. He’s Palestinian.
3 A Are Paolo and Michelle oil engineers too?
B No, they aren’t. He’s a rigger, and she’s a geologist.
Question no.2
1 A Does Yassir work abroad?
  B Yes, he does. He works in Saudi Arabia.
2 A Does he develop new oil wells?
   B No, he doesn’t. He maintains pipelines.
3 A Do Paolo and Michelle work in Saudi Arabia too?
   B No, they don’t. He works in Alaska, and sheworks in the North Sea.
Question no.3
1 Where does she come from?
2 What does she do?
3 How does she get to test locations?
4 When does she start work?
5 How hard does she work?
6 How often does she find oil?
Question no.4
1 I was born in ...
2 I was born in ...
3 I was ……..... when I started school.
4 I started school in ………………..
5 I went to school in ……………..
6 I stayed at that school for ………….
7 I was ………... there.
8 I (particularly) liked ………..... / I didn’t (particularly) like any subject more than others.
Question no.5
1 A Where are you from?
  B I’m from Venezuela.
2 A Where were you born?
  B I was born in Caracas.
3 A Are you single?
  B Yes, I am.
4 A When did you start work?
  B I started work in 2000.
5 A What was your first job?
  B I worked for Vista Oil (in 2000).
6 A Do you still work / Are you still working for the same employer?
  B No, I don’t / I’m not. (I’ve worked / I’ve been working for Alaska Oil since 2005.)
Question no. 6
    1. power
    2. maintain
    3. employment
    4. safety
    5. single
    6. reserves
    7. pollute
    8. productive
    9. transport
                                               Unit 2
Reading and Development Pages 8-9

Question no. 1
Shanghai, one of the world’s biggest cities, has brought in a Spanish team of architects to discuss a
possible answer to the problem – a truly amazing tower. If the project is agreed, it will take 15 years
to build and will be 1.14km tall.

Question no.2
 1 highest               2 started               3 future
4 appear                 5 beautiful              6 brings
7 including              8 answer                  9 top      10 succeeds

Question no 3.
1 started, stopped
2 including, excluding
3 past, future
4 lowest, highest
5 top, bottom
6 question, answer
7 ugly, beautiful
8 succeeds, fails

Question no 4.
 1 bring back
2 bring in
3 brought up
4 bring along
5 brought down
Question no5.
1 for
2 to
3 to
4 from
Question no.6
1 to
2 at
3 for
4 with
5 of
6 about
7 into
8 between
Question no.7
1 dynamic
2 social
3 importance
4 trend
5 shifted
6 southern
7 living space
8 skyscrapers
9 frames
Question no.8
1 exhibition
2 structure
3 protect
4 architects
5 foundations
6 base
7 width
8 shopping centre
9 lifts
                                       Language page 10- 11

Question no.1
 1 A do you do
   B I’m ... I design
2 A are you doing ... are you jumping
  B I’m trying
3 A are we having
  B we’re not / we aren’t having ... we’re having
4 A do you and Nadia have
   B She has ... I don’t have
5 A he is ... he looks
   B he doesn’t just look ... he looks
6 A is that boy looking
  B he isn’t looking ... he’s looking
7 A seem sad ... are you thinking ... Do you want
  B do you remember ... He wants ... I don’t think
Question no.2
1 I met my friend Ali while I was walking to school.
2 While I was doing my homework, my little brother started making a noise.
3 Hanan’s car broke down while she was diving to Nablus.
4 While we were waiting for the bus, two fire engines suddenly went past.
5 Salwa called this morning while I was making lunch.

Question no. 3
1 Have you packed                                   6 I have not done
2 I finished                                        7 he went
3 I have just taken                                 8 He has just arrived
4 have you cleaned                                  9 I haven’t even begun
5 I cleaned                                         10 did we decide
Question no.4
1 looked …………….. had never seen
2 did not eat ………... had already had
3 agreed ………... had always refused
4 had usually said ... suddenly wanted
5 had imagined …………………. found
Question no. 5
 3 UNFINISHED (We’re still waiting now.)
4 FINISHED (They have finished writing.)
5 UNFINISHED (I haven’t finished yet.)
6 FINISHED (He’s got all the money he needs.)
7 UNFINISHED (She’s still practising.)
Question no. 6
Skyscraper- width- structure -frame –exhibition -architect protect foundation base social- trend- shift-

Reading and development pages 14- 15
No 1
How much do we recycle?
Last year, we produced 295,000 tons of rubbish. Of that, 24% was recycled. That’s better than the
average recycling rate of 17% in Britain, but experts say we could recycle 60%! So let’s try to do
better! Here’s what others are already doing. Why not us too?

No 2
1- water
2 concrete
3 rubbish

No 3
1 cloth, carpet, plastic, glass
2 seeds, rice, crisps, cereal
3 milk, juice, eggs
4 cola, beer, lemonade
5 seeds, rice, potatoes, sugar

No 4
1 cloth, carpet, plastic, glass
2 seeds, rice, crisps, cereal
3 milk, juice, eggs
4 cola, beer, lemonade
5 seeds, rice, potatoes, sugar

No 5
1 In New Zealand, people recycle 60% of all waste from homes.
2 In the USA, people recycle 67% of aluminium cans
3 In Germany, they recycle 70% of materials from old cars.
4 In Canada they recycle 71% of paper
5 In Japan they recycle 80% of electronic waste.
6 In Denmark they recycle 90% of construction waste

No 6
1U                                6U                                11 C
2C                                7U                                12 U
3C                                8C                                13 C
4C                                9U                                14 U
5C                                10 U

No 7
No 8
1 a times C
b time U
2 a material U
b materials C
3 a papers C
b paper U

No 9
1 recycle
2 clothes
3 cloth
4 covers
5 pots
6 seeds
7 rainwater
No 10
1 Council
2 vital
3 necessity
4 living
5 patriotic
6 achieve
7 distribution
8 leaking
9 broken

No 11
1 wasteful
2 recycling
3 collection
4 rubbish
5 disposal
6 dump
7 electronic
8 faulty
9 get started

                                      Language page 16- 17
No 1

1 might/may/will
2 might/may
3 Can
4 Will
5 won’t/will not
6 can’t/cannot

No 2
1 Could I borrow your book, please?
2 Could I go home now?
3 Would you like to see the photos?
4 Could you bring me that magazine?
5 Would you like her to call you?
No 3
1- mustn’t/must not
2 don’t have to
3 should
4 should not/shouldn’t
5 have to
6 must/ have to/ should
7 should not/shouldn’t
8 should

No 4
1 You should check your writing carefully.
2 We need to revise before the exams.
3 You must not miss the football match next week.
4 May we practise basketball after school?
5 I might visit my cousins in Amman.
6 You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.
7 Ought I to answer the letter?
8 Could you call me tomorrow?

No 5
1 might
2 would
3 couldn’t
4 had to
5 didn’t have to
6 couldn’t
7 couldn’t
8 wouldn’t
9 was able to
10 was able to

Reading and development Pages 21-22
No 1
1 provides
2 lie
3 irrigation
4 areas
5 people

Number 2
1 supplies
2 brought
3 stands
4 lies
5 water
6 electricity
7 metres
8 benefits
9 people
10 children
No 3

1 minimum
2 maximum
3 north-east
4 south-west
5 metre(s)
6 kilometre(s)

No 4
1 totally
2 heavily
3 proud
4 high
5 finally
6 actually
7 dangerous
8 environmentally
9 important
10 special

No 6
1 farmers
2 farmland
3 fertile
4 sediments
5 fertiliser
6 northern
7 channels
8 face
9 droughts
10 artificial
11 expanded
12 balance

No 7
1 beauty
2 heritage
3 essential
4 environmentally friendly
5 absolutely
6 conflict
7 potential
8 planning
9 infrastructure

Language pages 23- 24
No 1
1 If I feel tired, I usually have a rest.
2 When I get home from school, I generally have a snack.
3 When I have some free time, I like seeing friends.
4 If I feel thirsty, I get some water from the tap.
5 If I can’t understand my homework, I ask someone about it.
6 When I go out with my family, I like having a picnic.
No 2
1 if we buy him the basketball ring, he’ll be very happy.
2 If you explain that it’s faulty, they will replace it.
3 If we don’t leave now, we’ll miss the bus.
4 If you fall, you’ll kill yourself.
5 If you don’t say sorry, you’ll lose your friend.
6 If you don’t go to college, you won’t get a good job.

No 3
 (would or –‘d can both be used in all these sentences.)
1 If I had the chance to go to North America, I would travel across Canada.
2 If I visited Australia, I’d go surfing at Bondi Beach.
3 If I had more free time, I would like to study music.
4 If my brother worked a bit harder, he’d be the
best student in the whole school.
5 If our cousins came to live with us, we would all have a great time together.
6 If my sister could choose any career she wanted, she’d become a family doctor.
No 4
1 If I had not spent most of my money on a really good football, I would have had enough to buy
some new boots.
2 If Mahmoud had studied hard enough, he would’ve got the grade he wanted in the exam.
3 If we had taken some/If we hadn’t forgotten to take some/any money with us, we could’ve bought
something to eat.
4 If I had not ridden down the hill much too fast, I could have avoided crashing at the bottom.
5 If I had been able to get home early, I wouldn’t have had to miss my favourite TV programme.
6 If Salwa hadn’t managed to save enough money, she would not have been able to help her sister
go to college.
No 5
(Both could and should are possible in each sentence.)
1 Well, you could have done the work yesterday.
2 Yes, but he should have talked to his teacher a long time ago.
3 Yes, we should have had lunch earlier.
4 You could have applied (for it) as soon as you were old enough.
5 She should’ve seen the doctor when it first started.

No 6 puzzle ‫حل متقاطعة‬

3- northern
4- minimum
6- delta
7- silly
1- sediments
6- essential
7- conflict
Reading and development Pages 27- 28
No 1
Some offer free gifts like watches or calculators, which are nice but not important. However, these
questions are.
1 Will I be offered free banking – banking without charges?
4 Could I get a loan if necessary, how long for, and at what interest rate?

No 3
1 cash                             5 aim                               9 income
2 withdraw                         6 soon                              10 expenses
3 transfer                         7 actually                          11 remember
4 arrange                          8 problem

No 4
Sam I need to withdraw some money from the bank.
Rick Me, too, but in fact I can’t. I’ve got real financial problems right now. I’ve had no income, and
lots of expenses recently. My account’s empty!
Sam Wow! You definitely are in a bad situation. What do you plan to do about it?
Rick Well, I’m expecting a cheque soon.
Sam Yes, but what about right now? I could transfer a bit of cash to your account if you like.
Rick Thanks, but I know you haven’t got much money either.
Sam Well, remember that you can talk to the bank and arrange a loan.

No 5
1 You will probably remain a customer forever.
2 You should definitely make time to discover these deals.

No 6
1 You can certainly talk to the bank about a loan.
2 You could possibly ask for an overdraft.

No 7
1 credit card        4 salary              7 interest            10 budget           13 traveller’s
2 debit card         5 savings             8 branch              11 currency         cheque
3 banking            6 loan                9 overdraft           12 exchange         14 exchange rate
                                                                                     15 account

No 8
1 offers
2 financial
3 interest-free
4 discount
5 hardware
6 software
7 insurance
8 credit
9 rail
10 coach
                                     Language pages 29-30

No 1
 1 to see
2 going
3 opening
4 to be
5 to want
6 staying
7 driving
8 to finish

1 managed
2 decided
3 finished
4 prefer
5 suggested
6 couldn’t help
No 3
1 The bank was first started in London 150 years ago.
2 In the early days, banking services were offered only to companies.
3 For the last 100 years, individual customers have also been accepted.
4 In the early 1900s, the bank’s first few branches were being opened across Europe.
5 Today, its international operations are still being extended.
6 Its 4,000th branch will probably be achieved within ten years.
7 These days, the name of the bank is recognized all over the world.

No 4

4 Infinitive       Past simple            Past participle
break               broke                  broken
buy                 bought                 bought
cost                cost                    cost
do                   did                   done
give                  gave                  given
lend                 lent                   lent
pay                 paid                    paid
put                  put                   put
run                   ran                 run
send                  sent                sent
set                   set                 set
sell                sold                  sold
spend                  spent              spent
take                    took               taken

No 5
When a new student account is set up, several things are immediately done for the customer. First,
$100 is paid into the new account as a gift. Then you are given a cheque book and a debit card. You
will also be sent a statement every month to show you what is being put in and taken out.
No 6
1 Goods were first exchanged many thousands of years ago.
2 Money was only invented much later in history.
3 In different parts of the Ancient World gold was gradually accepted as a currency.
4 The first gold-and-silver coins were made by the Lydian people living in modern Turkey over 2,600
years ago.
5 Other things have also been used as money over the years.
6 For example, seashells were used by people on South Pacific islands as their currency many years
7 The first official bank notes were produced by the Chinese government over 1,000 years ago.

Reading and development pages 34- 35
No 1-
 Just say no. Don’t take on too much because other people want you to. Think about yourself more.
Learn to say no when you’re asked to do something that doesn’t fit in with your goals.
No 3-
1 especially    3 ready       5 from time to time 7 stick to               9 fit in with
2 by yourself   4 goals       6 schedule          8 takes priority over    10 organise = put
                                                                           everything in its place

No 4 synonyms
1 aim =goal
2 timetable= schedule
3 keep to= stick to
4 tidy everything=put everything
5 particularly= Especially
No 5 phrasal verbs with get
1 get on with
2 get ... out
3 getting into
4 get into
5 get on with
6 get ... out
No 6
1 take on
2 write ... down
3 find out
4 put ... off

No 7
1 planner                4 obligations            7 identify                10 priorities
2 organised              5 revision               8 time wasters            11 relax
3 daily                  6 file                   9 fit in with             12 burn out

No 8
1 get everything done    4 on time                7 deputy                  10 entrance
2 administration         5 facilities             8 gymnasium               11 signed up
3 identity               6 librarian              9 societies               12 cafeteria
                                       Language pages 36- 38
No 1
 1 I’ve lost my book. Have any of you seen it?
2 Would you like me to help you with your work?
3 I saw myself on TV the other day. Have you ever seen yourselves on TV?
4 We tried to help him, but he didn’t want us there, and he didn’t want our help.
5 The children have had a bad day. She’s cut herself, and he’s burned himself.
6 Have you two got your tickets ready. I’ve got mine here, but have you both got yours?
7 Are these CDs ours or theirs? / They’re both theirs. This one is his, and the other one is hers.
Look, it’s got her name on it.
8 The climbers got caught in a storm at night. It got so bad that they couldn’t see and soon lost their
way. Two of the group fell and injured themselves.

No 2

No 3
1 Would you like me to carry it for you?
2 mine ... yours ... your
3 Could you give me my magazine back / give me back my magazine / give it back to me / return
it (to me) / let me have it back?
4 Stop playing with it or you’ll cut yourself.
5 I gave him a ... and I gave her a

No 4
1 myself                  4 by herself               7 for yourself            10 himself
2 yourself                5 herself                  8 by himself              11 by herself
3 for myself              6 himself                  9 itself                  12 for myself

No 5
5 Model answers:
Questions for Dr Bremner
1 Can you tell me what day lectures start?
2 Could you tell me if there’s a timetable for lectures?
3 May I ask if we can see you to discuss any problems?
4 I wonder if it’s necessary for us to buy all the books on the reading list.
5 Could you say how much written work we’re supposed to produce each semester?
Questions for the librarian
1 Can I ask if students have to pay to borrow books?
2 Can you tell me when the library closes in the evening?
3 I wonder if anybody can use the computers in the library.
4 May I ask if the library is open at the weekend and during holidays?
5 Could you tell me what we do

No 6
1- priority
2- worry
3- obligation
5- planner
6- daily
7- pressures
8- stress
9- schedules
Reading and development    pages 41- 42
No 1
1 future
2 lose (weight)
3 stop/finish
4 accept
5 badly
6 easy
7 thin
8 happy
No 2
1 well, badly
2 happy, sad
3 lose, put on
4 refused, accepted
5 past, future
6 thin, fat
7 easy, difficult
8 starts, stop, finishes
No 3
1 give in
2 cheer ... up
3 sort ... out
4 gets ... down
5 give up
6 stressed ... out

No 4 Model answers:
1 annoyed ... embarrassed
2 I would feel quite stressed out and worried.
3 If that happened, I would feel a bit depressed and unhappy.
4 If that happened, I would feel a little worried and upset.
5 If that happened, I would feel very pleased and happy.
6 If that happened, I would feel quite scared and angry.
No5 Salah.

No 6
1 worried
2 unhappy
3 arguments
4 married
5 husband
6 right now
7 accept
8 university
9 architect
10 refuse
                                  Language pages 43 – 44
No 1
1 giving
2 to help
3 to work
4 to put
5 to find
6 to lose
7 making
8 looking for
9 asking
10 telling
11 to do
12 talking

No 2
1 A remember visiting
  B remember to visit
2 A meant to order
  B means ordering
3 A trying to work out
  B try working it out
4 A forget watching
  B forget to watch
5 A stop buying
  B stop to buy
6 A has gone on writing
  B going on to write

No 3
1 If you don’t come down, you’ll fall and hurtyourself.
2 What about going to the park?
3 If I were you’ I’d go to the doctor.
4 You could put it in the bank, or you could buy something special with it.
5 You’d better ask your teacher to explain it again.
6 Unless you stop smoking, you’ll waste a lot of money and may destroy your health.

No 4 Crosswords
1- exam
2- cuts
3- concentrate
4-s c a r e
5- u p s et
6- wife
7- fit
8- down
1- medical
2- cheered
3- motivated
4- uncertain
5- stressed
Vocabulary development Pages 48-50
No 1
Applicants should send their curriculum vitae and a covering letter, in English, to Ms J Ashour,
Human Resources Manager, at PO Box 7854, Ramallah, stating the relevant job title and
reference number. Closing date: Thursday, March 5.

No 2-   (See Exercise 1)

No 3- (See Student’s Book page 77 for model answer)
No 4
1 range                    4 challenge           6 provides         10 administrative   14 degree
2 applicant                5 response            7 career           11 certificate      15 elected
3 curriculum vitae                               8 relevant         12 part-time        16 representative
                                                 9 secretarial      13 full-time

No 5
1 duties                       5 communicator              9 clothes               13 interviewee
2 director                     6 assistance                10 management           14 appropriate
3 secretary                    7 direct                    11 enthusiastic
4 administration               8 advertiser                12 impression

                                              Formal Letters Page 50
                                                                                        152 Al Quds Road
                                                                                            PO Box 2359
                                                                                        March 21 (+ year)

Ms J Ashour
Human Resources Manager
GlobalCom (Palestine)
PO Box 7854

Dear Ms Ashour
Application for the post of Secretary

I would like to apply for the post of Secretary, Office */of the Director (Ref: CP298), which was
advertised in the Ramallah News three days ago, on March 18. I enclose a copy of my CV, as

I feel sure that I have the skills and experience needed, and I believe I would be able to carry out
the required duties of the job to a high standard.

I hope my application will receive a positive response
and very much look forward to hearing from you in
due course.
Yours sincerely
H Hussein
Huda Hussein
                                     Language page 51
No 1
1 about                            11 of                              21 At
2 with                             12 with                            22 of
3 about                            13 of                              23 for
4 for                              14 to / for                        24 in
5 over                             15 of                              25 about
6 of                               16 by /for                         26 for
7 to                               17 of                              27 of
8 to / for                         18 for                             28 in
9 of / for                         19 in                              29 of
10 about/on                        20 of                              30 for

No 2

1 Would you like me to take a message?
2 Would you like him to call you back?
3 Would you like to leave a message for her?
4 Would you like somebody else to help you instead?
5 Would you like me to give you her mobile number?

Reading and development pages56-58
No 1-
Since then, it has always been a city that welcomes different cultures and lifestyles and it has, for
example, large Chinese- and Arab-American communities. Beautiful San Francisco is also near
Silicon Valley, which is the heart of America’s computer industry. San Francisco is therefore one of
America’s top career as well as tourist destinations.

No 3-
2 culture
3 industry
4 combined
5 danger
6 medical
7 special

No 4
1 medicine, medical
2 difference, different
3 specialist, special
4 cultures, cultural
5 dangerous, danger

No 5
1 discovery
2 tour
3 entrance
4 requirement
5 studies, student
6 immigration
7 application, applicant
8 travel
9 photographer
10 visitor, visit
No 6
1 require, requirement
2 immigrants, immigrating
3 applied, application
4 student, study
5 discovered, discovery
No 7
7 textbook guidebook memoir
report encyclopedia dictionary
No 8
1 textbooks
2 dictionary
3 guidebook
4 report
5 novel
No 9
9 1 urban
2 surrounds
3 Bay
4 Nearby
5 ports
6 entry
7 ethnic
No 10
1 visa
2 studies
3 fee
4 valid
5 proof
No 11
1 sand
2 peaceful
3 outdoor
4 relax
5 sports grounds
                                        Language 58-60
No 1
1 a The River Nile has a length of almost6,700 kilometres.
   b The length of the River Nile is almost 6,700 kilometres.
   c The River Nile is almost 6,700 kilometres long
2 a the Atlantic Ocean has a width of approximately 5,000 kilometres.
   b The width of the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 5,000 kilometres.
   c The Atlantic Ocean is approximately 5,000 kilometres wide.
3 a the Atlantic has a depth of roughly three kilometres.
   b The depth of the Atlantic is roughly three kilometres.
   c The Atlantic is roughly three kilometres deep.
4 a Mount Everest has a height of nearly 9,000 metres.
   b The height of Mount Everest is nearly 9,000 metres.
   c Mount Everest is nearly 9,000 metres high.
No 2

1- Oil , coal and gas are all fossil fuels which were formed millions of years ago
2- Yassir Farra is an oil worker who comes from Palestine and works in Saudi Arabia.
3- Michelle Carr is a Canadian geologist who works in the North Sea to the east of Britain.
4- New York was the place which became the first city of skyscrapers.
5- The newest record holder is a thin, silver-blue building which stands high above the city of
6- There would be hundreds of lifts for the people who may one day live in ‘the city in the sky

No 3
1 Rainwater is one of the things that Fadi and Huda save or recycle
2 The Gaza City leaflet is about things that people can do to save water.
3 The Oxford City Council leaflet is the one which is about recycling rubbish.
4 It talks about people who are doing various things to reduce, repair and recycle.

No 4
1.The Aswan High Dam is the name of the dam the government completed in 1970.
2 .The smaller dam at Aswat is the one the government had constructed 70 years earlier.
3 . The High Dam was the first project Mousa Barakat worked on after he graduated from Alexandria
4 Egyptian farmers were the people the dam most clearly helped.

No -5-
1 Banks, which all want to attract young people as new customers, usually have special offers for
2 When you check the various offers, which you ought to make time to do, ask yourself whether they
are really useful or not.
3 Be careful when you choose your future bank, which should have a branch near where you are
going to live.
4 When you open an account, which you should do this before you leave home, you will be given a
cheque book and a debit card.
5 You can use your card to get money from cash machines, which are called ATMs in American
6 If you have financial problems, which a lot of students do, you can talk to your bank about a loan.

No. 6- Crosswords
Across ‫العرض‬
2- relatives
3- entry
4- double
5- landline
6- bay
7- valid
8- nearby
down ‫راسيا‬
1- surround
2- ethnic
3- treble
4- lower
Reading and development
No 1
                                                                                          PO Box 2895
                                                                                          May 3 200---
Ms Kim West
Atlantic Language School
467 Ocean Road
Massachusetts MA 02169

Dear Ms West
I am writing with reference to my application of
(date----------) to join Atlantic Language School for your fulltime English course this summer vacation.

I am pleased to say that I have now received my visa, and I expect to arrive on (date).

I very much look forward to joining the school.
Sincerely yours
Sami Sharif
Sami Sharif
No 2
1 cross-cultural          5 briefly                  9 apart                   13 politeness
2 misunderstandings       6 firmly                   10 comfort zone           14 acceptability
3 embarrassing            7 sincere                  11 tip                    15 importance
4 Greetings               8 cheek                    12 uninterested           16 cultural

No 3
1 mark
2 wealth
3 traditions
4 heritage
5 sociable
6 family oriented
7 hospitable
8 guest
9 relaxed

 1 Although
2 in fact
3 In other words
4 even though
5 For example
6 and
7 Moreover
8 Again
9 As a result of
10 While
11 also
12 As
13 Because of
14 However
Language Pages 65-66
1a                         6 the                    11 a                       16 the
2 an                       7 the                    12 the                     17 –
3 the                      8–                       13 the                     18 –
4–                         9a                       14 –                       19 –
5 the                      10 the                   15 a                       20 –

No 2
History and population growth
Boston was founded in 1630 – much earlier than San Francisco, which was founded in 1776 (OR
was not founded until 1776). In 1850, Boston was a big city and it had a population of 136,8881.
Since then, however, San Francisco has grown faster than Boston. As a result, San Francisco has a
large population – a total of over 800,000. This is despite the fact that the area of Boston is only
slightly larger than the area of San Francisco.
Geographical location and climate
Boston is located nearly four degrees (OR a bit) further north than San Francisco, and it is therefore
not surprising that Boston is a lot colder than San Francisco in winter. However, in summer, Boston
is actually warmer than San Francisco. On average over the whole year, though, Boston is three
degrees cooler than San Francisco. As for average annual rainfall, Boston is much wetter than San

No 3
 Model answer (a wide variety of answers are possible)
From what I know about these two cities, I think life in San Francisco is probably more pleasant. On
the other hand, San Francisco is more crowded, so it is probably not as relaxed as Boston. If I had to
choose between living in Boston or San Francisco, I would probably prefer San Francisco, mainly
because of the warmer average temperature and the lower rainfall

Reading and development Pages 69- 71
No 1
Hello, and welcome to Job Shop, the programme that presents the world of work. I’m Lyn Dale, and
today we’re looking at telecommunications. Amazingly, this industry now offers thousands of different
jobs that didn’t even exist just 20 years ago.
First, we’re going to talk to Rania Hassan, who’s a helpdesk adviser. Rania, hi!

No 3

1 looking at         3 challenging       5 occasionally       7 At the start       9 find out
2 difficulties       4 on the line       6 vital              8 look for           10 Luckily

No 4
1 essential, vital
2 on the phone, on the line
3 looking for, trying to find
4 at the beginning, At the start
5 find out, discover
No 5

Re info 4 peterhill3@palnet.org: thx 4 this contact. I’m expecting to get new details 2nite or 2moro
am and will fwd them asap – probably 2moro pm. Btw, gr8 that the report seems OK. Pls let me
know yr ideas re para no 4. Tia. Sally

No 6
1- k                               7- b                               13- e
2- r                               8- n                               14- i
3- a                               9- d                               15- h
4- c                               10- l                              16- j
5- g                               11- f                              17- o
6- p                               12- g                              18- m

1- p                               7- d                               13- r
2- q                               8- g                               14- f
3- a                               9- o                               15- n
4- l                               10- i                              16- k
5- m                               11- b                              17- c
6- j                               12- h                              18- e

No 8

 1 Aswan High Dam – approx 110 m high & 3.8 kms long, & took about 10 yrs to complete.
2 min charge 6, & max weight 10 kgs
3 Please send to Peter Swale, c/o PO box 73052, Hebron, & write Code No BD719 on label.
4 Tom has moved from 23 King St to 47 City Rd, tel 01865 274563. (His mob – 07766 560234 – is
still the same.)
5 Going past the hospital, you have to drive at just 20 mph = approx 30 kph.
6 We started at 9 am on Tues, Feb 2. We traveled SE for 80 kms, then W for 2 hrs, & finally arrived
at 1 pm.

No 9

1 chain
2 exist
3 callers
4 technical
5 calm down
6 install
7 occasionally
8 virus
9 recover
10 lost
11 calmly
12 incidents
13 suspects
14 truth
Language pages 71-72

No 1
1 I usually get up early.
2 I sometimes arrive at school late.
3 I usually get home about 4 in the afternoon.
4 I often do my homework after supper.
5 I occasionally watch TV in the afternoon.
6 I never go to bed before 11.30 at the weekend.

1 Embarrassingly
2 Annoyingly
3 Amazingly
4 Sadly
5 Fortunately
No 3
1 well
2 late
3 hard
4 faster
5 worse
6 better
7 fast
8 harder
No 4
(1) Unfortunately, we didn’t play very confidently at the start of our biggest match of the season.
(2) At the same time, the other team were playing well and trying hard. (3) Luckily, they didn’t break
through successfully during those first 20 minutes. (4) Then we suddenly started playing properly
again – as we had done all season. (5) We quickly scored our first goal, and then we nearly scored
another one at the end of the first half. (6) In the second half, we played even better and we finally
scored two more goals. (7) Amazingly, we had won the championship even though we had begun
the game so badly.

No 5
1. laptops                         4. telephoning                     7. efficient
2. challenging                     5. manners                         8. installed
3. filing cabinet                  6. highlighter                     9. envelopes

Reading and development Pages 76-78
No 1
Next day, Omar sent Ibn Abbas to buy the milkand was very pleased to find that it still contained
no water. ‘What reward should this girl have?’ he asked, and Ibn Abbas suggested money. ‘No,’
Omar replied, ‘she should have something much greater – something that everyone will remember.’

No 3
1 died                            6 poor
2 taught                          7 refused
3 heavy                           8 forbidden
4 followed                        9 remember
5 lost                            10 brought
1 heavy, light
2 allowed, forbidden
3 was born, died
4 remember, forgotten
5 learned, teach
6 agree, refuse

No 5
 somebody / one somewhere something
nobody / one nowhere nothing
anybody / one anywhere anything
everybody /one everywhere everything
No 6
1 I hope you put the money somewhere safe.
2 Don’t say anything about this to the others.
3 Will there be anyone/body at the conference that we know?
4 There’s something I need to do in town. I have to go to the bank.
5 Mahmoud knows this country well. He has been everywhere.
6 Have you seen everyone/body you need to meet?
7 No one/Nobody went to the meeting!
8 Have you got everything you’ll need for the trip?

No 7
1 carry on
2 carried away
3 carry out

No 8
1 turned ... into
2 turn back
3 turn up
4 turned ... off (or out)
5 turned out
6 turn ... down
7 turn off, turn ... off

No 9

1 dictators            6 attempt         11 holy              16 dishonesty    21 elections
2 kings                7 defeated        12 belief            17 injustice     22 title
3 ruled                8 severe          13 honesty           18 free          23 president
4 without              9 wise            14 stood for         19 equal         24 speeches
5 obey                 10 trusted        15 exception         20 established   25 demonstrate

No 10
 First summary:
1 son
2 furious
3 investigated
4 forgive
5 unjust
6 abandoned
7 dare
Second summary:
1 daughter
2 unless
3 dishonest
4 shook
5 apologised
6 husband
7 wife
                                      Language Pages 79-80
No 1 Cloth for all
One day towards the end of Ramadan, one of Caliph Omar’s advisers said to him that Ramadan
had been hard for the people, and that they were very much looking forward to Eid. Omar replied
that they had followed the Qur’an well during Ramadan, so he would like to do something
special for them. His adviser asked what Omar planned to do, and Omar answered that he was
going to give each person a piece of cloth so that everyone could make new clothes ready for the
festival. The other man wondered whether it was possible to find so much cloth. However, Omar said
he believed they could buy enough in the souk, and then he asked his adviser to take all the
money that he had and go to the souk with it and buy all the cloth the traders had.
Two days later, Caliph Omar had a mountain of cloth to give to the people. They came all day long
until at the end one small man came from the desert to receive his piece of cloth, which was cut
small to fit him. He looked at his cloth and then at Caliph Omar, a large man who was now wearing
his own new clothes ready for Eid. He said to Omar that he was very unjust. He was a large man,
and he had taken a much larger piece of cloth than his. He asked Omar how that could be right
and why Omar had not given himself the same amount of cloth as he was giving everybody else.
The man demanded to know whether it was right for Omar to talk about equality when he treated
himself better than other people. Omar did not reply. Instead, he turned to his young son Abdullah
and asked him to tell the man what had happened. Abdullah, who was not wearing new clothes, then
explained that his father had not taken a larger piece than other people. Abdullah had given him his
own piece so that Omar could have enough for himself. Then he added that he had been happy to
do that because his father had done so much for him and for all of them

                                                                        ‫حل أسئلة االمتحانات في نهاية الكتاب‬
                                                                                ‫اجابة امتحانات الوورك بوك‬
                               ‫مش مطلوب باالمتحان‬SPEAKING , LISTENING ‫طبعا حل أول اسئلة مش موجود الن ال‬



III Vocabulary
No 6
1 had, made
2 get, take
3 doing, does
4 takes, got
5 making, having

No 7
1 destructive
2 pollution
3 difference
4 nationality
5 interesting
8 1 oil reserves
2 mobile phone
3 student representative
4 bank account
5 construction project

IV Language
No 9
1c       2c                3b           4c          5a          6d    7d   8b
9d       10 a

No 10
1 I wonder how long the interview will last.
2 I advise you not to apply for a credit card.
3 The ocean here has a depth of about threekilometres.
4 You will receive a letter to confirm this.
5 He has been working since 6.30 this morning.

Part 2 Vocational
I Reading

1 a Muneera Amir
   b Huda Alawi
   c Omar Hussain

2 The population has greatly increased.

1 Muneera Amir
2 Omar Hussain
3 Dr Jameel Mustapha
4 Dr Huda Alawi

accident, casualty, first aid
2 check cables, power, energy
3 communicate, electronic data, IT systems
4 taught, students, knowledge

II Writing
5 (See Exercise 1 for model letters.) ‫للرسالة في األسفل موجود نموذج‬

Part 3 Academic
I Reading

1- a- food
   b- water
   c- fossil fuels
   d- raw materials
2 a- expensive
  b- less consumption
3- fewer carbon emissions
4 a- China
   b- India
5 a- global warming
  b- climate change
6 a- some regions drier, others wetter orviolent weather
   b- higher sea levels
7 a- expand
  b- flood
8 a- loss of farmland
   b- refugees from flooded areas
9 a- reduce consumption of energy and goods
   b- cut wasteby reusing, repairing & recycling


1 (Any reasonable answer)‫ا اي اجابة معقولة ستحتسب صحيحة‬
2 Model answer (Other answers are possible):
He seems mainly pessimistic because the problems are already starting. However, he thinks it may
be possible to avoid the worst dangers.
3 (Any reasonable answer) ‫اي اجابة معقولة ستحتسب صحيحة‬

Part 4 Literature

Unit 1
(Any reasonable answer)‫اي اجابة معقولة ستحتسب صحيحة‬
Unit 2

(Any reasonable answer)‫اي اجابة معقولة ستحتسب صحيحة‬
Unit 3
The banker imagined the prisoner would get married
and enjoy life, but the prisoner actually looked old,
weak, thin and pale.
Unit 4
The prisoner felt wise and superior to everyone. The
banker despised himself.
Unit 5
1 Some possible answers:
Selfish love is bad.
Freedom is a necessity of life.
2 (Any reasonable answer) ‫أي اجابة معقولة تعتبر صحيحة‬
Unit 6
1 (Any reasonable answer)‫أي اجابة معقولة تعتبر صحيحة‬
2 Defending our freedom is not without human cost.

                                           2‫االمتحان رقم‬
                                  PRACTICE TEST 2 – ANSWERS
                                  (WORKBOOK PAGES 100–108)
III Vocabulary

1 gives up
2 carried out (or any other tense)
3 turning ... into
4 getting ... down
5 calmed down

1 honest, dishonest
2 organiser, organises
3 hoping, hopeless
4 apply, application
5 irresponsibly, responsibility
1 8‫ س‬Although
2 however
3 or
4 Moreover
5 even if

IV Language

No 9
10 c

No 10
1 Please don’t forget to buy some milk.
2 The bridge is 873 metres in length.
3 I must find out where she went.
4 Huda asked me (if/whether I knew) the way to the library.
5 Peter and Mary told Sue (that) they could both come to her party that evening.
1405073810.Text.qxd 6/8/06 11:49 AM

Page 135

Part 2 Vocational
I Reading
1 B451
2 The Ramallah News
3 June 13th
4 June 27th
5 Mr H Hamid
6 2498

2- The PO box number
3- She says nothing about a secretarial qualification.She has not worked in an international
business environment. The mistakes in her letter (e.g. thewrong job reference number) show that
she is not accurate in her work, and there are punctuation mistakes too.
4- She gave the wrong job reference number and hashad only two years’ experience.

II Writing‫االجابة النموذجية‬

Dear Ms Al Magrabi
Thank you for your application for the job of Secretary, Export Department (Ref B451) We are sorry
to say that we cannot take your application forward because of the large number of more qualified
applicants. Thank you for your interest in the Palestine Glass Company and the job.
Yours sincerely
(Student’s signature)
(Student’s name)

6 Model answer

Dear Ms Badawi
Thank you for your application for the job of Secretary, Export Department (Ref B451. We are
pleased to be able to invite you to an interview on Monday August 1st at 10.30 am. Please contact
me if this date and time are not convenient.
We look forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely
(Student’s signature)
(Student’s name)

Part 3 Academic
I Reading

1 made by people, not by nature
2 influence the future development of the world
3 something we must take very seriously because it will have a great effect on other people
4 technological and social changes that are happening faster than at any other time in
5 making the world seem smaller
6 the struggle to stop these deadly diseases
7 the problems affect all of us
8 a life that is long and healthy, with plenty of opportunities

1 (Any reasonable answer)‫اي اجابة صح‬
2 Globalisation destroys industries that areuncompetitive internationally.
3 The UN and the WHO are examples of‘organisations that bring us together’.
4 (Any reasonable answer) ‫اي اجابة صح‬

II Writing
3 (Student’s own ideas)‫اكتب افكارك الخاصة‬
Part 4 Literature

Unit 7
1 If you seem happy, you will have many friends, but if you don’t, you wont
2 Be strong and do not give up your struggle for good.

Unit 8
1 Goneril and Regan speak of great love but do not mean what they say; Cordelia, who loves her
father as much as a daughter naturally does, speaks honestly.
2 He believes Goneril and Regan, gives all his power to them and curses Cordelia.

Unit 9
1 He turns his father, Gloucester, against his others on, Edgar, by persuading Gloucester that Edgar
wants to kill him.
2 He has realised that they are ungrateful and do not love him or care about him.

Unit 10
1 He offers Lear shelter in his castle, against the orders of Regan and her husband, and he sends a
warning to Kent about their plan to kill Lear.
2 He betrays his father to Regan and Cornwall, and allows him to be punished.

Unit 11
He is helped to reach safety with the King of France’s army. He meets Cordelia again, and realises
that she has forgiven him. He begins to recover from his madness.
Unit 12
1 Edmund tells Albany that there may be time to save Lear and Cordelia from death.
2 It is too late to save Cordelia. She is killed, and Lear died of a broken heart.

                                                         work book ‫ في ال‬The Bet ‫حل أسئلة القصة‬

The Bet part1:
No 1 The best summary is 1.

Question no 2-
1- Because the death penalty kills quickly, but life imprisonment kills slowly.
2- They both aim to take away life. The state is not God, so it does not have a right to take life.
3- Because living anyhow is better than not living at all.
4- It was a waste of the man’s life and the banker’s money and did not really prove anything.
5- He agrees to stay in prison for fifteen years.

The Bet Part 2
Question no. 1
a Year 5
b Year 14/15
c Year 6
d Year 1
e Year 11

Question no. 2
 1- He refuses wine because it excites desires that, as a prisoner, he cannot satisfy, and he does not
like drinking alone. He refuses tobacco because it spoils the air in his room.
2- He wants to know that his letters in six languages have no mistakes. Perhaps the extra shot is to
congratulate the prisoner.
3- The changes in his reading habits suggest changes in his moods: first a need for entertainment
and interest, then frustration and despair, then enthusiastically using his time to study, and finally a
powerful hunger for deep meaning, knowledge and understanding.
Question no. 3
1- in the morning tore up all that he had written.
2- he requested so many – around 600 over four years.
3- he wrote a letter in six languages, and the shots told him that nobody had found any mistakes in

The Bet Part 3 pages 18-20
No 1-
No 2
No 3
 1 the banker       2 the prisoner         3 the prisoner         4 the prisoner

The Bet part 4 pages 25 – 26
No 1
1 b
No 2
1a        2d
No 3
(Other answers are possible.)
1 I think the prisoner is better because he acts according to what he thinks is right, whereas the
banker thinks only of himself.
2 He feels grateful to the prisoner but he despises himself deeply and hides the truth from others.
3 The prisoner despises money, people and the world, so he leaves without claiming the money and
he disappears.

I had a dove
No 1
 1b            2b               3a
No 2
1 To stop it flying away.
2 The writer of the poem.
3 He loved the bird but he loved it selfishly: he did not think about the importance of freedom for a
The Road not Taken page 39
No 1 1
No 2
1 It seemed unused and needing someone to use it.
2 They were almost equally worn.
3 Because one route leads to another, and he is more likely to follow these routes than to turn back.
4 It has made a big difference because that choice lead to further choices that would have been
different if he had taken the other route.

Be Strong page 46- 47
dream ✗             faint ✗             fight on ✓            fold your hands ✗
lift loads ✓        play ✗              speak out ✓             stand up ✓
No 2
1b           2b       3a           4a
No 3
1T          2T           3T      4F

King Lear Act 1
No 1= 1

No 2
1- In order to decide how to share the country between them.
2- It is honest and realistic.
3- He gives Cordelia’s share to her sisters and said she is no longer his daughter. People are
shocked because they know Cordelia loved him.
4- He persuades his father that Edgar wants to kill him. He does this because he wants to take
Edgar’s place and be Gloucester’s only son.
5- He realises that she does not love him.

King Lear Act 2
 a- angry, mistaken, sad, shocked, suffering, wrong =mistaken)
 b- cruel, dishonest, selfish, shocking, ungrateful, wrong (=morally wrong)
No 2
No 3
1 she will allow him to keep twice as many men.
2 he hit Goneril’s servant.
3 he has lost all his power, and his elder daughters feel no love for him.
4 he is out in the storm with no shelter and nowhere to go.

King Lear Act 3
No 1
1 storm
2 rain
3 violence
4 hut
5 different
6 powerful
7 mad
8 sorry
No 2
No 3
1 he does not want to be blamed for not protecting his father.
2 he tried to help Lear against their orders.
3 he does not want to leave ‘poor Tom’.
4 he cannot bear the Duke’s cruelty to Gloucester.
King Lear Act 4
No 1
1- Edgar or Cordelia. Edgar found his father, Glocester, blinded by Cornwall. Later, Cordelia found
her father driven mad by his daughters’ cruelty.
2- Gloucester. He thought he had jumped off a cliff and should be dead. In fact, he had fallen only a
short distance.
3- Goneril. Goneril wanted Edmund. When Regan’s husband died, Goneril was worried that Regan
might get Edmund.
4- Edgar. Edgar found a letter in which Goneril told Edmund to kill Goneril’s husband, Albany.
5- Cordelia. When Cordelia found Lear, her doctor gave him some medicine.
No 2
No 3
1 his servant’s attack during the blinding of Gloucester.
2 his father wants/requests/believes/thinks.
3 he has behaved very badly towards her.
4 her husband, Albany, has turned against her, and she wants to marry Edmund.

King Lear Act 5
No 1 (Student’s opinion about the play’s ending.)
No 2
No 3
1- She is jealous and she is afraid that Edmund will marry Regan.
2- He will be with Cordelia.
3- He wants to do something good before he dies.
4- Seven. Cordelia is killed in prison and Lear dies of a broken heart. Regan is poisoned by Goneril,
and Goneril kills herself. Regan’s husband, Cornwall, dies from the servant’s sword attack.
Gloucester has a heart attack, and Edmund is killed by his brother.

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