PHYSICAL EDUCATION LESSON PLAN
TEACHER          Mary Sanders        UNIT   Teams Sports    PLAN #       1    LESSON TOPIC            Water Polo            DATE        April 24 , 2011

LESSON OBJECTIVES / STUDENT OUTCOMES (SW…)                                   IL GOALS / NASPE STDS                         ASSESSMENT
1. SWBAT demonstrates knowledge of the rules of water polo while properly     NASPE 21.A.4a          TObs
and effectively playing the game of water polo.                               IL 2

2. SWBAT Students will demonstrate proper technique in swimming, passing,     NASPE 19.A.4           TObs
catching during game play.                                                    IL 1, 2

3. SWBAT demonstrates cooperation and good sportsmanship during               NASPE 21.B.3           TObs
the water polo game play.                                                     IL 5

TEACHING STRATEGIES       Cooperative/Interactive    LEARNING STYLES ACCOMODATED             Auditory/Visual/Kinesthetic

TIME      ACTIVITIES/ CONTENT/ PROGRESSION /ORGANIZATION /SAFETY                       CUES                         DIAGRAMS/GROUPS / LOCATIONS                     EQUIPMENT
       Activity/Activities: Introduction                                          Dribble                          X                                        n/a
       Content: Overview of Water polo                                            Pass                             X
            How many of you have ever heard of the game of                       Shoot                            X         T
               water polo. Unfortunately most people have never                                                     X
               heard of the game or know much about it. Our                                                         X
               ignorance of the game has shown on the world stage.                                                  X
               The United State has not won an Olympic gold medal                                                   X
               in water polo since 1904.                                                                            X
              Swimmers either pass the ball to other teammates,                                                    x
               swim with the ball bouncing and floating between
               their arms as they move forward (sort of like dribbling
               a basketball), or take a shot at the goal to score a
              Have students Enter pool
                   o Feet First using ladder or wall
              Have the students stand along the wall.
                   o Count students off by two.
                   o OMW ones swim across & stay on the other
                        side holding onto the wall.
                   o OMW twos go.
            Students sitting on the poolside bench or stands.
             Nobody enters the pool until the teacher advises him
              or her to.
           When it is time to enter the pool, we will not be
              jumping in but entering feet first from the wall or with
              the use of the ladder.
           No kicking, striking, holding, or kicking any other
      Activity/Activities: Warm up- Sharks and Minnows                        OMW                  X              26 Balls
      Content:                                                                Ball Handling.       X              2 Baskets
           Have students Enter Pool feet first and hold onto the                                   X
              side.                                                                                 X   S
           Explain the rules of Sharks and Minnows                                                 X
7m                o Minnows (offense) must swim the ball across                                     X
                       the pool touching the wall or getting the ball in                            X   S
                       the goal                                                                     X
                  o       Sharks (defense) try to steal the ball and put                            X
                       the ball in the opposite goal.                                               X
           Pick two students to be the sharks.                                                     X
           Hand all the Minnows a ball.
           OMW they will begin. If their ball gets stolen then they                                        T
              become a shark.
           2 Sharks – Middle of the shallow side
           Minnows – Along the side of the pool.
           Basket at each end for the stolen balls.
           Hands to self – NO Dunking
           Have Spatial Awareness.
           If student becomes fatigue raise arm.
      Activity/Activities: Passing & Catching                                 Shoulder to Target                  10 Polo
      Content:                                                                Rotate                               Balls
           Demonstrate and explain how to pass & Catch the                   Release and Snap                    3 Cones
              water polo ball.                                                Catch
                  o Proper body position helps make a good pass               Cushion
                       even better with legs underneath the body,             Rotate
                       using core to stay steady.
                  o    Receive the ball with your hand in front of you
                  o    Bring the arm back to cushion the ball.
                  o    Rotate at the hips to bring the ball behind the
                      head to cushion the ball even more.
             Break students up into groups of 3
             Have them stand in a straight line across the pool.
             The ball should start at one end.
              Ball should be thrown to person in the middle.
             The person in the middle should make a half turn to
              pass the ball to the other partner.
           Goal is to keep the ball dry.
           Now attempt with non-dominant hand.
           Students in groups of three.
           Stand in straight line.
           Spatial Awareness.
           Students will need to keep an eye on their neighbors.
              If a ball is going towards an unsuspecting student the
              thrower should yell ball.
           When teacher blows whistle Hold the ball.
           When teacher is speaking hold the ball.
      Activity/Activities: Water Polo Game Play                           OMW                              One Ball
      Content:                                                            Pass                          
           Review Rules                                                  Cushion
                   o OMW start and stop                                              X   x     x x
                   o No carrying the ball.
10m                o Pass, Dribble, Shoot                                            X   x x x
                   o Watch fouls, NO dunking, striking, kicking
                        other players
                   o To Score Ball must touch opposite wall.                                         T
           Break students into two teams                                            X x x x
           Assign each team a goal/wall.
           Take break if you become Fatigued                                        Xxx x x
           No dunking, Striking, Kicking.
                                                                                            n/a                               X
       Activity/Activities: Conclusion                                                                                         X
       Content:                                                                                                                X
            Teacher Questioning                                                                                               X
                   o Thumbs up/Thumbs Down – Enjoy?                                                                            X
                   o                                                                                                           X                T
       Organization:                                                                                                           X
            Students sitting poolside on bench                                                                                X
       Safety:                                                                                                                 X
            Everyone out of pool sitting on bench                                                                             X

NOTE: Use as many rows as needed for your complete plan. The FIRST row in your plan should contain your “start of class” routines. The FINAL row in your plan MUST contain a planned CLOSURE experience.
T= Teacher
X= Student

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