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					            Minutes of the Meeting of the Trustees of the Board of Directors
                              Of the Old School, Stoke Climsland
                     Thursday 13th September, 2012 7.30 pm
    Registered in England and Wales No. 03430472    Charity No. 1069240

    Present Ann Craig, Sue Bryant, Helen Dunster, Clive Kidman (chairman), John Wilmut ,
    Margaret Taylor and Deri Parsons

Agenda Item                                                                         Action
1. Apologies:   Jill Long, Iain Smith, Kim Hawkey and Caroline Vulliamy.
2. Approval of August 2012 minutes were approved and signed.
 3. Committee
(1)Programme Sue said as yet there are no tickets sold for the John Brolly
               production this month; she has been in contact with the primary
               school to send information home with the children. Deri suggested
               contacting other groups such as Ducklings and Flying Start. Sue also
               asked the Trustees for help on the day.
               John said he will promote the November Carn to Cove play in the John

(2) Buildings    John reported the decoration of the therapy room will be starting
                next week followed by laying new carpet.
                A quote has been accepted for the work in the table and chair store
                and the archive room. The buildings sub-committee are awaiting a
                quote for work on the roof, expected to be in the region of £2000
                because of scaffolding.
                 Repointing is going ahead around the buildings and a trench outside
                the kitchen is being constructed to channel water that has been
                Painting is in progress by a team of probationers.
                Some bad news is no one can sus out the drains outside of the bar
                area and that needs to be established before a sink can be put in
                place. Deri suggested getting help from a water diviner, asking South
                West Water is thought to be a last resort because of cost.
                The electrician has fixed the lights in the main room.
                It has recently been noticed that water is getting into the main room,
                possibly from a blocked gully or a damaged lead valley.
                Deri asked if there was any news regarding the wall. John said he
                had written to Sarah Cawrse, the conservation officer, and as yet has
                still not had a reply. He went into the history regarding the
                conservation statement that Kim, Caroline and John have thrashed
                through, he felt their proposals were reasonable not contentious and
                is awaiting comments from her. Deri said we should contact her boss
                because of her slow response. John said at a meeting with her in the
                past a person called David Moore, from the council, was present
                who might have been her senior. John will find out more.               John
                Sue asked if we needed the wall removed and if could we afford it;
                she was told that the Trustees had agreed to find out if we are
                allowed to do the work. Helen said that the extra space would be
                beneficial for wedding receptions; there have been 2 this year, with
                another this month.
(3) Finance,    Iain was absent, but Clive said that the Callington accountants have
administration completed their work.
and grants

(4)Marketing    Copies of the newsletter are sent to local newspapers who extract
and Publicity   bits of interest for printing sometimes, also events at the O.S. are put
                on the “What’s On” part of BBC Cornwall’s website. Deri said he will
                look to see if it has made any difference.
                Deri also feels that the O.S. website needs to be updated and kept
                current. Clive will start by asking John Parkin if he is able to do it.
                The prospect of producing a calendar for 2014 was discussed with
                children getting involved, but it is not clear whether the school Deri
                already produces one; Deri will check before we go any further.

(5) Catering     A Falcon Dominator cooker, the same as used in Callington Town
                Hall, has been located for £1,490 + VAT. This is inclusive of removing
                the old cooker, which is considered illegal, and installing the new
                one, it has come in under budget. A date is to be agreed for
                A food hygiene inspection took place on Monday with no major
                issues. An advisory for a few minor alterations and additions to be
                made to the paperwork. All volunteers should read the SSFB, safe
                food pack, as well as watching the DVD; Helen will contact the
                inspector to ask if the book is available as a download, for volunteers Helen
                to access. We need to get a supply of Dettol antibacterial spray.
                The fridge and freezer temperatures and contents need to be
                checked daily. We have been graded as 4, the highest being 5;
                Helen said we would struggle to achieve a 5 as we will always be
                loaded as we are catering for the vulnerable. John said the catering
                team and kitchen volunteers should be formally congratulated; Deri
                will speak to Helen and put a piece in the newsletter.
                A thank you to Rachel Neal, the cleaner, was expressed for her help.
                Edah is asking for help from the Trustees to cover the kitchen duties
                during the SCATS productions in October. She also wanted to know
                if the bar licence would be in place for these evenings; Clive
                confirmed that it would be.
                There was a discussion about locking up after the Saturday Market.
                Helen asked that all people holding events at the O.S to leave the
                place clean and tidy.
                Last Saturday’s wedding reception was another great success, with
                another to follow on the 21st.

(6)            Edah spoke to John about some cyclist riding on the grass in the car
Miscellaneous park; he will put a piece in the newsletter.
matters.      Clive said that John, Kim and he would be putting their selves
              forward for re nomination as Trustees.
              There was a thank you card from the newlyweds for recent wedding
              Jill wanted it mentioned that “the idea of having a phone in the
              kitchen is great but the control centre in the office doesn’t work at
              that distance. The three phones in the office do, the kitchen is on a
              different system.” The Trustees are aware and Edah has a system
            which she is happy with.

(7) A.O.B    Nothing to report.

            Meeting closed at 8. 50 p.m.
            Date of next meeting 11th October 2012, 7.30 pm

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