Lot 12 original Chapline to Good 1768 by sa6662B


									This is a transcript of the original Joseph Chapline [Sr.] deed for Lot 12 in Sharpsburg to
William Good, made on the fifth of March, 1768. It bears the wax seal next to Joseph
Chapline’s signature, where the paper was cut and folded over at one edge. It probably would
have been kept by Mr. Good. From this the Frederick County Clerk made the copy that was
recorded in the Courthouse on 16 March, 1768 (along with 3 other Sharpsburg deeds), and
which is now in the Hall of Records in Annapolis.

This Indenture made the fifth day of March In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred
& sixty Eight Between Joseph Chapline of Frederick County and province of Maryland of the
one part and William Good of the same County & province aforesaid of the other part witnesseth
that the sd Joseph Chapline for and in consideration of the sum of Twelve pounds penf Curry, to
him in hand paid by the sd William Good the Recept whereof is hear by Acknowledged hath
Granted Bargained & sold & doth by these presents Grant Bargain and sell unto the sd William
Good all that Lott or portion of Grownd in Sharpsburg Town in Frederick County No Twelve
containing one hundred and three feet Breadth and Two hundred and – Six – feet narrower les in
length with all profits and advantages and appurtenances to the sd Lott or portion of Grownd
Belonging or apurtaining to have and to hold to him the sd William Good his Heirs and assigns
for Ever to his and their own use and to no other use intent or purpose – what soever yealding
and paying unto the sd, Joseph Chapline his Heirs and assigns for the sd Lott three shillings & six
pence sterling money of Great Britian on the ninth day of July yearly & every year from the
ninth day of July one thousand and seven hundred and sixty seven herafter and the said Joseph
Chapline for himself his and his Heirs Doth Covenant and agree to and with the sd William Good
his Heirs and assigns that he and they shall and may have hold and peacably Enjoy and poses the
sd Lott or portion of Grownd and other the premises yeilding and paying the rent aforesaid –
herein before reserved and any other rent that may grow due to the Lord propriatory free and
Absolutly discharged from all other Claims Incumbrances and charges whatsoever In Witness
whereof the said Joseph Chapline hath hereunto set his hand & seall the day and year first above
Signed sealed and Delivered
        in the presence of
                                              Joseph Chapline        [wax seal here,
Jos Smith                                                     covered by a flap of paper]
Saml Beale Jnr

[reverse side:]

March 5th 1768 --------
Received of the within mentioned William Good the sum of Twelve pounds penf Curry, it being
the Consideration within mentioned as Witness my hand _____
Wittness                                   Joseph Chapline
Jos Smith
Saml Beale Jnr

Frederick County frt March 5th 1768
Came the within mentioned Joseph Chapline Before us two of his Lordships Justices of the peace
for the county aforesaid and acknowledged the within Deed of Land and Premises therein
Mentioned to be the right of the within named William Good his Heirs and Assigns for Ever at
the same time came Ruhama Chapline, Wife of the sd Joseph Chapline and Relinquished her
right of Dower in said Land freely and Willingly she being privatly Examened out of the hearing
of her husband According to the Directions of the Act of assembly in that Case ___ made &
                                                            Jos Smith
                                                            Saml Beale Jnr
[in a faded ink:]

Recd March 16th. 1768. Of William Good the sum of one half peny Sterling for an Alienation
fine one Lott of Ground Mentioned in the within Deed for the use of Lord Baltimore & by order
of Edward Loyd Esq his Lordships Agent for the province of Maryland
                                                           Chrisr Edelen

[facing page, lower left quadrant, which would be the outside when the sheet was folded in half 3

       Joseph Chapline
               to            Deed
       William Good
       recd the 16th Day of March 1768
       to be recorded and same day
       Recorded in Libr. L folives 202 V
       203 one of the Land Records of Frederick
       County and Examd.

               8th May 1783
               Examd. & Commrs__

[Notes on spelling: Spelling and punctuation are as shown, except for the old f-like s in
“afsigns,” “ufs,”(“use”) and “purpofs.”

[“Twelve pounds penf Curry” probably means “Pennsylvania Currency.” A few other lots were
bought with Pennsylvania currency, but there the abbreviation was clearer. Most other lots
were bought with “current money Maryland.”

 [The lot size should have been 103 by 206 feet “narrower least in length,” which probably
meant that it was at least 103 feet wide along its entire length. Here the clerk wrote “les”
instead of “least.”
[Another odd item is the “frt” after “Frederick County” in one place. Short for “Courthouse”?
“Premises,” as noted below this, does not necessarily mean that there was a house there, as I
have seen it used sometimes in describing out lots, where houses were prohibited in the deeds.
The 12-pound price may mean that something had been built, but we can only count on it if the
deed says “house” or “buildings.” This one doesn’t even say “improvements.”]

[Note, Joseph Chapline’s signatures are a bit shaky. He would pass away nine months later.]

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