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             2003 NETWORK

                                     Table of Contents

    Install the "ripcurl" patches on the server                  3-4

    Specific tips for Windows 7 on the network                   5-9

    Specific tips for installing applications on 64bit Windows   10-11

    Specific tips for migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7     12

Install the "ripcurl" patches on the server

The Official SBS Blog : SBS Vista Client Update (Ripcurl) Now Available:‐vista‐client‐update‐ripcurl‐now‐available.aspx Download that whitepaper and read it first.

       Install KB926505 on your server ‐‐ Windows Small Business Server 2003: Windows Vista and
Outlook 2007 compatibility update: (*Please note that if you
have been using WSUS or Microsoft Update, these patches may already have been installed. Go to
add/remove programs on your server and check)

Install 911829 on your server ‐‐ You receive an error message when you try to perform any editing tasks,
or you must click to enable the compose frame in Outlook Web Access: (*Please note that if you have been using WSUS or Microsoft
Update, these patches may already have been installed. Go to add/remove programs on your server and

If you have not already installed it, install ISA 2004 sp3 Download details: ISA Server 2004 Standard
Edition Service Pack 3:‐5033‐4792‐AF8B‐58B90D8414
36&displaylang=en (this is in place of the ISA 2004 sp2 and hotfixes noted in the blog post)

Install the updated firewall client for your Vista and XP workstations Download details: ISA Server
Firewall Client:‐B15A‐4990‐B525‐66380743DA

Notes, Highlights, and Gotchas from the White Paper:
        Windows 7 are supported by SBS Client Setup tools on SBS 2003 and will soon be on SBS
2008. You can connect Home SKUs manually, but it's going to be a lot of work. Since they can't join
the domain, you'll have to manually enter passwords to access email, file shares, web sites, etc.
from any of the Home SKU clients.
        Older software will not, of course, be deployed to Vista clients. This includes older service
packs, IE 6, ActiveSync 3.8 for all clients and Connection Manager in addition for 64 bit Vista clients.
        ActiveSync has been replaced by Windows Mobile Device Sync Center.
        If you have installed Office 2007, client setup does not install Outlook 2003.
        Office 2007 is not a free download. Vista clients that do not have Office 2007 installed will
have Outlook 2003 installed.
        Don't attempt to install the SBS fax component on Vista. You will have to manually configure
the Vista native fax client to connect to your SBS server. We'll be posting a walkthrough on these
steps shortly.
        A new GPO is added called Small Business Server ‐ Windows Vista policy for Vista Firewall
settings to allow access to resources on the SBS server.
        My documents redirection, if enabled, will automatically work with Vista clients, since
Offline Files support is enabled by default in Vista.
        Remote Desktop is enabled by default and will allow connections from RWW to Vista client
        Power management is set to always on if the computer is plugged in (i.e. has a power
supply) to ensure access via RWW. The white paper has steps on how to modify these settings if
you want to optimize on Vista's power management features.
        Remote assistance only works Vista‐to‐Vista or from Vista to XP/2003 clients. Vista clients
cannot request assistance from users on XP or 2003 machines. Use Remote Desktop instead for
these scenarios.
        You will need to manually install the SBS cert on Vista clients that are not joined to the
domain. The white paper has complete steps for how to manually import the cert.
        Bluetooth devices can cause problems with Connect Computer; disable them before
accessing the site (i.e. attach a PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse).
        After installing the hotfixes on the server, run gpupdate /force to make sure that policies
will be applied to all clients.
        Spend some time with the troubleshooting sections at the end of the white paper‐ many
known issues are covered there.

Specific Windows 7 tips when on a SBS 2003 network:

Client application wizard tip when setting up a Vista workstation:
Specific notes: When running the client/workstation wizard at the server, ENSURE that you either
uncheck all of the application deployment boxes OR ensure that the “allow the selected applications to
be modified” box to be checked. If you already have Office 2007 on that workstation, you DO NOT want
to have the wizard install Outlook 2003.

SBS Login script – adjust it (rem it out) to stop the initial UAC prompt on log in for Vista workstations
While SBS support recommends that the SBS login script stays as is, I have REM’d it out. This ensures that
as my Vista workstations boot up they do not get a UAC prompt. I have not found that REMing this script
line out makes a difference to my workstations. I also have REM’d out the Trend antivirus line as in the
3.5/3.6 era it works better without this. You could also filter this by OS, but I’ve not found that rem‐ing
out hurts anything in my network.

Enable Remote Registry Service to enable remote management of Windows 7
In order to remotely manage and look at the event logs from the server, ensure that you go to the
workstation and change the Remote Registry Service from manual to automatic and start the service.
(Yes I’m sure I could do this via group policy but I haven’t automated this yet)

Connect computer tip:
Just like with XP, make sure that you add the http://domain/connectcomputer link to the trusted sites in
IE in order to be able to run the connectcomputer wizard.

Network browse on Windows 7
In my network I still find that the network browse function to be helpful so I go into the network settings
of Windows 7 and reenable the Network Discovery setting. This allows you to browse the network.
Go to Network connections, on advanced settings

Ensure that network discovery is enabled

Disabling RSS
Windows 7 network stack is designed to fit nicely with Windows 2008. On a Windows 2003 network, first
make sure that you have run the SBSBPA and disabled the advanced networking settings (see and A Windows Server 2003‐based computer responds slowly to RDP connections or to
SMB connections that are made from a Windows Vista‐based computer: for more details). Then from an elevated command prompt

Type in the following commands:
netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global chimney=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
This is disabling the autotuning that is needed with Windows 2008, but not needed with Windows 2003.

Self Signed certs and Windows 7
I would recommend that you begin to think about adding third party/godaddy certificates to your SBS
servers. The reason is that in Windows 7, Vista and XP, with IE8 or IE7, any self signed cert throws off a
“pink” error

Specific tips for installing applications on 64bit Windows

Temporarily disable UAC while installing applications. Type in Start, Msconfig, click on tools,
click on Change UAC settings, pull the slider down to the bottom, install all software and then
put the slider back up.

On a Windows 64bit system there are two program file locations -- Program Files and Program
Files (x86). Older 32bit software may build a shortcut that does not put in the (x86) as is
needed so you may need to ensure the shortcut is edited to include this information.

10 | P a g e
You can have the system run a compatibility wizard, right mouse click, click on Compatibility
and click on Help me choose the settings

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Specific tips for migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7

Use the File and transfer wizard as one means to copy information and profiles across.

Pull the harddrive out and 'slave it' inside the new system so that if you have forgotten any information
from the old system you can gain access to it.

If your license of XP will permit it, consider using a drive image tool to image it and then restore it to a
virtual pc/vmware setup.

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