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					                               PTO Meeting Minutes
                                National Trail PTO
General PTO Meeting Minutes
Teacher Center
Monday, February 14, 2012
6:40 – 7:30 pm
Ed Eales, Tonya Allen, Stefany Davies, Dori Harrison

Meeting called to order at TIME by (Dori Harrison)

Call to order – 6:40pm

Minutes of (Dec.) PTO Meeting – Dori Harrison
The secretary gave a quick overview of last months minutes all agreed to keep them as they are.

Officers Report-
Presidents report- Melissa Knapp
Not here
Vice- Presidents report- Anne Montgomery
Not here

Treasure Report-
Not here
Committee Reports-
Holiday Breakfast- Dori Harrison Chairman
Gave final report to be filed into secretary notes. Total profit was $388 with the final cost of the
breakfast being $1.88.

Scrip- Dori Harrison
Reported that sales were down. Brainstormed some ideas about how to advertise about the
     Go out in high school mailer
     Try to get more middle school families involved
     Have a contest between classes
     Try to get more people through facebook
     Get it on our PTO link
     Grandparents

Father/Daughter Dance-
Pat Taylor photographer. He will offer a 5X7 as the starting package and go up from there.
Mike Plankenhorn DJ cost will be $100. Need to put in check request.
Cafeteria donating coffee but need to get cups.
84 students have RSVP so far.
Parents have signed up to donate plenty of snacks
McDonalds needs to be contacted about drinks and cups.
200 Flowers have been ordered. A check request needs to be issued to reimburse Tonya Allen
Need change for that night- Contact Maria
Need 2 money boxes
Ask teachers help from 3:30-4:40 for setup and to take money at the door.

Principal’s Report – Nothing at this time.

Old Business

Skate Prizes:
March and April May left

New Business
It was brought up about if we could have an informational meeting about how to save for
college. Stefany Davies was going to find out some names who could speak. She will get back to
us about what she finds out.

NEXT PTO MEETING: March                5, 2012 at 6:30 in the teacher center, Topics: ?
Meeting Adjourned at (7:30)
Prepared by:
Dori Harrison

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